Have you ever known New Jack to stab somebody?

Stunt Granny Audio #115

I put ion homecoming queen funny in google and this popped up.

It’s that time of week and that means there is a new audio posted. Yes indeed, Eric finally comes back and lays down some opinions. He is joined by Jeremy and later Kevin as the trio discusses the bigger stories in WWE. What does the Kane/Undertaker remind the guys of? Could it be cocaine and herpes? Possibly? They also spout off on the unfortunate circumstances around Daniel Bryan and how his character can recover. They then discuss Edge’ move to Smackdown; should he go with the face turn or remain heel and if he is what Smackdown needs right now. So give it a listen. It’s painless and forgettable for the most part and Jeremy even makes fun of retarded homecoming queens. So if that doesn’t sell ya nothing will.

Stunt Granny Audio #115

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