ROH TV Show Is Cancelled

This can’t be good news. According to, ROH’s television deal with HDNet is set to expire and thus the last episode of ROH television will air on April 4, 2011. Now before we get too far ahead; yes ROH had a weekly television series. Yes, it was an actual first run program and was not entirely made up of recaps.

Now, that being said, this is not good for Ring of Honor. There is no good way to spin this news as it seems that their one, free, opportunity for visibility is totally gone. Rather than having first run wrestling content on their network, a network that offers reruns of old episodes of Cheers and Smallville as well as some show called “Get Out!” as legit programming, they have given ROH the boot.

This has to signal the end of ROH doesn’t it? How can they rebound and still make money without real time programming. The days of DVD only sales and revenue are long gone. ROH has lost too much talent in the last three years and have never replaced the likes of CM Punk, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles with anyone marketable or with that “next one” hype to them. This just screams dieing days for ROH. It is to bad there is such a limited market out there for the talent. -Jeremy

Best of 2009- Jeremy Edition

Best Promotion:

WWE. This wasn’t nearly as easy to choose as I first thought. Monday Night raw is a diarrhea diaper. ECW is akin to your parents in the nursing home. You go see them only because you feel obligated. Then there is Smackdown; the best wrestling show in the world. So 1.5 out of 3 isn’t so bad. Not like TNA’s zero batting average for their product.

Runners up:

ROH: Cary Silkin correctly booted Gabe Sapolsky and eventually brought in Jim Cornette to “hang around: In the meantime the promotion lost talent left and right but it is still a good promotion. It found its legs after a few months of being lost but nowhere near the train wreck that comes in third.

TNA: By default they are third. I can’t consider Lucha Libre since I don’t understand Spanish and that shit looks choreographed beyond belief.

Best Injury:

Mickie James’ implant busting. Now, Mickie James is at the top of my list of women’s wrestlers I would sleep with despite the fact they may have an incurable STD. I love this injury because it gives me spank material thinking about how she would need to massage her breasts to soften up the new implant. Even if that isn’t how it works its real to me. Excuse me, be back in 3 minutes. Oh and this story may not even be true but I don’t care.

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Sapolsky Out As ROH Booker

This makes our Stunt Granny mascot , Peaches, sad.

This makes our Stunt Granny mascot , Peaches, sad.

According to, Gabe Sapolsky has finally gotten the boot as head booker effective immediately. In a very terse statement ROH makes it readily clear he is out.

Ring of Honor is announcing that Gabe Sapolsky will be leaving the company effective immediately.  Everybody at ROH would like to thank him for his contributions and wish him well in all future endeavors.

Going forward Ring of Honor will be focusing on the stories and the talent in the ring.  The company will have no further comments on this issue or a replacement for Mr. Sapolsky.  We would like to thank all of the fans and media who have supported us over the years and look forward to bringing you more great wrestling excitement in the future.

May we suggest the following for replacements; Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman, Dave Prazak or a monkey in a tuxedo. -Jeremy

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