Kevin Nash Meet & Greet for PWO Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive – Kevin’s Perspective

My phone camera sucks more than I thought it did.

OK, to fill in other information that Dan skipped, I’ll pass on describing the venue or our hotel. I will mention the crowd since it’s always good people watching. I’ve seen four very loyal fans there at least the last two years. I could rip on them for a long time but will let that slide to go for my own embarrassment. The son of the group is toothless gentlemen that I mention on Twitter. He got his boxer’s signed by a wrestler that I don’t know. The hard part for me to swallow? He wears a Steelers hat. He gives us a bad name. I’m just saying.

I would like to respond to Dan about his drinking habits. Knowing your limit is something that comes with age. In an older person, they need to know their limit because it wrecks their next day. Rookie old guy drinking mistake my man. I’m glad it didn’t cancel our trip to Melt Bar and Grilled in Lakewood OH. I’d seen it on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It’s a fancy grilled cheese joint. The wait for seating was an hour and thirty minutes. Dan and I went with take out which was still thirty five minutes. It was worth the wait. I got the Municipal Stadium Magic which had fresh local bratwurst, grilled peppers and onions smothered in cheese. It was awesome. It will be stopped at again next year.

When Dan and I were in line, I took some notes on what Kevin Nash was talking about. Dan mentioned the Ricky Morton interview and though I said I’d limit the repeats, one is coming. Nash seemed genuinely pissed at Morton and that he was legitimately going to beat the hell out of him. See the video clip in Dan’s Perspective. Nash talked about how bungled the WCW Invasion angle was, especially since some of the major players didn’t sign with the WWE at the time. He said that they were going to redo the angle in the new upcoming video game for Raw vs Smackdown. Nash mentioned how Rey Mysterio had been unmasked recently when a clip showed of Nash unmasking him on Nitro. He claimed that he had no idea that at the pay per view six days later (I don’t think he mentioned the name but I may be forgetting it.) Rey would unmask for a lengthy time. (It may have been the remainder of his WCW day but he definitely didn’t say that and my memory is faulty.)

Nash thought that it was a problem that wins and losses are not referenced enough at this time. He said it helps give motivation to the character and person performing even when you know that finishes are determined. He also said it helps to make the character want to go out and win against any given opponent even if they lost to them the match before. You’ve got to have the mental rive to always win. When asked about CM Punk, Nash joked (I think) that since the boss (HHH) might need some help that he’d be willing to supply if Punk stepped beyond just flipping his tie. The last thing that he talked about while we were in line (or maybe just getting out of it) when he started talking about his appearance at the royal Rumble earlier this year. He said he heard the crowd erupt after his horn hit while he was still backstage. Nash said that the first thought that popped into his head was “It’s all down hill from here.”

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ROH on HDNet Review

The stretch marks I watched on ROH were not this sexy.

So Jeremy pussed out since we drank too much last night and stayed up way too late trying to review that piece of garbage pay per view Sacrifice by TNA. I ended up watching the majority of the ROH show by myself and figured I’d throw in my two cents since I normally don’t watch the product because my broke ass can’t afford an HD TV so there is no reason whatsoever to have HD Net.

Jeremy did stay up long enough to watch Rhett Titus & Kenny King defeat the House of Truth (Josh Raymond & Christian Able). I had no idea who any of these clowns were except Titus and that’s only by name. I can’t really rate the match because we maybe saw the last two minutes. It did strike me though that the announcers are terrible, especially the old guy Mike Hogewood. I may sound like a homer but I’d take Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire over these two jokes (Dave Prazak being the other). Neither of them have any passion. They sound like they’re reading off of Mike Tenay’s script.

Next they showed a replay of  a Pick Six Battle Royal in which the announcers said they’d show you as much action as possible. There’s only six of them. Your cameras should catch everything you dummies. Next they showed a replay of Austin Aries, who won the battle royal, clearly kicking Delirious in the chest but they claimed it was his throat. Aries at least capped off the beating by hitting Daizee Haze and dropping an elbow on Delirious (who is still doing the same worn out gimmick when the bell rings) while his neck was on the steel ring barricade. They showed too much meaningless action from the Battle Royal then showed another replay right after it. Hey Corny, work on some more material so you’re not showing replays back to back. You only have an hour of TV a week.

Jeremy went to bed as I realized much to my horror that Claudio Castagnoli’s finisher, executed on Andy Ridge, is an airplane spin. Way to keep up with the times ROH. It was “great” to see Chris Hero is still a useless puppet.

Jim Cornette said that last week’s match for the TV Title was the best match anyone may see on TV this year so they are going to show the end of it for those of us who missed. Fucking seriously, another replay? One lousy hour a week and you’re on your third replay? I’m not sure why I had the courage to continue.

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