Stunt Granny Sports Show #7


Yeah that’s right after a week or two off it is the return of The Stunt Granny Sports Show. Jeremy and Eric2 bring the insight about the important things in sports. What would that be you might ask? Well, how about the round one of the NFL Draft? Was the choice of E.J. Manuel really that bad? What should the Buffalo Bills have done with their harvest of picks? Did they actually need to take a quarterback at all? How exactly did the NFL Draft become the vet that it is now? Remember when it was covered primarily to make fun of Jets fan? They also talk about the NFL minor leagues ad he new College Football Playoff. What a weak name but could you do better? Is the four team playoff enough? Why not include all of the bowls instead of a select six? Why the hell is it the Chick-Fil-A Bowl instead of the much better Peach Bowl? Does it matter since it will be 2025 before it can change? They then discuss the first , possibly, openly gay football player. Does sexuality matter at all in sports? Why didn’t this story receive any mainstream coverage while he was at school? Is it more acceptable to be a gay college athlete than a professional? Does it mean as much that a kicker come out as openly gay instead of a defensive lineman? What is the bigger issue; being gay in pro sports or being gay and dropping a game winning pass?  It will all makes sense as long as you listen. So get to downloading!

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of #WWE #Raw


Jeremy mentioned to me that I didn’t need to do this column any more. I hadn’t realized I had brought the idea up myself not all that long ago when we were talking about adding content. When he reminded me today about it, I felt offended. I don’t know why it did. I only started this column because of our trip to Wrestlemania XXVII. I still want to do it because it’s still the biggest wrestling show. But I may not go full on blog style. We’ll see. Let’s roll.

John Cena makes a deal with CM Punk for his Wrestlemania spot. CM Punk takes the deal on his terms. Um, Cena doesn’t need to take the counter offer. Nice of them to give us a week of build up.

Sheamus tries to talk sense in Ryback. Chris Jericho becomes the voice of reason and puts over the Shield. And the WWE. More chest slapping and creepy staring. Sin Cara gets to lose very quickly to Mark Henry. For some reason, the Great Khali comes out to save Sin Cara from the post match beat down. Henry blows him off. I love the mocking.

We get another Miz vs Antonio Cesaro match. I haven’t watched a single Fandango vignette. We’ve got the dancing Khali, Tensai and Brodus Clay. Do we really need another dancer in the WWE? My vote is absolutely no. The Miz is being tough guy holding out from the injury. Be smart like Punk, Miz and take a week off. Dear lord, Mitchell Cool thinks Cesaro is speaking German. Jerry Lawler calls him on it but doesn’t go at him hard. The Miz wins by figure four. Weak. Zeb Colter gets to do a home video with Jack Swagger. The Mexicans are invading. Jack Swagger agrees. Weak trolling by the WWE.

Daniel Bryan is wrestling Jack Swagger. Bryan is a high class jobber when he’s in a singles match. Kane doesn’t like snakes. Randy Orton likes them. Decent knocks on Kane’s character. Vickie Guerrero tries to aggravate Paul Heyman. We get no conclusion to that story. It’s not a cliff hanger guys.

Dolph Ziggler takes on Alberto Del Rio so that he can be a high class jobber. A commercial again? Colter is pointing shit out during a reverse chin lock. Do you think it was “Them Mexicans even take a siesta during their own matches?” Ziggler kicked out of the low super kick. Cool tries to hype the Paul Heyman news. Ziggler grabs the rope after a back stabber. Del Rio wins by cross arm breaker. Big E Langston assaulted Del Rio and shouted “It’s over for you.” Ricardo Rodriguez runs off with the briefcase. Del Rio recovers. Zeb can’t xenophobia up Ziggler so no drama in that.

Wade Barrett was in a movie. Terrance Howard and Colin Ferrall are in it. Hot diggity that was a long trailer. Sheamus runs him down because losing to Bo Dallas wasn’t quite enough. Tensai, Brodus Clay & Naomi are taking on Rosa Mendes, Epico & Primo. Double splash win. The WWE sucks. Wrestlemania next year is in New Orleans. We might have a trip on our hands.

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