CM Punk invades Comic-Con, confronts Triple H, is funny; stink lines visible off crowd

As nerds know, the San Diego Comic-Con is one of the largest gatherings of people who don’t wear deodorant and smell like last night’s Mountain Dew binge. Oh, and celebrities like Megan Fox are known to show up as well, so I guess that balances things out. Apparently this convention is full of breakout sessions, one of which this year was held by WWE and included Brian Gewirtz, Rey Mysterio and the new figurehead on-screen WWE leader Triple H. So I guess it should come as no surprise that CM Punk, the guy who just weeks ago called Triple H a “doofus” and who said he was going to go home with the WWE Title to read comics would crash Comic-Con to confront Triple H! Points of interest: Punk specifically mentioned Zack Ryder, which is awesome; Triple H played nice for the most part instead of trying to one-up Punk in a battle of wits; and man, these crowds are awkward, especially when trying to squeeze the chant “Colt-Ca-bana” into as many syllables as “C-M-Punk.” Nerds. -Eric

Heyman creates some junk, Jericho is the best, Dreamer screwed out of burrito money

chris jericho kelly kelly

The kid goes, but Kelly Kelly stays.

According to, Paul Heyman made a “huge” announcement at Comic Con this past week: He’s spearheading the creation of an online fighting game that is sure to give nerds carpal tunnel at an even earlier age and cause Funyuns and Mountain Dew sales to spike. Boy, that Heyman sure has his finger on the pulse of what’s hot; I wonder if he’s beaten Doom yet.

Also, according to a house show report at, Chris Jericho had a little boy and his father ejected from the building for a soda-throwing incident. Just read this and imagine it happening:

During the match, a small kid threw his drink on Jericho, who got on the mic and demanded that the kid be removed from the building. Security escorted the boy and his father out.

Chris Jericho is the absolute best heel right now. That little story of his assholishness made my entire day, and it’s only 8:30 a.m.

One last thing from Dot Net: Tommy Dreamer tweeted this weekend (speaking of Funyuns and Mountain Dew) that a promoter for an independent show in Scranton, Pa., skipped out without paying the wrestlers, who included Dreamer, Shane Douglas, Raven, Larry Zbyszko, Sean Morley and… David Sammartino? He’s still getting booked? He couldn’t reach the counter at the bank to cash his check anyway! Zbyszko doesn’t need any extra cash if he’s hanging out with miscreants like Scott Hall and Chasyn Rance (oh yes, that link is a YouTube video); Morley should have stashed that sweet TNA money he got for his, what, month of work; and another Douglas-works-at-Target joke is just tired at this point (when we have Justin Credible to make fun of). -Eric

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