Stunt Granny Video Game Review: Dark Souls

Dark Souls - Cover Art

I was going to try to review the new Dragon’s Dogma game this week, but my PS3 died and I had to send it in for service.  I needed something to scratch the hack-n-slash itch, so I got on my PC and booted up my copy of Dark Souls.

It’s been awhile since I played and I am not sure where I am in the story on this character, so I head to the forest – one of the PvP hotspots – to find a fight.  I start an invasion, the game’s name for loading into a random player’s world with the intention of fighting them, and quickly find a target.  It looks like he wasn’t expecting company because as soon as I show up, he bolts deeper into the trees.  I give chase and the trees give way to a ruined tower that provides access to a bridge.  Thinking my sprinting friend is going to make a stand, I slow down to make sure I have the gear that I want selected.  Sure enough, I get up to the bridge and he is standing on the other side.  I start to charge across and my opponent readies his shield when I hear a noise behind me. I turn around to see a Forest Hunter, another player who has taken the role to fight off trespassers in the forest, has just invaded my target’s world.

The hunter doesn’t have to side with either of us, and he is armed well enough to not need to.  While we technically have the same goal of killing the target player, he could choose to come after me first and finish the target later.  As I am trying to judge if I have a new enemy or ally, the original target starts running again.  It looks like the tree-hugger and I have settled on a truce for now because I run after the target and he comes along without attacking me.

Dark Souls -  PVP

Invading other players or summoning them for help makes a unique multiplayer experience.

We find the runner at the exit to the forest.  I know he can’t leave the area, the game won’t let him while there are enemy players in his world, so I suspect he is looking for help.  A familiar sound rings out from the base of the staircase the target is at; he is summoning a white phantom, a player who offers to fight as a team with whoever calls them.  I stop to get a look at the newcomer but the forest guardian runs right on past and opens up on our target’s new bodyguard.  The guy was in the world maybe 5 seconds before being crushed with a giant axe.  But it was enough, because the target we were chasing is now behind my fellow invader and stabbing him in his back.  While he is pulling his sword out of my short-lived companion, I run in and cut him down with my greatsword.

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