Stunt Granny Sports Show #5

130317230217-tx-madness-t1-wideWell we ended up taking the week off after all but we are back, albeit a day or two late, with another edition of The Stunt Granny Sports Show. This week Eric2 and Jeremy break down the obvious story of the NCAA tournament selections. How do they feel their respective favorites will do and how far can they actually get this year? Is it fair that a team like Liberty that lost twenty, yes twenty, games make the tournament? What is the point of having a play in game for an 11 seed? How the hell do you acquire three technical fouls and lose a tournament game when things are seemingly in hand? They also go back to the well and talk about a total halftime failure for one lucky basketball contestant. The NHL has finally done pulled the trigger and has agreed to realignment. Do the new conferences make sense? How about the playoff format? How did they draw up the geographic lines? Really; Florida and Detroit are in the same division? They then decide to argue the difference between play fighting, slap fighting and boxing glove dexterity. Obviously they discuss more but this is just a preview after all.  In order to get it all you simply need to download the show and listen.

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Stunt Granny Sports Show #5

I Still Don’t Like NHL Owners


Because I’m a personal seat license (PSL) holder for the Columbus Blue Jackets, I have been getting e-bombed immediatly after the signing of the new collective bargaining agreement just past midnight last Sunday. I paid $100 to be a PSL holder and the license is spread over my two seats at half a season each. Prior to now, being a PSL holder has given me some great opportunities to buy tickets to concerts and events earlier and cheaper than normal. At this moment though, it’s only reinforced my hate for NHL owners.

The first thing they did was apologize for omitting half of a season. Nothing specialized in there about the Jackets losing the All Star game and trying to regain it. That event was the only reason I upgraded from a quarter of a season package to a half season package and got the PSL. I know they can’t guarantee it coming back because it’s a decision from the NHL but they need to promise that they will try as hard as possible to bring the game back. It’s the only way I continue to get the PSL and half season package. It’s too much money.

The second thing they did was promise that they have upgraded their team in the off season. If you go to ESPN, check out their transactions. Their idea of upgrading is trading Rick Nash to the New York Rangers for Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov and Tim Erixon. The upside to this trade is that they upgraded more than one line which is necessary. The downside is that they traded away the only superstar that has ever existed for the Jackets. Their other highlight is pulling in John Davidson as President of Hockey Operations. It’ll be good to have a baby sitter for (incompetent) GM Scott Howson but that won’t make up for a decade of bad drafts and worse trades under all of their GMs. There is still a long road for any GM to recover from this predicament.

The third thing in this group of emails was the generous discounts that they offered us. These offers are why I hate the NHL owners still. I was granted two free tickets because I have two tickets in my package. I get two free tickets for any game. That was a good start, give your most valuable fans free stuff. Then came the offers that lined the owners pockets. Between now and the end of the month, we are given 25% off of merchandise. My proposal: Have fun with the Lockout and make the offer good for 113 days, the same length as it. This is a money grab so that the owners can make up money they lost during the Lockout. Buy our merchandise cheap in two weeks to help make up for the deficit.

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The NHL Lockout

There are usually more people in line for a hockey game than this meager crowd for Raw a couple of years ago.

I couldn’t bring myself to write this article when the NHL lock out was dragging on. Now that it looks like there will indeed be a deal (I’m not counting on it until everyone signs on the dotted line), I find myself in a quandary. The question I keep asking myself is – Do I support a poorly run franchise and sport just so I can keep watching the sport that I love the most or do I yank my money just to prove a point?

Let’s take a closer look the situation.

I give most of my money to the Columbus Blue Jackets because of my love for hockey more than my love for the team itself. I don’t have much of an allegiance with the Jackets because when I started following hockey, I started rooting for the Pittsburgh Penguins and no amount of relocating will change that for me. I have told several of my ticket agents that my only care in acquiring tickets is to guarantee a ticket to the Pens game because it sells out every year they travel to Columbus.  I upgraded to a half a season ticket package with a personal seat license so that I could guarantee tickets to the All Star Skills Competition, which has been a favorite for a long time, and the All Star Game, which I planned on selling because it’s not a high quality game. Now, the All Star Weekend was taken away from the franchise with no promising it’ll come back the next year since the players may be in the Winter Olympics in Sochi or at least 2015. At least I got my money back for those tickets already. I will be without watching the Pens now because each team will only play in their conference. The Penguins are in the East and the Jackets are in the West. A two and a half hour drive southwest sure does make a difference. My biggest draw is gone.

The Jackets have been beaten up during the lock out. In most of the reports I’ve read, they’re one of the low revenue clubs and they don’t have a strong fan base. I think the later part is false. Despite wanting to regularly smack the people around me for yelling “Shoot” when there isn’t a clear line to the goal, I think they have an excellent fan base that has been trampled because of incompetent management that has done a poor job at drafting, trading and signing of free agents. As a long suffering fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, I can tell you a thing or twenty (years) about bad management. The Blue Jackets fans have had to endure ten terrible seasons, one season with the playoffs (in which they got swept by the Detroit Red Wings) and one locked out season. That is no way to build up a fan base. All of this losing makes it look like there isn’t enough support here. No matter what hard core fans want to say, bandwagon fans will always be around for your franchise. The Blue Jackets would look a lot more like a strong fan base if the they could even accomplish an average season.

So my choice is pretty easy one in theory. Support a low revenue club who perpetually bungles management decisions or take my money back and teach them a lesson. After two lengthy lock outs and one full season down the tubes under Gary Bettman, I’m guessing taking money off the table won’t teach the owners or the players anything. I don’t get to see my favorite team so that takes away from a shortened season. Management did make one good decision during the lock out and hire John Davidson as president of hockey operations, who helped turn around the St. Louis Blues. Despite my anger at both the owners and the players, my love of hockey outweighs my present anger towards all involved in the lockout. I’ll go and enjoy some hockey when the puck drops even if it means giving money to imbeciles who’ll likely do the same charade in eight years when they both opt out of a ten year contract. -Kevin

Stunt Granny Audio #208

Eric and Kevin are back, and the boys discuss Kevin attending WWE Monday Night Raw in Columbus, Ohio. Who was over? Who was a dud? What was Kevin’s favorite moment? His biggest disappointment? What did the guys think of the Jerry Lawler-CM Punk-Paul Heyman-Mick Foley angle? The Ryback-Brad Maddox match? The action-packed 8-man tag? They also do some quick hits: Will Steve Austin wrestle CM Punk, and would they spend the money for a ticket? What’s their favorite Eddie Guerrero memory? Will they spend $1.98 on the paperback version of AJ Styles’ book? All this and a little more!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #208

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of #iMPACTWrestling

My schedule feels like this bus.

So my schedule is busy already but when you toss in going to see the Bluejackets (Hey they actually won!) on your only day off during the week, it feels even more jam packed than normal. Next week will not be any better with my buddy Mittan coming from Altoona PA for the Machine Head show next Tuesday. I’m pumped for it. Speaking of Tuesday events, Smackdown is coming back to Cbus on March 13th so far warning on spoilers on Twitter and the site in general. Let’s roll.

I’m glad they’ve already given me something to FF thru with the review of Bobby Roode & Jeff Hardy. James Storm is going to whoop Roode’s ass at the PPV. Of course we get Hardy. They need the heel to weasel out of the championship. Three way dance I’d imagine since Sting is buddy buddy with the baby faces. They barely start to argue when Roode comes out. That solidifies what is going to happen at the PPV. Ah, a number one contender’s match. I like that better. Three way dances are dumb.

Angelina Love challenges Eric Young. The Knockout’s division is so much better than the Divas. (That’s sarcasm.) Gunner takes on AJ Styles. What did AJ do to deserve this? Ric Flair makes love to Gunner’s ear. A decent match is of course going to get ruined when Daniels & Kazarian arrive. I’d think that a couple of legit wins would help Gunner more as a killer. Magnus is ready for Crimson when he wonders into the shot. Their promo style is terrible. I don’t feel special or like it’s an inside look.

Bully Ray says he deserves a title shot because he’s been undefeated. Sting defends his ground. If he keeps doing the “Me boss, you employee” Crimson takes on Magnus. Taz is worried about Crimson being a single’s wrestler. Hilarious line of logic in a bad way. Crimson beats him in no time flat. They’re challenging for the titles, at least let him look good. For crying out loud. Samoa Joe attacks Crimson. Why would Morgan not be waiting by for this to happen? He finally makes the save. You still could have done this beat down but Magnus needed to look better. Eric Young is wondering if he can be in Bellator. Even the caterer actor is terrible. EY doesn’t wrestle women. ODB tells him to man up. ODB solicits EY but he’s too dumb to know it.

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Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Raw

Dan Hamhuis was an incredibly smooth skater.

So this blog is starting about as late as I can tolerate. I had tickets to the Vancouver Canucks at Columbus Blue Jackets game tonight. My friend Sean & I got an upgrade by way of (virtually) his in-laws, who supplied part of the metal package for Nationwide Arena when it was built so they have tickets for life. In the third row on the Jackets attack side for two periods. I always dwelled on the bad side of sitting low, you can’t see the other side of the rink. That complaint is still valid but it was cool to see the grunt work and foot work of some of the skaters. The hard work in the corners goes a bit under appreciated higher up even if you see plays develop better. I was certainly bummed that Ryan Kesler (former Buckeye) not being available for the game. The Henrik & Daniel Sedin for the Canucks and Rick Nash & Jeff Carter were a pleasure to watch for doing all the small things right. Wow. I’m never sure how people don’t appreciate the level of skill in hockey more than is widely acknowledged. Is my love for hockey that obvious, huh? Well, time to get to the wrestling love. No over run was taped. Let’s roll.

I get to FF under HHH grabs a mic. Thanks for making this review go quicker WWE. Trips gets in his pops for his ego. HHH stealing Ric Flair’s broomstick wrestling plan. By the way, don’t accuse Jackets fans of stealing chants from the Columbus Crew on Twitter. Evidently that pisses them off. Needless to say, that made sure I wore my early 90’s Canucks jersey to the game tonight. Cena arrives so he can get his share of the spot light. Everyone wants Cena to join the protest. My feed breaks up as Cena rattles off GMs. Cena stays. Yeah from the fans. This feed really sucks tonight. Stupid Wide Open West kind of sucks for HD. I hate saying bad words about them since they have had such a good product for the past 8 years. The Great White solves the feed problem. Sheamus blows HHH. Irish Yarn is staying too. CM Punk explains himself. And gets his cheap pops too. The biggest names in the company stick with HHH. Punk and his blazers crack me up. Punk doesn’t segue well.

After the commercial break, we get Vince. Cena & Sheamus are sent off so 2 guys not on the road to kill more TV time. My feed was awful tonight. I would be outraged if I weren’t half asleep already. Vince gets to can HHH. WE get an interim GM, John Wooden Delivery. The board turned off Raw when most of theirs fans did evidently.

The Superstars are idiots for being happy about this. Glad Morrison stood up to him. Too bad he’s going to get buried. Christian gets to deliver the Killswitch. JR segues into Christian by talking about Canadian Thanksgiving and schooling Cole. Glad we got that out of the way. Wow, even further buried than I expected. Why can’t JR or King point out the hypocrisy of this faction? You skipped this point on Smackdown with Matthews & Booker.

Johnny Wooden Crotch gets to suck on camera more. A video package lets me do more FF. Easy show to review so far.

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Smackdown Spoilers

Taken for the sole purpose of using for this spoiler post.

I tweeted all of the results from @Stuntgranny last night. When I got home, Kent State was in the process of losing at Colorado so I was too consumed to put this post together.  I’m going to string together my tweets and add a little extra commentary. I’m hoping to talk about Raw and this taping so I’m reserving some commentary for your ear holes. Since these are spoilers, I’ll only show my first Tweet before putting up a read more link.

Tweet: The parkin is barren. I’m either here early or it’s a light crowd -K. After: The parking, I hate spelling mistakes, was light as was the crowd. They had a whole lot of tarped off area. I went to a Blue Jackets game last week and there was 8-10000 people. There couldn’t have been any more last night.

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