@PRIMEWrestling – Season 5 – Episode 19

Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Jimmy Jacobs will be defending the PRIME Wrestling Title against Louis Lynden. Mr. RBI is taking on Jason Bane. Sex Appeal, Bobby Beverly & Bobby Shields, are taking on Corey Winters & Ben Fruith to kick off the show. Corey Winters starts out against Bobby Shields. Sex Appeal took control early. Beverly was acting weird because he kept getting orders from Shields. Winters backed Beverly into his corner and tagged in Fruith. They double team Beverly with a flying knee. Sex Appeal took back over with Shields shouting more orders to Beverly. Fruith flipped out of a back suplex and tagged in Winters. Beverly was on the receiving end of a Cutter. Shields blind tagged in. Shields gave Fruith a Body Bomb for the victory. Shields ordered Beverly out of the ring to grab scissors. They cut off the bangs for Fruith. Winters chased them out of the ring with a chair.

Analysis: They told a solid story with Sex Appeal. Fruith looks like he’s put on a few pounds which isn’t a bad thing. The wrestling was fine but I always find it odd when tags are made as frequently as they were in this match. It doesn’t give anyone much rest time on the apron which is the purpose of tagging out. Score: +1.

They showed a replay of Michael “The Bomber” Facade winning the TV Title last week. He then gets a crack at the mic. Facade talks about taking a long time to accomplish his goals in PRIME Wrestling. He said he’ll be a people’s champion. Facade wants to stand up for everyone being bullied on the roster. Louis Lynden said that he’ll be entering his prime when he takes on Jimmy Jacobs. Analysis: Facade’s promo was average. Lynden was the main talker when Flip Kendrick was around. He seemed a little lost. Score: 0.

Bryan Castle introduces Dan Arkham, who is wearing a Batman shirt. Castle calls him “BatDan” and gives Arkham his lucky head band to make him more brave. Castle wants a ride in the Batmobile. Then asks to wear the utility belt. Brian Bender comes in and tells Castle to listen and Arkham to hold the mic between them. Bender is offended that Castle chose Arkham as a hero. Arkham looks sort of offended. Bender tells Castle he’s wasted his time because Castle sucks as a student. Bender ends by saying he may have to beat the lessons into him one day. Analysis: Castle was pretty funny. Arkham played his part well especially when acting offended. It was more of a look of “How could he say this to my face” than actual offense. Bender was awesome since his instructions have been ignored. Score: +1.

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#PWOWrestling becomes @PRIMEwrestling

Oops, wrong company.

Aaron Maguire is with Justin LaBar and Vic Travgliante. Maguire said that a letter to LaBar said that he screwed “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine out of two PWO Championship matches. LaBar being put on probation. Maguire is now LaBar’s boss. LaBar made it clear that they both answer to the board. Maguire said Labar is not in charge of marketing or the corporate side. The wrestlers are running rampant. Maguire told LaBar to remake the company around Marion Fontaine. Maguire said it is now called Prime Wrestling. LaBar told Fontaine is not going to be the center piece of the show.

Analysis: It was a little too meandering for me. Just in case you haven’t read the site before, or a single review of mine, let me just say that I’m not a fan of the heel in charge tactic that is employed far too often in wrestling these days. I like Maguire so I hope he makes it work. Score: 0.

Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Gregory Iron will be taking on Marion Fontaine in the main event. They open with a championship match with Krimson being the challenger. (I’m going to puke during this program. They’ve used prime to describe everything.) Matt Cross is the PWO Belt. (I’m not sure if it’s Prime Wrestling Organization or not. They haven’t used the O yet.) Krimson used power early. Cross turned it around with his speed. An enziguri got a two count. Cross slammed Krimson’s head into a turn buckle then kicked him to the floor. Cross hit a suicide dive. Cross used some forearms and knees. Krimson tossed Cross into the guard rail. Cross tossed Krimson into a post. Cross dropped a flag pole elbow. Cross tossed Krimson back into the ring. Maguire & Dombrowski explain that Matthew Justice hasn’t been seen since he helped Krimson beat Jason Bane. Krimso pounded away on Cross in a corner. Krimson nailed a neck breaker. Cross leg swept Krimson on an Irish Whip reversal. (Slick.) Cross dropped an elbow but only got a two count. Krimson DDTed Cross and got two. Krimson put Cross in a neck vice. Jaw jacker by Cross. Lawn blower by Cross bought him time. Cross strung together a clothes line, back elbow and another leg sweep and a standing moonsault. Krimson accidentally clothes lined the ref in the corner. Cross bicycle kicked Krimson. We get a visual pin. Kirst came to the ring and speared Cross. Gregory Iron makes the save and chases off Kirst. The referee is still down. Jason Gorey showed up. Michael Facade chased him off. Cross connected with another bicycle kick. Cross hit the Shooting Star Press for the win.

Analysis: The lighting looks as good as I’ve seen it. No problems with the audio. There was one big problem though, the crowd was quite small. Like they forgot to advertise small. The crowd that was there was vocal. They did a good job of show casing multiple feud and trying to catch us up on as much information as possible because all story lines from Pro Wrestling Ohio seem like they are being continued. The match itself was pretty good. Not the best I’ve seen from these two but you shouldn’t want to give away all of their tricks. It could be a full fledged feud. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante was joined by Daniel Arkham. Vic asked him about how he joined. Arkham met Matt Justice at a job and started training as a wrestler at 39. Vic asked what it was like to wrestle in front of friends and family. Arkham was pumped. Arkham spouts off a bunch of Batman facts. Analysis: He could use some more pep in his promos. Score: 0.

Nicki Valentino came out to wrestle Corey Winters. (I just vomited with another dose of prime. Worse than the WWE’s pushing of Twitter.) They exchanged arm holds. A drop toe hold and a pair of hip tosses got control for Winters. Corey nailed a pair of atomic drops. Valentino ran around the ring then low blowed Winters with the ropes coming back into the ring. Valentino floated over after a suplex for a two count. Winters gave Valentino an enziguri. Clothes line, back elbow and neck breaker by Winters. Valentino with a drop toe hold into the turn buckles. A German suplex got two for Valentino. Winters with a cutter for two. Valentino locked in the cross chicken wing for the win.

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#PWOWrestling – Season 5 – Episode 12

You'll have to click the read more button to figure out why I used this picture.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. The attacker of Johnny Gargano will be revealed (which I happened to see as I was on Twitter). Benjamin Boone came to the ring with “Amazing” N8 Mattson. Matthew Justice was his opponent. (I was starting to wonder where he was after his big return speech.) Justice got Boone in the Anaconda Vice. Justice worked over Boone’s left arm.  Boone knocked Justice down. Justice drop kicked Boone twice. Boone recovered and tried to work over Justice’s arm. Boone kneed Justice coming in for a tie up. Boone choked Justice on the middle rope, distracted the ref and allowed Mattson to continue choking Justice. Boone side slammed Justice. Justice fired back with punches and kicks. Boone strangled Justice. Sunset flip by Justice got two. Boone gave Justice a spine buster. Boone stretched out Justice with a knee in the back. Justice gave Boone a neck breaker. Boone powered Justice into a corner. Justice dodged Boone who tumbled to ring side. Suicide dive by Justice nailed Boone. Justice shoulder blocked Boone. Justice clothes lined Boone twice and gave him a Fame Asser. Justice power slammed Boone for a near fall. Boone belly to belly suplexed Justice. Boone missed a splash. Spring board clothesline by Justice got him the victory.

Analysis: The announcers did a good job of covering the history of Krimson and Justice. He can’t really go after him though with Krimson in a number one contender’s match and going against Matt Mason. Justice is in a spot where they don’t have enough heels at his level of baby face. Aaron Draven has the same problem. We know how to solve it right? Turn one of them heel! Solid match. Justice looked a little rusty to me. Score: +1.

Bobby Beverly said that he finally has his chance for the PWO Title he’s been waiting for, for two years. He boasts of his win over Johnny Gargano. Beverly does a good job of being convincing about how Sex Appeal has gotten meaner and better since getting advice from the ski mask man. Beverly said he’s going to be champ next week. Analysis: And that promo is the reason I picked Beverly as one of the next guys to get a bigger contract. Great work. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante interviewed Bryan Castle, the World’s Most Huggable Wrestler. Brian Bender is not going to be at his match Bobby Shields. Castle got lots of pointers from Bender. He made Castle eat healthier. Castle also demonstrated doing one hundred jump jacks but got winded after three. Castle said he does one hundred squats a day. Castle called one a hundred. Castle whacked himself in the head with a rubber warm up band. Analysis: Not the strongest of Castle’s showing on the mic but it was entertaining. I may also just not like it as much because I want them to move on from this year long gimmick. Sometimes I’m a complete dope. Jeremy pointed out to me that Castle’s shirt is a take on the Ghostbusters 2 symbol. Not sure why I didn’t recognize that before. Score: +1.

Nicki Valentino came out for a match. Ben Fruith came to the ring with the WrestleRama trophy. Valentino charged at Fruith and kicked him in the gut. Fruith nailed a cross body. Fruith kept him down after an arm drag. The announcers noted Valentino’s serious turn. Valentino missed a charge into a corner. Fruith arm drug Valentino three times. Valentino powered out and stomped away at Fruith. Valentino chopped him and followed up with a drop kick. Valentino had a key lock. He got two out of a fist drop. Fruith caught Valentino with a boot coming in. Fruith clotheslined him twice. Fruith nailed a double sledge. Valentino kicked Fruith. Valentino hoisted him up for a power slam. Fruith dropped out. Valentino kicked out of two from a Fruith Roll Up. Valentino kneed Fruith in the temple. Valentino locked in a cross face chicken wing.

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Stunt Granny #PWOWrestling Audio Show #1

Dan “Zourah” Kuester and and Kevin are here to talk about Pro Wrestling Ohio, specifically episode 9. They start off by talking about “Amazing” N8 Mattson’s retirement. How much will he be missed? Can they continue to use him in other capacities? They move onto the match with his former Sons of Michigan tag team partner Benjamin Boone and Michael “The Bomber” Facade. Did they like the gimmick spot at the end of the match? How was the quality of the rest of the match? Kirst is next up on the docket. Was his promo out in the cold in quality along with atmosphere? They talk about “Sassy” Stephie and Veda Scott. Are they building this angle up right? Will it be good to have women’s wrestling back on PWO? Brian Bender (with Bryan Castle) took on Ben Fruith (with Corey Winters) in friendly contest? Did they manage to make a face versus face match watchable? Who stood out in the match? Johnny Gargano cut a promo but will his injury derail this storyline? How much has he improved on the mic? Dan and Kevin finish up by talking about the tag team title changing hands from Aeroform to the Dead Wrestling Society combo of Krimson and Kirst. Did Dan like the title change? Did it set up a tag team match that Kevin didn’t think about? What injury made this title change look brilliant? Find out that and more when you click the link below.

Stunt Granny PWO Audio Show #1

#PWOwrestling – Season 5 – Episode 9

"Amazing" N8 Mattson has a story to start the show.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire kick the show off by telling us that Johnny Gargano will respond to Sex Appeal tonight. The main event is the Dead Wrestling Society (with a graphic showing Kirst & Krimson) against Aeroform (Louis Lynden & Flip Kendrick) for the PWO Tag Team Titles. Ben Fruith will also take on Brian Bender. The opener will be “Amazing” N8 Mattson with Benjamin Boone against Michael “The Bomber” Facade. Mattson comes out with a broken thumb. He blamed Aeroform for breaking it during the title match. Mattson said they’d get what is coming for them. He then said his in ring career is indefinitely on hold. Mattson said he’s going to unleash the “Big Bear” on PWO. He said that Boone will meet all of his in ring requirements. Maguire harped on Facade not being able to win the big match. Boone kept his distance while Facade threw some kicks. Boone showed off his power in collar and elbow tie ups. Satellite head scissors by Facade started his offense. Facade tried to leap frog Boone but he was still standing up. (I’m thinking that botch was on Boone. I have no idea though.) Facade Pele Kicked Boone to the outside. Facade sling shotted over the ropes but fell short. Boone picked him up and slammed him into the post. (They’ve recovered nice from each miss.) Boone slammed him into the the ring apron. Boone rolled him back inside. A leg drop only got a two count. Boone locked in a Bear Hug. A running shoulder block by Boone got another two count. Mattson tried to get involved so Facade chased him. Boone attacked from behind. Boone missed a charge into a corner. An inverted atomic drop was followed by a heel kick. Boone went outside to recover. Facade climbed onto the entrance curtains with a cross body. He took off the gui and got Boone back into the ring. Boone kicked out of a missile drop kick. Mattson distracted the ref, Jason Gorey came out and clocked Facade with the belt. Boone splashed Facade for the three count.

Analysis: Two botches doesn’t help the quality of the match. It was wrestled well aside from the noted mistakes and booked nicely with Gorey helping out Boone who couldn’t really lose just getting back into the singles ranks. Facade looked like he was going to win so it worked out in the end. Score: 0.

Kirst was outside for his promo while it was snowing. He told Greg (Iron) that their mother’s both were drug addicts. Kirst said that both of their father’s were bad. Kirst said that he was at the same show that CM Punk lauded Greg. He said he’s going to give him a real disability, broken legs. Analysis: That was pretty solid. It gave him a good reason outside of just being “evil” to hate Iron. Score: +1.

“Sassy” Stephie said she is excited to make her long awaited return to PWO & STO. She said she’ll make Veda Scott kiss her “Sass”. Analysis: I would have bought it if she had more gusto. I was quite surprised by her red hair. Score: 0.

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PWO – Season 5 – Episode 8

Injuries have taken a toll on the PWO roster. Find out below for who it is.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. The main event is going to be Bobby Shields vs Johnny Gargano. Corey Winters takes on Bryan Castle too. The opener is going to be for the PWO TV Title with Jason Gory defending against Gregory Iron. The introductions took a while but Dombrowski & Maguire filled in the past between the opponents. Pedro De Lucca did formal introductions as always for a title bout. Gorey goes to the outside to start the match but Iron gave him a plancha to get things going. (The audio sounds a little off again.) An Irish Whip into one corner led to a bulldog out of the other corner. The crowd got a “Handicapped Hero” chant going. Iron got a two count on a roll up. Gorey turned it around by biting Iron’s forehead. Gorey chopped him in the corner. A suplex got Gorey a two count. Gorey launched himself into Iron’s midsection while he was in a corner. Gorey choked Iron on the middle rope then snapped his neck on it by sling shooting to the outside. Iron connected on a pair of clotheslines. Gorey gave Iron a boot to the face. Gorey got caught coming off the middle rope. Iron turned it into a neck breaker. A face buster by Iron looked similar to a Code Breaker. Iron tried to choke Gory with his shirt. The referee took it away from him. While the ref was distracted, Gorey clocked Iron with the TV Title. Gorey locked on the Anaconda Vice for the victory.

Analysis: Good match. You don’t want Iron winning at this point. Extend this feud out. I’m interested to see if Iron ends up going up the food chain to Krimson. Gorey is more suitable size wise and it’d help to take away the Dead Wrestling Society’s only gold. But taking out the leader since he took out your best friend has it’s merits too. Score: +1.

Aeroform (Louis Lynden & Flip Kendrick) celebrates their win as tag team champions. Michael “The Bomber” Facade is in the back ground. Louis Lynden starts the victory speech. He notes that the Sons of Michigan are no more. Lynden says it is Facade’s time to get single’s gold. He said that he’s let the PWO TV Title slip thru his hands too many times. Facade said he’s going to take the title out of the darkness and put it on “The Neon Ninja” where it can shine bright. Flip Kendrick says that they’re on fire.

Analysis: Not a great finish by the closer. I liked Lynden the best. Neon Ninja just makes me laugh. I know he wears lots of neon but I didn’t realize that was something to be proud of since the mid 80’s. I’m glad Facade admitted his short coming in winning the title. The Sons of Michigan are done because “Amazing” N8 Mattson retired late last year after sustaining another injury. I’d like to thank him for taking time out to talk to me last year before Wrestlelution. He was a class act and I wish him the best. Score: 0.

Veda Scott assumes that we know her and we’ve seen Wrestlelution. She blamed her loss when light reflected of someone’s hot dog wrapper. She said that she will take out Sassy Stephie to prove her point. They cut away when she was still talking. Analysis: Let’s just say she needs some work in the mic department. The focus of her character needs to be found. She didn’t go all in heel to me. She also needed to organize things better. I liked the idea of the message but she had to repeat herself or restart after a stumble more than once. Score: -1.

Corey Winters comes to the ring with Ben Fruith. Bryan Castle is accompanied by Brian Bender. Winters tried a bunch of stuff that a little man shouldn’t on a much larger opponents. Castle started with a Samoan Drop from one of those moves. Winters landed on his feet on a suplex attempt. Winters countered out of a belly to back suplex. Winters tried to slam Castle who reversed it. A leg drop by Castle only got him a two count. Winters gave Castle a pair of enziguris. Winters kicked Castle in the gut then a running boot to the face. Winters sentoned him but only got two. Bender gave Winters the lucky head band of Castle. He gave Winters a single leg drop kick. Castle power slammed Winters. Castle missed a splash in the corner. Winters rolled up Castle for the victory. Winters acted surprised. They hugged after the match. Castle then hugged Fruith & Bender.

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PWO – Season 5 – Episode 7

over the line

Who did the PWO commissioner suspend for going over the line?

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. The main event is Matt Cross against Jason Bane for the PWO Title. Bobby Shields takes on Ben Fruith along with Brodie Lee taking on Corey Winters which is up first. “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine came to the ring with Lee. Winters was in the ring to start the match with Lee still on the outside. Winters gave him a high knee lift then a plancha. Lee dropped Winters on top of the guard rail. Lee bounced Winters’ head off a chair which was on the announce table. Lee rolled Winters back into the ring. A knife edge chop put Winters down. A pump handle suplex by Lee led to more show boating. Lee battered Winters in the corner. Lee with a splash in the opposite corner. Winters got in a jaw breaker and a victory roll after more show boating. Lee missed another corner splash. Winters nailed a missile drop kick. Head scissors take over then an enziguri led to another two count. Lee caught Winters with a big boot. Lee finished Winters with a power bomb. Lee grabbed the pipe and nailed Winters. LaBar came out and stop Lee to stop it “or else.” LaBar suspended Lee. Brodie went for another power bomb when LaBar threatens to suspend Fontaine. Maguire helped to talk sense into Lee to leave.

Analysis: A commissioner that did the logical thing. Yay! Guys are getting suspended in sports for going over the line, it only makes sense. The match played out how it should have. They gave Winters enough offense to not look bad but Lee dominated as he should have. Score: +1.

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PWO – Season 5 – Episode 6

A number of rivalries rear their ugly heads tonight. None of them are of the sibling variety though.

Joe Dombrowski introduces the show while Aaron Maguire relaxes. The main event is Johnny Gargano versus Gregory Iron. Brian Bender & Bryan Castle are set to take on Ben Fruith & Corey Winters. Dombrowski informs us that Jason Bane takes on “M Dogg 20” Matt Cross next week. The tag match between Bender & Castle and Fruith & Winters. Bender and Fruith start off the match. Bender puts Fruith in a hammer lock. Dombrowski apologizes for screaming Fruith Roll up but then makes a bad Breaking 2 Electric Boogaloo joke to unapologize. Bender picks up Fruith after a third attempt at a Fruith Roll up. Castle is tagged in. Castle gets a two count after a slam. Castle had Fruith in a fireman’s carry but allowed Fruith to get in a fourth roll up. Fruith & Winters double clothesline Castle. Winters got clotheslined back. Castle missed a corner splash. Winters gave Castle a running knee. Brodie Lee came down and booted Bender in the face. (He needed to sell it more.) Lee cleaned house. Bender came back in and ate another boot. Lee then powerbombed him. “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine grabbed a mic and told Justin LaBar that he didn’t have the upper hand. Fontaine said that him & Lee run the show. Fontaine said that no matter who the champion is, they’re coming after them. Winters yells at Lee as him & Fontaine are exiting. Winters is tired of being pushed around so he challenges Lee to a match next week. Maguire questions Winters sanity. They replayed the angle with Jason Bane and Matt Cross from the beginning of the season.

Analysis: The teams were on an equal level so I was going to be interested to see who got the victory but that obviously didn’t happen. Fontaine was good on the mic but this angle gets to me no matter when. If an employee(s) is going to be to be this insubordinate, fire them. Problem solved. He can’t come up with a legal reason when he admits he is doing wrong on television. Winters character could go somewhere but he is going to get his ass handed to him next week. Score:0 (match) +1 (Fontaine’s promo) -1 (logic of the angle) +1 (Lets see if they have something in mind. Could be a retroactive 0).

Krimson quoted Ernest Hemingway. Krimson said that Brian Bender was their next victim but Gregory Iron & his band of merry wrestlers saved him. Krimson said he was going to finish the job God started on Iron’s hand. Krimson said it was good to see Matt Justice. Krimson said that after his failure in New York, he hopes Justice comes around to Krimson’s line of thinking. Krimson greeted Jason Bane the same as Justice. Krimson said that he should keep the title ready for him. Analysis: Very good promo. There’s three people in the group, so they can target multiple people. He didn’t seem to have much direction yet this season but that’s a nice way to lay things out. Score: +1.

Matthew Justice came to the ring while Dombrowski filled us in on his recent history of going to the WWE and battling Krimson before he left PWO. He was excited to make his return in his hometown of Streetsboro. Justice said he didn’t belong there and wasn’t happy. He said he wrestles because it’s his passion. He didn’t like “sports entertainment.” Justice set his sights on Krimson and the rest of the Dead Wrestling Society. Analysis: If he wasn’t happy, fine, leave. He doesn’t seem big enough to fit the WWE mold. Him not being happy with “sports entertainment” is a joke. He’s still in it, just in PWO. I liked the conviction though when it came to Krimson. They could have a great match if he learned some more pointers in FCW. Score: +0.

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PWO – Season 5 – Episode 2

I posted hot twins for Episode 2 last year. I figured why not again.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire preview the show. “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine takes on “M Dogg 20” Matt Cross in the main event for the #1 Contendership for the PWO Title. Bobby Shields vs. “Omega” Aaron Draven and Krimson vs. Brian Bender is also on the card. The later match was first. Dombrowski informed us that Hobo Joe will be out indefinitely from the injuries last week. Krimson assaulted Bender before he could get to the ring. Krimson missed a charge on the outside. It allowed Bender to suplex Krimson on the floor. Bender tossed him into the ring. Krimson charged into the corner but got back elbowed. Krimson crotched Bender on the middle rope. Krimson fore armed Bender in the chest. Bender fought back with chops and punches. Krimson gave Bender the big boot then clothes lined him. Bender pulled Krimson off the top rope. Krimson head butted then low clothes lined Bender in the back of the head. A Witch’s Wheel got Krimson the victory. Kirst & Jason Gory came out to attack Bender. The baby face locker room empties to save Bender.

Analysis: Bender went a little too over board with his actions to me. Too deep of a knee bend when punching, attacking a little too woozy, that kind of a thing. Having Krimson get a win back after Wrestlelution over one of the bigger men in PWO was a good idea though. Krimson didn’t quite squash him but it was close. I like the locker room emptying earlier this week. So many times, another beat down happens and it just is bad logic to me. Once you know someone is going to carry out their threat, like the Dead Wrestling Society, you need to keep an eye on them and nip further assaults from happening. Score: +1.

The Sons of Michigan, Benjamin Boone & “Amazing” N8 Mattson, are going to take on Ben Fruith & Corey Winters before they take on Aeroform (Louis Lynden & Flip Kendrick) .  Mattson bragged about them dominating the tag team division. He went on to say that even though Aeroform are from Michigan, they are the only ones to truly represent Michigan. Mattson said they out smarted Aeroform at Wrestlelution and they’ll do it again in the next match. Boone said something was on his mind and it was Ben Fruith because he won’t stay out of their business. Mattson said it was going to be too easy but then reminded us that Fruith stole the Wrestlerama Trophy from him and that he owes him one. “Hail To The Victors” is officially a catch phrase for them.

Analysis: Good promo for both of them. I wish Boone got a little more to sink his teeth into for his end but I’m not sure that was his fault. Score: +1.

Corey Winters & Ben Fruith are sitting back to back with the Wrestlerama Trophy behind them. They both say that each other has been friendless for too long and high five. Fruith said that he liked winning the trophy more at Wrestlelution than he did that first time over and he acted like he didn’t know. Winters “tagged in” and answered N8 Mattson. Winters said they are wrestling for the PWO Tag Team Titles. Fruith said that they’re going to bring an end to the Sons of Michigan’s reign. Analysis: On the one hand, that promo was completely gay. On the other hand, Winters & Fruith have characters for the first time ever. So it’s a wash. Score: 0.

Bobby Shields took on “Omega” Aaron Draven. Dombrowski noted that Shields wrestled in a grueling two out of three falls match last week. A shoulder block by Shields led to him posing. Shields punch Draven in the corner. Draven kicked Shields to the outside. Shields dropped Draven over the middle rope. A Neck breaker by Shields led to more posing. A neck cravat allowed Shields to knee Draven in the face. Draven rolled up Shields but only got two. Shields had a nice looking suplex. Shields missed on a third knee dropped. Draven drop toe holded Shields into the middle rope. Shields clothes lined Draven. Another cravat/knee combo led to a running high knee by Shields. Draven turned it out with three kicks. Draven hit a pair of leaping clothes lines then an enziguri which draped Shields on the middle rope. Draven sentoned him but only got a two count. Draven spine bustered Shields. A German Suplex by Shields only got a two count. A roll thru slam from the fire man’s carry position put Shields in the corner to take the 450 splash from Draven for the victory.

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Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive Preview

PWO's Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive August 7th in Cleveland OH at Jacob's Pavilion

Dan and Kevin discuss the card at Pro Wrestling Ohio’s Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive. Do the guys agree with the predictions of Aaron Maguire? Which loveable loser is more loveable? Which tag team will win and who has the best chance at having singles careers? Why is the four way match for the Tag Team Titles an Elimination match but the four way match for the TV is not? Are Dan and Kevin as “Old School” as Tito Santana? Which match are the guys looking forward to the most? Will Jason Bane have back up against the Dead Wrestling Society? As the guys finish by covering the main event with “Big Rig” Brodie Lee & “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine against “Omega” Aaron Draven & Kevin Nash with Justin Labar. One last question, guess who’s site still doesn’t have a link for PWO reviews? Find out that and more by clicking the link.

Stunt Granny Audio Show- PWO Wrestlution 4 Preview

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