PWO – Season 5 – Episode 7

over the line

Who did the PWO commissioner suspend for going over the line?

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. The main event is Matt Cross against Jason Bane for the PWO Title. Bobby Shields takes on Ben Fruith along with Brodie Lee taking on Corey Winters which is up first. “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine came to the ring with Lee. Winters was in the ring to start the match with Lee still on the outside. Winters gave him a high knee lift then a plancha. Lee dropped Winters on top of the guard rail. Lee bounced Winters’ head off a chair which was on the announce table. Lee rolled Winters back into the ring. A knife edge chop put Winters down. A pump handle suplex by Lee led to more show boating. Lee battered Winters in the corner. Lee with a splash in the opposite corner. Winters got in a jaw breaker and a victory roll after more show boating. Lee missed another corner splash. Winters nailed a missile drop kick. Head scissors take over then an enziguri led to another two count. Lee caught Winters with a big boot. Lee finished Winters with a power bomb. Lee grabbed the pipe and nailed Winters. LaBar came out and stop Lee to stop it “or else.” LaBar suspended Lee. Brodie went for another power bomb when LaBar threatens to suspend Fontaine. Maguire helped to talk sense into Lee to leave.

Analysis: A commissioner that did the logical thing. Yay! Guys are getting suspended in sports for going over the line, it only makes sense. The match played out how it should have. They gave Winters enough offense to not look bad but Lee dominated as he should have. Score: +1.

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PWO – Season 5 – Episode 6

A number of rivalries rear their ugly heads tonight. None of them are of the sibling variety though.

Joe Dombrowski introduces the show while Aaron Maguire relaxes. The main event is Johnny Gargano versus Gregory Iron. Brian Bender & Bryan Castle are set to take on Ben Fruith & Corey Winters. Dombrowski informs us that Jason Bane takes on “M Dogg 20” Matt Cross next week. The tag match between Bender & Castle and Fruith & Winters. Bender and Fruith start off the match. Bender puts Fruith in a hammer lock. Dombrowski apologizes for screaming Fruith Roll up but then makes a bad Breaking 2 Electric Boogaloo joke to unapologize. Bender picks up Fruith after a third attempt at a Fruith Roll up. Castle is tagged in. Castle gets a two count after a slam. Castle had Fruith in a fireman’s carry but allowed Fruith to get in a fourth roll up. Fruith & Winters double clothesline Castle. Winters got clotheslined back. Castle missed a corner splash. Winters gave Castle a running knee. Brodie Lee came down and booted Bender in the face. (He needed to sell it more.) Lee cleaned house. Bender came back in and ate another boot. Lee then powerbombed him. “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine grabbed a mic and told Justin LaBar that he didn’t have the upper hand. Fontaine said that him & Lee run the show. Fontaine said that no matter who the champion is, they’re coming after them. Winters yells at Lee as him & Fontaine are exiting. Winters is tired of being pushed around so he challenges Lee to a match next week. Maguire questions Winters sanity. They replayed the angle with Jason Bane and Matt Cross from the beginning of the season.

Analysis: The teams were on an equal level so I was going to be interested to see who got the victory but that obviously didn’t happen. Fontaine was good on the mic but this angle gets to me no matter when. If an employee(s) is going to be to be this insubordinate, fire them. Problem solved. He can’t come up with a legal reason when he admits he is doing wrong on television. Winters character could go somewhere but he is going to get his ass handed to him next week. Score:0 (match) +1 (Fontaine’s promo) -1 (logic of the angle) +1 (Lets see if they have something in mind. Could be a retroactive 0).

Krimson quoted Ernest Hemingway. Krimson said that Brian Bender was their next victim but Gregory Iron & his band of merry wrestlers saved him. Krimson said he was going to finish the job God started on Iron’s hand. Krimson said it was good to see Matt Justice. Krimson said that after his failure in New York, he hopes Justice comes around to Krimson’s line of thinking. Krimson greeted Jason Bane the same as Justice. Krimson said that he should keep the title ready for him. Analysis: Very good promo. There’s three people in the group, so they can target multiple people. He didn’t seem to have much direction yet this season but that’s a nice way to lay things out. Score: +1.

Matthew Justice came to the ring while Dombrowski filled us in on his recent history of going to the WWE and battling Krimson before he left PWO. He was excited to make his return in his hometown of Streetsboro. Justice said he didn’t belong there and wasn’t happy. He said he wrestles because it’s his passion. He didn’t like “sports entertainment.” Justice set his sights on Krimson and the rest of the Dead Wrestling Society. Analysis: If he wasn’t happy, fine, leave. He doesn’t seem big enough to fit the WWE mold. Him not being happy with “sports entertainment” is a joke. He’s still in it, just in PWO. I liked the conviction though when it came to Krimson. They could have a great match if he learned some more pointers in FCW. Score: +0.

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Stunt Granny Audio Show #166


Jeremy & Kevin are back to tickle your ears with goodness after a couple of busy week. Do they cover all of the material they skipped? Of course not or this audio would last for five hours. They do start by talking some Pro Wrestling Ohio. Who got thrown under the bus during this segment? And who did the guys throw under the bus during their weekend conversation. They spend the majority of the time talking about the WWE though. How was the Daniel Bryan versus Mark Henry match on the special live Smackdown? Bryan gets talked about more after his appearance against Alberto Del Rio on Raw. Why is he still labeled a dork? Is AJ the cutest thing ever? They segue those thoughts into talking about the Diva’s division for the only time this month. Jeremy & Kevin roll on to talk about one of the weirdest segments in a long time, John Cena pushing Zack Ryder. Why was it weird? Was it as forced as Alberto Del Rio’s push? The guys do get back around to talking about Berto & The Miz but were they too exposed by CM Punk? Find out why this threesome made Kevin think about Cars 2 by clicking on the link below.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #166

The PWO Conversation 12-03-2011

Jeremy: Ok so you watched PWO from two weeks ago not this current show?

Kevin: Correct.

Jeremy: So what you think of the main event and all the shennanigans?

Kevin: What a clusterfuck.

Jeremy: No shit.

Kevin: Very little build except by Maguire for the commissioner spot. Then reveal it and have anarchy? What a terrible choice.

Jeremy: I was totally shocked when Fontaine won and I thought, what a great idea. No one expected it. What a genuine surprise. Then they totally killed it all. Why was there a need for a commissioner in the first place? Who the hell makes the matches anyway? Was anyone, I mean anyone clamoring for an authority figure? Let alone some internet writer?

Kevin: “The Board” or some such entity.

Jeremy: Oh you mean like TNA’s “Network.” Ugh. If you are going to reuse ideas don’t reuse TNA’s. If an authority figure is going to be used shouldn’t it be “someone” not just anyone.

Kevin: Are you saying LaBar isn’t a someone?

Jeremy: Who?

Kevin: Thanks for adding to my final analysis

Jeremy: If I am a new fan of PWO watching that mess I really have to be scratching my head.  Maybe it is just me but they routinely have a simple, solid show and presentation. There is no need to get cute. Keep it streamlined and avoid this type of garbage. If that match had ended and then Labar came out and did a “tisk tisk” face with no announcement that would have been ideal. This way you would have had three different elements there. Why is that guy on? What happens with Matt Cross? Fontaine is the new champ. All three are hooks for the next week. Instead they wasted it all

Kevin: Good call on that couldn’t have summed it up better.

Jeremy: I will give them a pass on some of it since I do not know their schedule for tapings and what not.  But for episodic TV they blew it. I would think they tape all at the same time. All of the participants are still in the building so there would be no scheduling conflict.  Instead the following week we are treated to RBI whoever vs Daniel Arkham for this week. And holy shit was that painful.

Jeremy: Anyway, is there a wrestler you have seen that you wish did some sort of performance enhancing drugs so that WWE would notice them and skyrocket them? As bad as that theory may be. That’s how I feel with Fontaine.

Kevin: I had forgotten they were getting a new commish.

Jeremy: So did I.

Kevin: That was their first episode after the break.

Jeremy: There were some aspects I liked. Even though he has terrible hands Dombrowski sold both victories very well. Maguire was great in his cheerleading during the victory as well.

Kevin: He had me cracking up most of the episode. Maguire truly throws out stuff that is close to the topic but enough that Dombrowski has to question his line of thinking.

Jeremy: It took me a while to figure out Maguire’s style. At first I thought this dude was lazy but then realize he is pretty decent smartass but it comes off so low key it nearly gets lost.

Kevin: It helped when they stopped moving him in & out of the booth.

Jeremy: There seems to be a lot of potential with PWO. As an indy league goes the wrestlers are not embarrassing.

Jeremy: I think the production could be better though to capitalize on them.

Kevin: For all the gadgets they got for production, they need money for a set. They like to tape in different venues, but I’m talking backgrounds for the taped promos that they could ship from place to place. Speaking of production, it wasn’t just me that heard the announcers sounding like they were broadcast in the whole venue, was I?

Jeremy: No you were not. I swear at some points you heard them through the PA system. That is a huge no no.

Kevin: Those types of mistakes should start being eliminated. They’ve been around long enough and had the toys for long enough.

Jeremy: That just seemed like a gaffe though not a constant problem.

Kevin: It happened too many times for my liking.

Jeremy: I don’t want to come off negative about this promotion or product though. It needs to be said there are positives but this just stood out as a major mess up in booking. They lost out on a lot of future potential. Then I saw the ads for the Brawl in the Hall promotion and wondered why this wasn’t all build up to that.

Kevin: Is that the Dec. 17th taping? I was buzzing thru the commercials.

Jeremy: I think so. They tout it as the first annual event so it should be special and this is where the build should have started. Not started and ended in the same ten minute segment.

PWO – Season 5 – Episode 4

There's a new authority figure in PWO. Is he a licensed architect?

Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire kick off the show by telling us the main event is “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine taking on Jason Bane again, Krimson is battling Bryan Castle and first is Nicki Valentino against “Omega” Aaron Draven. Bobby Shields was at ring side for his Sex Appeal team mate. (The announcers seem exceptionally loud. It sounds like they’re echoing through out the venue.) Fast paced action started the match until Valentino took Draven’s legs out from under him when he was going for a spring board maneuver. Valentino cross faced him then drop kicked him in the back. Dombrowski accused Maguire of paying people off for the lumber jack match later between Fontaine & Bane. Valentino locked in a modified reverse chin lock. Draven countered out with a jaw jacker. Draven sentoned onto Valentino who was draped over the second rope. Draven clotheslined Valentino twice then gave him a big back body drop. A northern lights suplex by Draven that was pretty much no sold. Draven had to check into a top rope sunset flip because of the recovery. They reversed pinning predicaments. A fisherman’s suplex only got Valentino a two count. Valentino put Draven on the top ropes. Draven knocked Valentino off then caught him with an enziguri. Valentino hit a good looking drop kick. Valentino went to the top rope but ignored Shields’ advice to pin Draven. A spring board drop kick knocked Valentino down. Draven fireman’s carry slammed Valentino near the ropes. Draven finished him with the 450 splash.

Analysis: Solid and deserved win by Draven. Sex Appeal has been in a funk and the announcers seemed to saddle Valentino with more of it, which they should. Draven now needs to find a feud to capitalize on Nash making him look good. It was a well wrestled match to boot. Score: +1.

Vic Travgliante interviewed Bryan Castle who was playing Angry Birds. Brian Bender was sitting beside him who took the phone away from Castle who then waved at the camera. Castle had a hard time remembering that he has been training and watching lots of tape. He hasn’t washed his lucky head band. Bender forced Castle into a match against Krimson. Bender told Castle he needed to listen to him. Castle hugged Vic hard enough to hurt him. Analysis: Not the best promo. I’d hope that Castle would start learning something from Bender at this point no matter how dumb they’re playing him. I’ll be grumpy until this story goes somewhere. Score: 0.

Krimson waited patiently in the ring while Castle high fived people around ringside. Bender was at ringside. Krimson attacked Castle when he went for a high five. Krimson was punching, strangling and kicking Castle. Krimson stuffed Castle’s lucky bandana into his mouth. Castle got mad. He forearmed Krimson into a corner, Irish whipped him into another then splashed him. A snapmare led to a low clothesline by Castle. Krimson tried to regroup on the outside but Castle went after him. Krimson turned the tide by throwing Castle into a ring post. Krimson kept slamming him against it. Krimson rolled Castle back into the ring. He continued the assault on the left shoulder. Krimson missed a splash. Castle gave Krimson a single leg drop kick. Krimson gave Castle a cobra clutch into a Stroke  then held onto the clutch. (Cool looking move.)

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Kevin Nash Meet & Greet for PWO Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive – Kevin’s Perspective

My phone camera sucks more than I thought it did.

OK, to fill in other information that Dan skipped, I’ll pass on describing the venue or our hotel. I will mention the crowd since it’s always good people watching. I’ve seen four very loyal fans there at least the last two years. I could rip on them for a long time but will let that slide to go for my own embarrassment. The son of the group is toothless gentlemen that I mention on Twitter. He got his boxer’s signed by a wrestler that I don’t know. The hard part for me to swallow? He wears a Steelers hat. He gives us a bad name. I’m just saying.

I would like to respond to Dan about his drinking habits. Knowing your limit is something that comes with age. In an older person, they need to know their limit because it wrecks their next day. Rookie old guy drinking mistake my man. I’m glad it didn’t cancel our trip to Melt Bar and Grilled in Lakewood OH. I’d seen it on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It’s a fancy grilled cheese joint. The wait for seating was an hour and thirty minutes. Dan and I went with take out which was still thirty five minutes. It was worth the wait. I got the Municipal Stadium Magic which had fresh local bratwurst, grilled peppers and onions smothered in cheese. It was awesome. It will be stopped at again next year.

When Dan and I were in line, I took some notes on what Kevin Nash was talking about. Dan mentioned the Ricky Morton interview and though I said I’d limit the repeats, one is coming. Nash seemed genuinely pissed at Morton and that he was legitimately going to beat the hell out of him. See the video clip in Dan’s Perspective. Nash talked about how bungled the WCW Invasion angle was, especially since some of the major players didn’t sign with the WWE at the time. He said that they were going to redo the angle in the new upcoming video game for Raw vs Smackdown. Nash mentioned how Rey Mysterio had been unmasked recently when a clip showed of Nash unmasking him on Nitro. He claimed that he had no idea that at the pay per view six days later (I don’t think he mentioned the name but I may be forgetting it.) Rey would unmask for a lengthy time. (It may have been the remainder of his WCW day but he definitely didn’t say that and my memory is faulty.)

Nash thought that it was a problem that wins and losses are not referenced enough at this time. He said it helps give motivation to the character and person performing even when you know that finishes are determined. He also said it helps to make the character want to go out and win against any given opponent even if they lost to them the match before. You’ve got to have the mental rive to always win. When asked about CM Punk, Nash joked (I think) that since the boss (HHH) might need some help that he’d be willing to supply if Punk stepped beyond just flipping his tie. The last thing that he talked about while we were in line (or maybe just getting out of it) when he started talking about his appearance at the royal Rumble earlier this year. He said he heard the crowd erupt after his horn hit while he was still backstage. Nash said that the first thought that popped into his head was “It’s all down hill from here.”

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Kevin Nash Meet & Greet for PWO Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive – Dan’s Perspective

Nothing is working for me tonight. I took an hour & a half to get this terrible picture.

 Wow, not a good start to trying to make this article about the information Dan and I got from the Kevin Nash. I tried to take pictures with my phone but they continually came out dark. So I switched to my camera. The first picture was dark so I took a second picture. Just as I plugged my camera into my computer, the camera battery died so it’s being recharged as I type. I ended up getting a decent picture with too much glare. Deal with it.

I want to let everyone know that I have relinquished full creative control of this report to Kevin.  I don’t know whether he will submit this as two seperate reports or as one combined report and I confident about his ability to edit this how he sees fit.  I get long winded so Kevin should feel free to cut anything unnecessary on here. (Editor’s Note: I saw a couple of spelling mistakes but will leave this note for changes. I decided to go with two articles because this was really good and I have a bunch of other stuff. I will limit the overlap of information.)

I am submitting this report from the Delta Sky Club in the Memphis Airport which cost me $50 to join (I may try to write this off on my taxes as a professional expense!) but I made $400 in vouchers changing my flight back to Kansas City this morning.  No sacrifice is too great for the Stunt Granny Universe.

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PWO – Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive Review – In Car Edition

Hi from downtown Cleveland. Dan Kuester (L), Bryan Castle, Kevin (R)

Dan and Kevin talked about the show on the drive back to Columbus. We can only hope this one becomes as infamous as the Audio Experience leaving Wrestlemania 23 from back in the Pro Wrestling Torch days. If you follow us on Twitter (@stuntgranny) you got the results as they happened but without any commentary. Come dig into the thoughts from Dan and Kevin as they talk over the card from top to bottom. Who was a no show? Which one of the ladies involved in the card gave the guys a piece of their time? Who had the best match? Which match did Dan miss while going on a food run? Who had the most painful match? Who got unexpected crowd support? Lastly, did Kevin Nash help put over the PWO talent? Find out that and more by clicking on the link.


Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive Preview

PWO's Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive August 7th in Cleveland OH at Jacob's Pavilion

Dan and Kevin discuss the card at Pro Wrestling Ohio’s Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive. Do the guys agree with the predictions of Aaron Maguire? Which loveable loser is more loveable? Which tag team will win and who has the best chance at having singles careers? Why is the four way match for the Tag Team Titles an Elimination match but the four way match for the TV is not? Are Dan and Kevin as “Old School” as Tito Santana? Which match are the guys looking forward to the most? Will Jason Bane have back up against the Dead Wrestling Society? As the guys finish by covering the main event with “Big Rig” Brodie Lee & “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine against “Omega” Aaron Draven & Kevin Nash with Justin Labar. One last question, guess who’s site still doesn’t have a link for PWO reviews? Find out that and more by clicking the link.

Stunt Granny Audio Show- PWO Wrestlution 4 Preview

Stunt Granny Interview Series: Aaron Maguire

Color commentator & Agent Aaron Maguire from Pro Wrestling Ohio.

Our annual interview with Aaron Maguire is upon as once again as Pro Wrestling Ohio charges towards Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive. The agent extraordinaire gives us his thoughts on all of the matches on the card this year since he is not involved in any of them this year. Which one of the tag teams has the best chance to defeat the Sons of Michigan? Who can take the TV Title to TNA under a bad name? Can Nicki Valentino be more “Old School” than Tito Santana? What is Maguire’s bold prediction for Josh Prohibition vs. “M Dogg 20” Matt Cross vs. Johnny Gargano? Find out who can dish out more punishment in the PWO Title match between Krimson and Jason Bane. Last but not least, who will win the big match up of “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine & “Big Rig” Brodie Lee vs. “Omega” Aaron Draven & “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash? All these answers and more when you click below.

Stunt Granny Interview Series- Aaron Maguire

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