@PrimeWrestling Closes It’s Doors…For Now


I saw a tweet from Prime Wrestling that I had been fearing. They had an official statement from Joe Dombrowski about their product. If you want to read the full statement, go here. These are the highlights for me though.

In the beginning of 2013, Fox Sports acquired SportsTime Ohio, the network we aired on since 2007. Formerly independently owned, STO was undergoing a slow transformation into a more corporate environment. With that change came new policies, rules, regulations and requirements. One of those requirements, in the form of an insurance policy, would have more than doubled our annual budget for producing a television show. By the end of July 2013, the new network structure was in place, and PRIME Wrestling was temporarily pulled from the airwaves until these new requirements could be met.

I’m glad we don’t have to keep an insurance policy for Stunt Granny. Granted, if it doubled our budget, we’d still be at $0.00 so we could afford it.

With that in mind, and a heavy heart, it is my duty to make public & official for the first time, that Wrestlelution 6 on October 20 of 2013 was the last scheduled PRIME Wrestling live event for the foreseeable future.

I had missed the original airing of the show because of a busy weekend and I had planned to review it the following week and talk about it with my usual partner in crime for all matter Prime Wrestling Dan Kuester. Unfortunately, I saw the writing on the wall with many people (Benjamin Boone, Aaron Maguire, Johnny Gargano and even Joe Dombrowski among them) essentially writing a eulogy for Prime Wrestling before it became official today.

I’m very proud of Wrestlelution 6. I feel it was one of our strongest events ever, if not the strongest. It was an incredible “final chapter” for a company and for everyone who was such an important part of it. For the final story to be told to be the handful of members of the “PRIME Foundation” re-claiming the legacy of what they had built from the forces working against them was beautiful and poetic. All usual merchandise shills aside, I really hope all of you who have ever supported us watch that show, be it on DVD or digitally, through us or Smart Mark Video or anywhere else. It means a lot to me, and I hope it means a lot to all of you.

Prime Wrestling does mean a lot to me which is why I’m sure to throw in some money to watch this last show finally and review it instead of being a chicken. It means a lot to me because I started writing the review back during their first season on Sportstime Ohio when we were on the Pro Wrestling Torch. Wade Keller had asked all of us in The DEJ Audio Experience to also do a weekly column. I happened to catch this program and since I hadn’t had much writing experience, I figured a recap was an easy way to bang out a column. We decided to found Stunt Granny because of content issues at the Torch. When the second season of Pro Wrestling Ohio started, Aaron Maguire emailed us at the Torch to ask where the reviews had gone. Realizing we could pull in an audience looking for reviews of their product, I started reviewing PWO on Stunt Granny. That has lasted five years and I’ve met a lot of great people who were connected with the product. Many of the wrestlers would talk to me about my reviews, positive or negative, at the meet and greets which was gratifying to hear. They were also offering of their time to come on our podcasts. More voices could have been heard on this site had I not dropped the ball and forgotten to book them. I have always thought of it as a quality league that was helping up and comers and with a few of them (Zema Ion, Ethan Carter III and Madison Rayne in TNA, Colin Delaney in a short stint with the WWE and now Luke Harper of the Wyatt Family) making it to the national stage. I think a few deserve more than they have gotten already. I’m looking at you, Johnny Gargano. I will miss this product, even if it isn’t as slick as WWE or TNA, and so will our page. To all of you involved, good luck in your future endeavors. – Kevin

Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of @WWE #Raw

I hope the good citizen’s that come to the site enjoyed the alternative posts with the Mick Foley comedy show and Colin Delaney interview. We can only hope that the later of the two leads to better interviews in the future. I’m also wrapping up ROH from two weeks ago before I start this review. Like a dope, I reviewed the more recent material. It was probably for the best since it was more hacked up matches from Showdown In The Sun. The Briscoes vs the World’s Greatest Tag Team wasn’t very good. ROH has fans and Charlie Haas flipping people off so often that I felt like half of the match was blurred over. Jay Lethal vs Roderick Strong was a good match but I don’t understand Tomasso Ciampa costing Jay Lethal the TV Title since they’re feuding. He screwed himself. No surprise that ROH is doing something dumb again. I’m sure the WWE will do something dumb tonight too. Let’s roll.

The WWE highlights their failures right off the bat. Johnny Wooden GM attacking John Cena because, you know, HHH got booted from the job for losing control. He’s a good character but the WWE’s logic is so fucked. Johnny comes out to no reaction what so ever. Johnny is playing straight up heel.  The crowd finally gets enough energy to boo. At least they cover their ass and say the Board of Director’s gave him a pass. I wish Roger Goodell had attacked one of the draftees. I’m sure he’d still be in his job. Johnny going all in on the heel aspect makes him a worse character. I’m bored. Why did I compliment him at the start? CM Punk comes out to, oh no, the crowd sucks. They barely react to him. It’s going to be a long night. I was going to say come out to wake everyone up. Greensboro blows. Punk tap dances around upsetting Johnny with good verbiage. Punk does get the crowd to react. Lord Tensai is Punk’s opponent tonight. I can’t wait for Punk to finally get a good match out of the big lug.

Johnny bumps into the Big Show back stage and yells at him. Eve Torres shows up like “Vampire” Hortatio Caine. Cody Rhodes comes out first. Mitchell Cool tries to defend Rhodes tables match win as legitimate. I wish Jerry Lawler wouldn’t argue like a 6th grader. Rhodes gets counted out. Eve comes out and orders the Big Show to apologize. Her ass is fantastic. Mitchell Cool, not joking, claims that having to apologize for making fun of Johnny’s voice is a severe consequence. Shot me. The WWE may have topped ROH for stupidity already.

They show replay of R Truth & Kofi Kingston winning because they have lots in common. Aside from their skin color, of course. Vickie Guerrero introduces the free falling Dolph Ziggler. I’m not even sure I want to admit he’s my boy he’s dropping so fast. It’s just Kofi vs Dolph. AW got Rosa, Epico & Primo to dress up. Mason Ryan shows up backstage because matches don’t matter. Ziggler gets the win with some help from Jack Swagger.

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Stunt Granny Interview Series: @ExtremelyCute Colin Delaney of @AIWrestling

Does Kevin grill Colin Delaney like Tazz?

Stunt Granny brings back its’ interview series with former ECW star and current Absolutely Intense Wrestling’s Colin Delaney. He joins Kevin to talk about the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament which takes place May 11th and 12th at Turner’s Hall in Cleveland Ohio. Delaney talks about Tommy Dreamer and his opponent, Archibald Peck with valet Veronica. What will those two men have in common after Peck’s first round match with Delaney? Marion Fontaine and Facade will battle for the right to take on Delaney. What does he think of these men? Is he worried about either of them? Will other big names like BJ Whitmer, Colt Cabana, Matt Cross and Josh Prohibition be a concern to Delaney? Allysin Kay defends the AIW Women’s Title against Jennifer Blake? What special insight does Delaney have in this match up? Find out that and more when you click on the link below!

Stunt Granny Interview Series- Colin Delaney

PWO Profiles – Johnny Gargano

I'm not sure why you'd want to be associated with images like this one.

Joe Dombrowski introduced Johnny Gargano and then the match at Pressure Rising which will be (now) a Three Way match between Gargano,  Jason Bane and “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross was booked in the match but probably got hired to do Tough Enough. Gargano apologized to Dombrowski for any previous unprofessional-ism he had toward Joe in the past.  Dombrowski said he was fine after doing two straight weeks with Aaron Maguire. (Hmm, I might have erased one of those weeks thinking it was a repeat or they aired them out of order, which wouldn’t be a first. This episode is the oldest on my DVR.)

Dombrowski described Gargano’s beginnings with Ashley Lane (now Madison Rayne) and Josh Prohibition. Dombrowski threw it to an interview with the threesome. Amusing that the interview has the heel/face parts swapped now between Fontaine & Gargano. Dombrowski rattled of a list of who Prohibition & Gargano had beaten. They end by talking about Colin Olsen (Delaney) who went on to the WWE right after this match was recorded. Dombrowski then rolled a clip of that match. Gargano acted goofy after the clip. He reminds me of Cena in the, not taking it serious enough area.

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More Sheep Led To Slaughter

Look, get the hell out of here.

Look, get the hell out of here.

WWE continued to clean its cupboards today as they released even more wrestlers, a diva and yet another referee. None of the cuts will resonate on WWE television at all with the exception of Colin Delaney.

Colin Delaney– this was another one that after Tuesday night it made no sense for him to be an employee of WWE. He weighs about 100 lbs and has incredibly white skin even for a white guy. He was never supposed to be an employee of WWE in the first place and the fact they signed him to a contract with him is a mystery. As soon as Colin turned heel he was perpetually bitched out by Mark Henry and finally Tommy Dreamer ending his stint in WWE. This one is kind of a surprise as well since they just signed him to a deal a few months ago. WWE had to know that he was not a good fit for a company that still prides itself on looks first and talent second. What a shame, this could have been a really cool story years down the line if he would have remained employed. Although, his Independent stick just went up.

I'm available for bookings.

Stevie Richards– Well the hammer finally fell on good old Stevie. He had a nice long run with WWE and actually had some fun angles. He took over Sunday Night Heat and renamed it Stevie Night Heat. He was the ringleader of the RTC. He helped train with the McMahons and was trusted to work behind the scenes on some of their bigger matches. Stevie always seemed like he was going to fall in to the Scotty Too Hotty, Val Venis and Funaki stable of wrestlers who fall under the firing radar. Apparently someone pulled back his invisibility cloak and found him lounging about Titan towers. I have never said this before with a degree of seriousness but he is a guy that could really help TNA behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Problem with that is they have 237 wrestlers to fit in a two hour episode of Impact as it is.

The Highlanders (Robbie & Rory McCalister)– Is there any reason this waited until Friday when the writing was on the mat Monday night? This was called by yours truly as soon as I saw them in the ring with Cryme Tyme. These two were never given a chance to shine as a modern day Sheepherders type of gimmick. Instead they were a watered down Bushwhackers that just didn’t work. Then Robbie goes and gets caught on TNA TV. The fact they made it this long is an accomplishment.

Cherry is a mild surprise but on the surface she did not fit the WWE mold. She did not have centerfold model looks and they always dressed her conservatively. Whenever this happens and you are a valet instead of a wrestler your days are numbered. She was saddled with the stupid roller skates that made her legs look short and squatty but then they gave her sneakers which accomplished the exact same thing. The only thing to really remember her by was her bikini contest appearance that gave me some pant twitches. Right after that they put her in a burlap sack and made her pout around with the greasers.

Wes Adams– Who the fuck is Wes Adams? He wore a referee shirt and wasn’t named Jack Doan so he does not matter.


More WWE cuts, including kind of a shocker

Im gonna have a lot more time for THESE!

"I'm gonna have a lot more time for THESE!"

After some summer cleaning this past week, WWE has released another grip of superstars, including 10-year employee Stevie Richards (pretty big surprise, but he’ll find work immediately), recent signee and indy/Chikara favorite Colin Delaney (assholes), Cherry (former manager of Deuce & Domino and current hot chick I’m gonna miss), the Highlanders (with such a nothing-happening tag division, of course they’d release a tag team!), and referee Wes Adams (the guy who screwed up the Mark Henry & Matt Hardy vs. John Morrison & Miz match on ECW this past Tuesday). Oh yes, they all got “future endeavored.” I like how that’s the new euphemism, like “battling demons” or “wrestling methodically” or “quit fucking our married employees, Barbara Bush.”

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