Velvet Sky, totally natural breasts, officially gone from TNA

Any excuse to post these. I mean, this.

And so it is official; after days of speculation Velvet Sky has confirmed she is no longer part of TNA. Via her Twitter account she released the following:

“I have been granted my release by TNA at this time,” Sky wrote. “It’s what’s best for me right now and I wanted to thank TNA and all the fans for their constant support in me. Stay tuned though…

“And I also want to thank Vince Russo for creating and believing in the team of The Beautiful People. We had a great run!”

So now the talk is whether or not she ends up in WWE. Dusty and I discussed this a bit yesterday and it just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. But then WWE doesn’t really care about in ring product for the women seeing as how the matches go all of five minutes.

Velvet is a gorgeous woman with giant natural breasts so she would seem like a shoo-in for WWE. Excuse me, giant breasts, my bad, and that isn’t a complaint.  Anyway, the role of the manipulative, bitchy chick has been filled by Eve and she isn’t exactly replaceable (wink).  So what use is Velvet to WWE? She can’t rub her crotch on the middle rope more than once before getting fired.  Does WWE really need yet another woman on the roster to not fill time on television?

Oh, and let the Beautiful People reunion go already. If this was WWE of five years ago then maybe but there is definitely no place for them now. Even with the Bella Twins running out of town. -Jeremy

Shelly Martinez has an amazing rack

In the interest of full disclosure there is nothing better on this planet than a huge rack. The ass is fine and legs are good too but nothing compares to big juicy titties. As a means of proving my point I give you exhibit A. This is a pic Shelly Martinez from her Twitter. She has been out of the national promotions for about a year but her rack is amazing. How amazing you may ask? Well, it is so ridiculously beautiful that it made me ignore the fact that she is a Hardy fan. What? You didn’t notice the print on the t-shirt? Well look a little lower and there it is. She is wearing a fucking Hardy Boyz shirt. Yes that is sickening but if there was ever a way to make up for this grievous injustice it has to be her ample bosoms. That is all. -Jeremy

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