Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of Raw

Becky Bayless posted this picture of herself and Serena Deeb on Twitter last night. I'm not going to pass up two hotties for my intro picture.

WWE leads us off with Piper’s Pit since he appeared on Funny or Die recently. They probably have more viewers than Raw right now. Cena is his guest. He re-explains himself. Roddy tells us he’s the face of the WWE. Man, is he actually going to make a good point on TV? I’d imagine Cena has heard this line of questioning back stage before. Roddy trying to get Cena to snap. I like Cena taking a stand. It’s not going to help his split response problems. I was hoping that was more of what Piper was getting at. Alex Riley is being told by John Morrison to look forward to taking his spot as a high ranking jobber.

The Miz attacks Morrison from behind. The joke of the Miz re-establishing anything in the WWE is hilarious. Morrison gets a courageous hero spot before he takes his supposed extended absence. I’m glad Dot Net was even further behind in reporting about Impact Wrestling and Smackdown. Head to Twitter (@Stuntgranny) to see my reviews. You might even be lucky enough to become our 100th follower! Morrison using the kendo stick to get in some offense. Morrison gets to do one last job. We get a replay of the beginning of the match. Our memories are really this short? Or the action was so impressive that it needed a replay? Just a buffer for the Miz to come out and talk. I’m supposed to take him more seriously, I suppose because he had a serious face. How about having him win an important match for more than one PPV at a time? Or without cheating? Just sayin.

The Divas are distracted by Beth & Natalya running around the ring. This division is not getting better. Alicia is the flavor of the month so she gets the pinfall victory. Cole can’t even get his dander up about how terrible they all are. WWE12 is pushed more than the Divas ever will be.

Johnny Wooden GM is doing Brodus Clay a favor. Thanks for the guest appearance David Otunga. Del Rio comes and the skit becomes a train wreck because no one can read all of the cue cards. Punk does fine because he doesn’t need cue cards.

Wade Barrett joins the announce crew. I’ll drink for because I want more of my beer. My home boy Dolph Ziggler takes on Randy Orton. Ziggler had a mid-main event match on Smackdown, now on Raw. Both of these guys throw picture perfect drop kicks. Dolph busts his out first. A superplex is our commercial break move. At least someone didn’t get thrown outside the ring. Wow, quick pin after the break. Ziggler gets the duke after a distraction from Barrett.

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What TNA Did Right This Week


My fellow Italian descendant J-Woww on the right if you have somehow avoided the virus known as Jersey Shore brought to the world by MTV.


I’m stealing an old Jeremy bit and mentioning what TNA actually did right this week. After reading the spoilers, I’m positive TNA is doing 2 (more like 4) things right. TNA is finally using a reality TV star that still has some power with J-Woww from the Jersey Shore. The second (set of) thing(s) TNA is doing right is bringing in the hotness known as Cookie aka Becky Bayless. It has scored TNA publicity on TMZ (according to our news source

Unfortunately,  everyone that visits and watches this train wreck of a program (just read these because they are sure to create an extra rant or two during the TNA roster game spoilers), they’re going to realize it’s a bigger pile of trash than Jersey Shore is because Bayless can’t act like a Guidette and whatever the fuck his name is isn’t a proper Guido. Can we all agree that whatever fate South Park has in mind for the cast of the Jersey Shore should be executed? TNA is going to run itself into the ground sooner rather than later so I’ll enjoy the slow motion crash of their demise. – Kevin


What, do you think I'd skip a chance to post a picture of the other good set of things TNA is doing?


Becky Bayless gets DUI, Eric gets something else

Quit talking about me on the Audio Experience, pervert.

"Quit talking about me on the Audio Experience, pervert."

Becky Bayless, super-duper hot female wrestler known for her association with ROH’s Special K, for her pre-show and intermission interviews on ROH DVDs, and for being super-duper hot, got a DUI driving very quickly to come to me. According to this online booking sheet, the 26-year-old white god-damn hot female with hazel eyes like mine was arrested at 2:43 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 21 and was found to have a blood alcohol level around .206 … I didn’t think I could fall more in love. She was released back into the wild on $500 bond. No court date is known, but you can imagine who will be right on top of this. (Thanks to SG friend Jason!) -Eric

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