JR’s Family Bar-B-Q in Norman, OK closing, my bassist shrugs

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"I just don't get it, Paul, we had tasty meat, hot girls..."

According to Prowrestling.net, Jim Ross’ famed barbecue joint in Norman, Okla., JR’s Bar-B-Q, will close soon.

At the end of the day, our business plan could not handle the shift in the economy or the rising overhead that we encountered.

You lazy mother fuckers. I’m in a band that makes no money whatsoever, and all four of us plus our merch guy could afford to eat at JR’s Bar-B-Q in March, dropping more than $100 on food, beer and a tip for our busty waitress (I think my drummer fell in love). Sure, we were on our way to Dallas, Texas, that day, but we had to make the stop to eat there. You all could have made a point to keep our favorite curmudgeonly old blogger in barbecue business. And sure, my bassist thought the food was average, but he’s curmudgeonly, too. Anyway, the online store will remain open, which is good, because the chipotle ketchup is a top-shelf item that everyone needs to try. If you haven’t heart the story of how I got my hands on some, here’s the short version: My band played a show in Norman in 2007, we ran into one of JR’s co-conspirators and struck up a rasslin’/BBQ conversation, and he left the bar and came back with three bottles of sauce for me. Tasty stuff, good people, and worth your business. Now just send your waitresses up here for my boy Razz and all will be well. -Eric

Jim Ross, Eric Nelson comment on WWE draft

A lot of thoughts under that hat...

A lot of thoughts under that hat...

(Thanks to Jason Powell at Prowrestling.net for so diligently checking JR’s blog. And thanks to JR’s BBQ employee Tim for hooking me up with some chipotle ketchup about two years ago.) Jim Ross discussed the recent WWE draft on his blog at JRsbarbq.com and addressed whatever criticism may have come DOWN THE PIKE~! regarding the once-again top-heavy Monday Night Raw:

No huge surprises as any one who did not think that Monday Night Raw wasn’t going to be enhanced more than any other brand simply wasn’t paying attention. Raw is the #1 TV priority of WWE and rightfully so as it delivers the biggest audience in the longest standing time slot on the best medium to sell pay per views, cable TV. Raw will have John Cena, HHH, Batista, HBK, and MVP at their disposal to feature as fan favorites. That’s five deep, at worst, plus perhaps an unknown will “break through.”

He also wondered how impactful Mr. Kennedy’s return next month would be (heh) and touted some of the picks Smackdown received…

I also like having Shelton Benjamin, Dolph Ziggler, Curt Hawkins, Ricky Ortiz (no towels please unless they feature JR’s BBQ), Charlie Haas and Mike Knox on Friday nights.

Besides the fact that Shelton was already on Smackdown, I can agree with 20 percent of that list.

So we’re supposed to take away from this that it’s logical Raw is so loaded with stars because it’s the No. 1 priority of the company. That’s a given, but that doesn’t address the idea that WWE should be trying to pull in huge ratings for every show no matter what. Why wouldn’t they? Even though we’ve already done an audio version of this, I’m a visual person (and a butt man, as well), so let’s take a look at how things came out in the wash:

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