PWO – Season 4 – Episode 7

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Vic Travgliante was on TV first. He said that “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross but the rest of the main event, Jason Bane, Marion Fontaine and PWO champion Johnny Gargano were there.

Joe Dombrowski asked Aaron Maguire why Cross was last seen with him. Dombrowski accused him of thinning the herd to help Fontaine. Maguire denied. Dombrowski said that the PWO Tag Team Titles will also be determined tonight between the Homeless Handicapped Connection against Benjamin Boone with Ben Fruth as the special guest referee. Boone grabbed the mic and said he’d get the job done single handedly. Boone told Fruth to call it down the middle.

After the commercial break, Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron made their way to the ring. Pedro De Lucca did formal introductions. Boone got the early jump on Hobo Joe but made a mistake by throwing Joe into the corner with Iron. They double  teamed him for a bit. Iron sentoned Boone then Fruth was hesitant to make a count.  Iron got tossed to the outside. Joe had made a sneaky tag but Boone caught him coming in. Maguire’s mic was really quiet. I can barely hear his responses to Dombrowski’s questions. Boone gave Joe a belly to belly throw which landed him too close to Iron. It looked ridiculous for him not to make a tag. Boone stayed on the offensive against Joe including a bear hug.  Joe gave Boone the pit stop to get out.Joe made the hot tag moments later. Iron gave Boone a pair of reverse elbows then a drop kick from the second rope.  Joe tagged back in and their double team back fired. Boone tried to pin Iron but he wasn’t the legal man. Boone hit Joe with a Tag Title belt. Fruth stopped counting before getting to three. Dombrowski hyped Fruth stanng up for himself. He kicked Boone in the balls. Joe gave Boone a senton to retain the belts. Fruth took off his referee shirt which revealed a Sons of Michigan shirt. He took that off and threw it at Boone. When Boone recovered, he looked at the shirt and almost cried.

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 6

What else did you expect me to use as a picture for Pressure Rising?

They are opening the show in Streetsboro, OH. It’s kind of amusing that PWO tapes in more locations than TNA. The crowd seems louder than normal. Dombrowski runs through the card. Pedro De Lucca takes seemingly forever to announce Shima Xion who will be taking on Michael “The Bomber” Facade in a grudge match since they both injured each other last year by spraying hair spray in each other’s eyes. Facade cost Xion an appearance at Wrestlelution. Dombrowski explained that “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross had not been heard from by PWO Management so the main event would be a three man match between Johnny Gargano, Marion Fontaine and Jason Bane.

Xion plays chicken shit. Facade gives him a spring board arm drag. Facade rains down 10 punches in the corner.  A spring board moonsault only gets Facade a two count. Maguire keeps pushing Fontaine for next week. OK, stop hyping next week. Xion grounded Facade. Dombrowski said that Xion feels under rated in PWO and wants a shot at the titles.  Facade counters with knees to Xion’s stomach from a moonsault. Facade takes off the gui. Facade super kicks Xion. Xion gives him a hard back elbow that knocks Facade through the ropes. Facade was going to drop kick Xion off the top rope but Xion pulled the referee in front of him. Xion wanted to spray Facade in the face but Facade turned it on Xion. He then gave him a driver that was something Japanese but I’m not even going to pretend to spell it. It was a Curtain Call turned into a driver.

Analysis: It was a good match. Xion is a good guy to keep around the TV Title picture so hopefully he can pick up a cheap win over Ben Fruth or someone to get back on track. Facade is definitely getting the push. I just wish he’d clean up some of his spots more. Score: +1.

Jason Gorey is backstage in front of a black back drop. He is looking forward to taking down Kirst, Krimson and Raven. Krimson pops up from behind him and strangles him with a belt. Krimson says some stuff that is hard to make out because it’s quiet. I was also too busy staring at his bald spots. He was warning them and said there was still time left, to back down I guess. He ended with his tag line.

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 4

PWO had some issues with snow. Not really surprising in Northeast Ohio.

Vic Travgliante opened the show with Matthew Justice at his side. Vic mentioned that Justice lost to Brian Bender the last time he was on PWO TV. Justice said it was time for everyone to see the one man of militia. He finished by saying he was young, metal and ready to attack.

Analysis: You should have stopped at the one man militia, Mr. Justice. He needs to act more pissed off with these interviews in the future as it’ll help get over his change in attitude. Justice didn’t sell it as much as needed. Score: -1.

The introduction piece then ran. Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduced the show. Pedro De  Lucca introduced Bobby Beverly but no one from Sex Appeal accompanied him. Matthew Justice was his opponent. Dombrowski noted that Beverly asked Nicky Valentino & Bobby Shields to stay in the back. The announcers hyped their event in Akron. Dombrowski mentioned that severe weather in the northeast Ohio area limited travel so the PWO roster was shaken up. (Yep, my source mentioned that. Glad they addressed it pretty much right away.) Justice took control early. He gave Beverly a cross body while Beverly was on the floor. Beverly superkicked Justice and only got a two count. Beverly drop kicked Justice in the stomach. Beverly assaulted Justice on the outside. A low clothesline by Beverly stunned Justice. Justice blocked another super kick attempt and then turned the tables on Beverly. Beverly locked on a koji clutch but Justice reached the ropes. Bobby Shields & Nicky Valentino came to ringside. Shields grabbed Justice’s leg which lead to him being super kicked by Beverly which gained him the pin fall. As Sex Appeal set up for the menage e trois, a triple thrust kick, but they bickered. Beverly bailed to ringside. Shields & Valentino set up to kick Justice who ducked and clotheslined them. Justice then tossed them out of the ring.

Analysis: They set up the break up or at least pairing down of Sex Appeal. I’m not sure if they need to do that. Well, I guess I’d break them up over pairing them down because Beverly could be top dog (He kind of is already anyway) and keep Valentino & Shields as a tag team. I’m not sure they’ll do well enough as singles guys. Beverly can pull it off.

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 3

My best writing ever may be in the Final Analysis. Find out why below the jump.

Jason Bane mentioned that he was banned from ring side by PWO management for the match tonight between Johnny Gargano and Marion Fontaine for the PWO Heavyweight Championship. Bane said that Fontaine was a great athlete but he is sadly mistaken if Fontaine thinks he has no brain. Bane finished by saying he doesn’t care who wins the match because whoever he faces will be the first to lose to PWO’s most dominant champion ever.

Analysis: Short and to the point. He has been focusing on Fontaine so I imagine in the future that Fontaine will cost him his shot at Johnny Gargano later this year. I like that they had this on before the introduction music. They mix it up just enough not to be predictable. Score: +1.

Brian Bender took on Matthew Justice in the opening match. Bender took Justice down early with a head lock take over. Justice took over Bender with an arm drag. Bender retaliated with arm drags of his own. Justice got tossed to the ring apron. Bender got low bridged though when he charged at Justice. Bender caught Justice on the top rope with a press slam. Bender got a two count after a back breaker.  Justice caught fire and hit some high impact moves. Bender gave Justice a urinogi but only got a two count. Bender was dismayed which allowed Justice to recover and give him a Death Valley Driver. Bender reversed a roll up and appeared to have a hand full of trunks when he got the three count. Bender acted like he didn’t mean to do it while Justice acted mildly upset.

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 2

I say we celebrate twins for episode 2.

They started off with a new highlight reel and also a nice big fat stamp that says they’re approved by the Ohio Athletic Commission. To open the show, Joe Dombrowski asked Aaron Maguire why he was sporting a mustache. Maguire responded by saying you need to be fair to Mare (as in Marion Fontaine). Jack Verville debuted against Jason Bane. Dombrowski noted that Eric Ryan will debut as Cursed tonight. Poor Verville is getting squashed. Verville begged the referee to stop the match. Bane gave Verville a fall away fan. Maguire said that his “Aar head” fans wanted him back as a commentator and not as an agent so he was retiring that part of his life. Bane rammed Verville into 2 corners in a power slam position then gave him and F5. Bane said that was a reminder as to why he’s the most dominant man in PWO. Bane said he’s done with Maguire and he’s focused on the PWO Heavyweight Title. Bane admitted that Gargano was a good guy but he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bane challenged Fontaine to a match to see if he truly deserved a title shot. Fontaine did not come out.

Analysis: Exactly what should have happened during and after the match. Let’s see if PWO throws him off his title hunt again. Score: +1.

Dombrowski threw us to the tape that Krimson gave them. Krimson asked Eric Ryan to state his name. Ryan said his name but was slapped. This question, answer and reaction were repeated. Krimson said it wasn’t enough to break a man physically, but he had to do it mentally like he did to Super Hentai. Krimson mentioned that he and Ryan are a breed apart from other people. Krimson provided many examples of how they’d be more violent. He ended the promo by saying people would be wearing crimson, like the mask.

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PWO – Season 3 – Episode 27

Someone drank too much beer. What did the PWO do too much of this week?

Pedro De Lucca noted that the opening match would be for the PWO Tag Team Titles. The Homeless Handicapped Connection, Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron, decked out in their new air brushed tights came to the ring first. Joe Dombrowski told Aaron Maguire that it was quite a coop to hire Raven to take out Jason Bane. Nicky Valentino accompanied Bobby Beverly and Bobby Shields to the ring. Dombrowski noted that “Omega” Aaron Draven would take on “Amazing” N8 Mattson would be on the show later as Sex Appeal took their grand old time getting into the ring. Valentino pulled Hobo Joe off the ring apron and attacked him. Shields & Beverly double teamed Iron and gave him a double Downward Spiral. Shields grabbed the mic and said that the contract said the match was against Sex Appeal so the match was three against two. Dombrowski groused about the contract loop hole.  Iron gave Shields a Scorpion Death Drop which allowed him to tag in Hobo Joe. Sex Appeal regrouped on the outside. Joe & Iron double helioed them.  Iron & Joe tagged Shields with punches back in the ring. Dombrowski was given an emergency note but told Vic Travgliante that it could wait. The match abruptly went to commercial.

Analysis: I like the plan by Sex Appeal. Nice way to extend this feud to Wrestlelution. I can’t believe how bad the production was on the commercial cut away. PWO normally does this stuff well. What has happened so far evens out – Score: 0.

Shields was attacking Hobo Joe as Dombrowski told us that the PWO offices gave them footage from Shima Xion that was disturbing but would be aired later. Shields gave Joe a running knee into a corner. Joe gave Shields a boot after another corner charge. Joe then hit a tornado DDT which allowed him to hot tag Iron. Iron crotched Valentino trying to get into the ring. Shields & Beverly clubbed Iron on the back.  Iron hit a double cross body then a pair of clotheslines. Maguire told Dombrowski to concentrate on the match as he babbled on about the shocking footage (As he should have. You haven’t seen it yet. How shocking can it be? The whipped cream and cherry is the fact that it’s a match for the Tag Team Titles. You sound like you value them as much as the WWE does.)  Iron gave Beverly the Destabler aka Stunner but Shields broke up the count. Joe got tossed to the outside. Iron arm bar face planted Shields (Cool looking move.) Iron gave Shields a top rope elbow. Valentino punted Iron in the eye socket that was hurt a couple of weeks ago. They hit the triple thrust kick for Beverly to score the pin fall victory.

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PWO – Season 3 – Episode 26

Guess who I get to see wrestle in Cleveland? Find out who and why after the jump.

Johnny Gargano was coming to the arena again. He tried to talk to people but they all ignored him. Matt Cross (with some killer side burns) was the last guy to stare him down.

Analysis: Established how much everyone thinks Gargano perpetrated the surprise attacks. It’s still a little strange that all of the baby faces are standing there along a wall like drug dealers at a convenience store. Score: +1.

Joe Dombrowski said that they were officially starting the road to Wrestlelution 3. Johnny Gargano was set to take on Jason Bane in the main event. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross came to the ring for a match against Super Hentai. Dombrowski introduced Aaron Maguire and his security, Mr. Brinks. They exchanged head locks. Maguire pointed out that Cross is less easy going because he hasn’t gotten his title shot yet against Gargano. Cross hit a snap suplex. “M-Dogg” gave Hentai an atomic drop then turned it into a modified bow and arrow. Cross hit a rolling senton but only got a two count. The announcers took up much time convicting Gargano of the sneak attacks without having a shred of evidence other than Cross’ accusations. Hentai got hit with a spring board back elbow. Cross put on a reverse chin lock. Hentai got the knees up when Cross went for a split legged moonsault. Hentai caught Cross with a jumping back elbow. Cross sling shot stomped on Hentai’s back then did a standing moonsault. Super Hentai hit a double running knee in the corner. Hentai was going to the top rope when Krimson came out and distracted him. Cross capitalized with a bicycle kick and shooting star press for the win.

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