56 Days of WrestleMania – WrestleMania IV’s Best Matches

Skipped the weekend so we’re in fast forward mode here. But for fast forward mode, here’s a marathon of a show that Dusty and Eric actually watch probably twice a year. Call it self-torture, I don’t know. Maybe just an appreciation for the brilliance of Bob Uecker. Anyway, pick your faves out of all of these 3-minute matches!

Stunt Granny Audio #199

Dynamite drop in there, Monty.

Kevin and Dusty are back with an extensive look at bad announcing, including the Mount Rushmore of Horrible Announcing. Listen and learn who they think are the worst announcers of all time. What current day announcers are bad enough to earn a spot on the list? Hint: One guy who currently does every WWE show, some of which completely by himself, much to the petrification of Dusty. Find out which guy….. annoys Dusty…. because of the ridiculously long…. pauses…. he used to take between words. Find out which guy makes Kevin cherish his childhood memories of watching wrestling so much. Find out which guy wears Hawaiian flowery shirts and gets into internet pissing contests because he has a small penis and a need for attention. And so much more, and it’s only going to cost you about an hour of your time, so you need to listen or you’ll catch something incurable.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #199

Bob Uecker to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame!!!!

According to Prowrestling.net and my dreams coming true, baseball legend and star of “Mr. Belvedere” Bob Uecker will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year during WrestleMania weekend. Uecker was involved in WrestleManias III and IV and provided some of the most memorable moments of the shows (you know, besides the Hogan-Andre and Steamboat-Savage matches, of course). How many times have we seen replays of Andre the Giant pretending to choke Uecker after Uecker’s classic line, “Hey, how ’bout gettin’ your foot off my shoulder?” (see video above) Uecker is an American classic, and if his speech at the WWE Hall of Fame is anything like his speech at the baseball hall of fame, expect to be in tears laughing. -Eric

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