TNA releases… wait, TNA released some people?

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From the “Never Thought I’d See the Day” Department, which is right next door to the “Hoarding” Department and the “I Have So Many Wrestlers to Cut $100 Checks To That I’m Going to Murder Myself” Payroll Office… oh, and according to a few articles at, TNA has released some wrestlers! Holy crap! The company whose roster page is 18 columns wide by infinity long has released Joey Ryan, Taeler Hendrix, Crimson and Christian York, while also allowing Madison Rayne’s contract to expire. I personally think that, with all of the on-screen drama his Gut Check segment created, that the Ryan release is a work. The others make perfect sense, as Crimson is useless, Christian York forgot it’s not 2000 anymore, and I’m not entirely sure if Taeler Hendrix is a male or a female. In summary, good riddance to bad rubbish, although here’s hoping someone makes lemonade out of this Joey Ryan thing. (Leave it to TNA to make AIDS out of lemonades.)

Funny I mentioned payroll a minute ago, given the other news from that TNA has been behind on payroll lately. Here’s a snippet from the story that will make Chris Sabin feel really good:

One source noted that it was widespread enough that even a prominent former TNA Champion was telling colleagues that the company was six weeks behind on his pay.

Super! Does this mean Sting will quit buying red lipstick to go with his 16-year-old Crow face paint? Or, on the flipside, that Kurt Angle will need to endorse more meal supplements? I’d rather see him go back to hawking pizza. -Eric


Matthews and York to WWE?

Tonight we're going to party like it's 1999.

Tonight we're going to party like it's 1999.

Over at Slam Wrestling, they are reporting that per Joey Matthews, that Christian York and Joey Matthews/Mercury are heading back to WWE. The announcement came after Joey Matthews cut a promo stating they were on the way out so we all wait to see if this is truth or hype.

If true, this is great news for the year 1999 back when these guys were the hottest indy tag-team in the country. Now, well, there is no tag division and their return, after months in Florida undoubtedly, will not bring it back. It’s good they are going to get a paycheck but it means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

For those of you who haven’t figured it out, WWE tag-team wrestling does not rate. On a scale of one to twenty it rates a zero. That is worse than if the scale was from one to ten.

If this is true though, it is good news for Joey Matthews as an ugly period in his career and life will hopefully come full circle and have a happy ending. He is going to need to stay clean and strong this time around and hopefully will avoid the serious injury that plagued his final few months his last time around WWE.  -Jeremy

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