Stunt Granny Audio: @frankturner Concert Review – Des Moines, Iowa

Dan Kuester hosts Eric Nelson as two music aficionados discuss the recent Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls concert, held at Wooly’s in Des Moines, Iowa. Dan, the original Frank Turner fan, asks Eric, to whom he introduced Frank’s music three years ago, about the show, curious about the quality of performance, the set list, and the interest of the untested Frank crowd. Eric shares his thoughts on all of this, plus opening acts Koo Koo Kangaroo and the Smith Street Band. Listen as these enthusiasts plead their cases for why you should give this band at least three minutes of your time. Don’t be an idiot.

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of @WWE #Raw

We had a great time in Des Moines Iowa this past weekend. If you didn’t pay attention to @difrango11 (or my Instagram), @GrannyMaes (or his Instagram) or @Stuntgranny, you missed out on the proceedings. There are too many to mention but one place certainly deserves it, Fong’s Pizza. The four out of staters at the wedding decided to start drinking at 2:00 PM on Friday. After two great pizzas (I suggest the Thai Chicken) and four drinks each, we walked to Pappajohn Sculpture Park. This is our homage to Eric’s proposal spot to Carly. Congrats to the newlyweds who are chilling in Jamaica and not watching Raw. That’s what I get to do now. Whooppee. Let’s roll.

Jim Ross is in Oklahoma City. I can’t wait for Vince McMahon to “embarrass” him segment. They can drag it out even longer than normal now that they have three hours of programming. I typed that even before Mitchell Cool mentioned that it was JR Appreciation Night. CM Punk gets to overuse disrespect. The fans actually are booing. The turn might be working. Paul Heyman unintentionally gets interrupted by AJ Lee‘s music. Again, the board would have to be as dumb as a box of rocks to appoint Heyman as GM. Vickie Guerrero (& Dolph Ziggler) get to make her case for GM. Ziggles gets to grab the mic and suggests Heyman & Vickie as co-GMs. AJ finally gets to come out. Why do Dolph & AJ have the same shoes? Oh, this is going to be so funny that Daniel Bryan is her executive coach. (Please know that dose of sarcasm is as large as Eric’s mistake.)  Kane gets to make this a real three ring circus. We’ve got our tag team “main event” at one of the hour breaks. I expected the therapist to be named as her counselor.

Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio are taking on Primo & Epico with the fine Rosa Mendes. There is not a chance in hell I’m going to watch Ion TV to watch Main Event. This three hour slab is more than enough. The Prime Time Players come out to signal the commercial break. Jim Ross defending Michael Cole on his blog is pure JR at this point. He tries to stay balanced but you’d love to know his real opinion. I’m glad Cole is organized and I understand he may have more plugs to get out but he’s still terrible at the rest of the job. Rey gets the pin with the dropping of the dime.

Antonio Cesaro is not getting over with speaking five languages. He’s taking on the quickly fading Brodus Clay, who is also stuck in a dated gimmick. I may have loved it at first but he needed to advance. Holy cow. Neutralizer by Cesaro for a very quick win. He looked better than barely beating Santino on Smackdown. AJ‘s life coach is different than Kane & Bryan’s. They have more people on the roster who they’re not putting on TV. Jumpin’ Jimminy. AJ asks Kaitlyn’s boobs for forgiveness then laughs at her and takes it back. Um, OK. Another great use of time. Ha, Sheamus vs CM Punk is supposed to hook me for Ion. Go fuck yourselves.

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Stunt Granny Audio 199.5

Stunt Granny hit the ground with a loud thud this week. We came to bring you the best available wrestling news but it devolves quickly into talking about a strange Asian man dancing like we will at Eric’s wedding, a cat singing Game of Thrones and one of Kevin’s ridiculous friends’ stories coming out of the US Men’s Soccer match against Jamaica. They start talking about TNA right when Eric joins the fray and start talking about a special kind of breathing. We do get around to some News That You Can Use like, did TNA really have a pay per view this past weekend? They figure out the answer was yes and talk about their odd booking policies. Does James Storm versus Bobby Roode have the same ring without the TNA Title on the line? Why did Jeff Hardy go over? Eric & Jeremy move on to Doug Stanhope’s new stand up act. They try to convince Kevin to go to his show on Friday in Columbus while he silently listens to them babbling. The trio eventually gets to the big news of the week, Jerry Lawler’s heart attack. They ponder whether it is OK to think this might have been a work? What tells gave it away that it wasn’t? After hearing about all of that craziness, don’t you want to click on the link below? Yes you do because that’s why you come to the site.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #199 and a half

Davey Richards, Tony Kozina, Kyle O’Reilly ambitious to get the hell out of Iowa after stretching kid, taking money

According to reports all over the Internet, including this one at The Wrestling Blog and this one from Angry Marks as well as this Wrestling Blog follow-up, well, a whole bunch of shit went down at a few independent wrestling shows in Iowa this past weekend thanks to Davey Richards, Tony Kozina, Kyle O’Reilly and a host of others. Here’s the synopsis, as best we can tell.

Friday night in Des Moines, Iowa, the 3XW promotion held its 7th anniversary show and featured Ring of Honor and indy stars Davey Richards, Tony Kozina and Kyle O’Reilly (Team Ambition) on its card. According to an account by an unnamed source who “works for” 3XW, the trio, plus a trainee they brought along, were all “totally professional.” The 3XW crew also helped these three and their buddy get booked on a couple other cards in Iowa that weekend to make their Iowa trip as worthwhile as possible. Good times all around.

Saturday night in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Magnum Pro Wrestling ran a show with the same threesome of Richards, Kozina and O’Reilly on the card. Kozina, who is known in certain circles as a bit of a hot head (which seems appropriate since he has no neck or shin bones and kinda looks like Ram Man from He-Man), was booked to wrestle 16-year-old Ryan Kidd, who probably made a fundamental mistake in posting to his Twitter account that he is the “fakest fake wrestler.” You know, some guys who make their living in pro wrestling take umbrage with that. Well, Kozina was one of those guys, and as you can see in this video, he took it out of Kidd’s hide, first verbally and then physically. (Same video as above.)

Remember when you were 16 years old, and some old meat head would start spouting off and turning beet red in your vicinity? It was a little scary, right? Imagine if his anger was directed at you. Now imagine if you were there because you were being paid to showcase your wrestling talents against a veteran of your chosen sport, and all he wanted to do was roll into town and legit kick your ass? If I were Kidd, I would have sacrificed my $10 tights and shit my pants in the middle of one of these holds.

Sentiment on the Internet is split right down the middle, if “right down the middle” means one guy no one’s ever heard of has come to Kozina’s defense, while everyone else in Creation has turned Kidd into the Gregory Iron of 2012. Says Toks Fale (I don’t know, either):

Toks Fale @KingFale

some wrestlers make a joke of wrestling. Just watched ‪@TTKozina1 shoot on one of them. Make a mockery of this business you’ll be delt with!

And says TJ Perkins, the Young Bucks, Adam Pearce, Bob Shields, Scott Lost…

TJ Perkins ‏‪@MegaTJP

‪@KiddKillsCali what you’re doing, hitting the road…I can count on one hand the amount of guys from home willing to do that. Badge of honor

The Young Bucks ‏‪@MattJackson13

‪@proudcaucasian ‪@kiddkillscali ‪@stlwc ‪@jaysinstrife Nick was working when he was 14.

Adam Pearce ‏‪@ScrapDaddyAP

After seeing the footage, & regardless of why, what Tony Kozina did is reprehensible; totally classless. And I really respected Tony. ‪#sad

Bobby Shields ‏‪@RealBobShields

‪@JaysinStrife I also promise to not run off when paid if you book me. Lol

Scott Lost ‏‪@ScottLost

Reading tweets on this T.Kozina/‪@kiddkillscali BS. Ppl trying to justify shoot choking out a 16yo whos working is idiotic. ‪#RingRingItsAWork

I’m not here to pass judgment, only to pass on the passing of judgment. So there’s that. Oh, but the weekend isn’t over yet!

So Sunday rolls around, and Adrenaline Pro Wrestling puts on its show in Milo, Iowa, with these same three known wrestlers and their buddy booked on the card. I’ll give you the short version of the story, but click here ( for the long version, as told by the promoter. O’Reilly was claiming he was “sore” from yesterday’s workout and was hoping the promoter could shift the card around from three singles matches to an eight-man tag including their trainee. The promoter essentially said “no” at first, as he had planned to pay them a certain amount of money for certain matches to take place. He then offered to shift the card around and accommodate for the eight-man tag, but the wrestlers would need to take less money. Richards would have none of this, and he and the promoter texted back and forth, all the way up until showtime.

Team Ambition still hadn’t showed up nearly an hour into the card, so the promoter texted them to tell them not to even bother showing up. Or, as O’Reilly explains it:

After several back and forth attempts of an agreement, he simply told us we were then cancelled off his show. “You can’t just cancel us like this” Tony replied, “I just did” was his response. Let me remind you we are in the middle of a cornfield laden highway in friggen Iowa and we’re being told that we no longer have a booking for today and to just go home.

HEY, we’re not just friggen Iowa, asshole! (You can read his whole explanation here.) Oh, anyway, Richards informed the promoter that they were 20 minutes away, and when they arrived, they threatened to beat up the promoter, then demanded $375 up front, and then just before their match, Richards “realized” he “forgot” his “tape,” then high-tailed it out the door into a getaway car with Kozina at the wheel.

Since then, members of Team Ambition have Tweeted using the hashtag #TeamBandit, which of course have all been taken down, because, as O’Reilly said, there are #nocleanslates.

Oh, Adam Pearce weighed in on this one, too:

Adam Pearce@ScrapDaddyAP

@JaysinStrife I think anyone robbing anyone is a piece of shit. In or out of wrestling.

Apparently Jaysin Strife of the Iowa independent wrestling scene agrees. Here he is, shooting on Team Ambition, following his match against Derek Cornell, a match that was supposed to be, after much shuffling, a tag team match with Strife & Cornell vs. Richards & O’Reilly.

Good lord, what is the deal with these guys when they get into Iowa? Bret Hart snaps on a poor writer, Andre the Giant beats up a cameraman, the legendary MMA-trained highly respected veteran Tony Kozina beats up a 16-year-old… I thought our slogan was that we make people smile?? Anyway, I would advise everyone to click each of these links and read up on all of the happenings, as my one post doesn’t do the whole thing justice. Needless to say, though, I wouldn’t buy a bright blue Cadillac from Team Ambition. Not even a used one. -Eric

Perry Saturn to wrestle in Des Moines, Iowa, says guy in South Carolina


I’m glad Jeremy brought this to my attention, because it resurrected an old post that I never published:

For the first time in a quarter-century, the NWA Championship will be defended in Des Moines, Iowa, as 3XWrestling brings “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce back to town to defend his belt against “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt at Baratta’s Forte Ballroom. Tickets are $15 at the door, and the show begins at 7:30 p.m. I would have posted this news earlier, but even though I’m one of the biggest wrestling fans in this town, I didn’t even know about the show until right this instant. Bring the kids! -Eric

That was, like, three weeks ago. This time, it took Jeremy, who lives in Greenville, S.C., to alert me to (according to Perry Saturn wrestling in my hometown. Saturn lives within about 150 miles of here – I’m thinking Mason City, Ia., or Albert Lea, Minn., but don’t care enough to Google it – and has wrestled in Iowa within the past eight years – whenever he wasn’t missing, homeless, dead or playing the third Ultimate Warrior. I’m not shocked to see him – and I’m excited as hell that his opponent is my boy Gage Octane – but I will be shocked when I see the 3XW TV commercial running on the lower-rung digital cable channel at 3 a.m. while I’m trying to enjoy “House Hunters” reruns. -Eric

Ring of Honor announces full list of Sinclair stations for new TV show

Paducah, Kentucky... Quilt City, USA!

According to the Baltimore Sun, Ring of Honor has announced the full list of stations carrying its new TV show beginning in September. The 35 markets to carry ROH’s new TV show are Baltimore, Birmingham, Buffalo, Cedar Rapids, Champaign-Springfield, Charleston, Charleston…

Wait, there are two Charlestons? Who the hell did King Charles think he was?

Charleston (S.C.), Charleston-Huntington (W.Va.), Cincinnati, Columbus (go, Kevin!), Dayton, Des Moines (fuck yeah!), Flint, Greensboro (WOOOO!), Greenville-Spartanburg-Asheville (go, Jeremy!), Las Vegas, Lexington, Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Mobile-Pensacola (@ScottArmstrong_ will love it), Nashville, Norfolk, Oklahoma City…

(Seattle, San Francisco, too… everywhere there’s music, real live music, bands with a million styles… the heart of rock and roll is still beating)

Paducah-Cape Girardeau…

OK, I just read it, and I still don’t believe there’s really a city called “Pa-DOO-kah.”

Peoria, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh-Durham…

Damn, I have this weird urge to watch some old WCW Clash of the Champions shows.

Richmond, Rochester (N.Y.), San Antonio, St. Louis, Syracuse (go, Irwin R. Schyster!), Tallahassee, and Tampa-St. Petersburg. So there you go: If you want to see today’s vanilla midgets wrestle in beautiful high definition, you better move to one of these cities! And get ready, Paducah, for an ROH house show near you! -Eric

Smackdown Spoilers Follow-Up: Non-Dark Match Dark Match Result (Ugh)


As noted in last night’s Tweetfest from the WWE Smackdown tapings at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, after Smackdown finished taping, Mark Henry entered the ring to his theme music, appearing to replace at least one half of the advertised dark match main event, Randy Orton vs. Christian. Orton, though, took a belt shot from Christian moments before, so it would have looked bogus to the live crowd for him to wrestle. And Christian had already beaten Henry earlier in the night.

As Tweeted here, Henry’s music played for a good three minutes, and then Henry was left in the ring to jaw-jack with the remaining ringside fans. (About half of the 5,000 or so in attendance left after Orton vs. Sheamus.) Henry tried to use three different microphones, but each one cut out on him. (Har har.) Still, no music and no opponent. Ten minutes of this horse shit went on before Carly and I could stand no more and took off. While leaving, we saw referee Scott Armstrong flexing a double bicep pose for the handheld camera. OK, kill more time.

But, according to, who called the whole thing a rib on Henry, here’s what happened after we left the arena:

After 15 minutes had passed since Smackdown had gone “off-air,” Tony Chimel made an announcement stating that while fans waited for Mark Henry’s opponent, WWE wanted to thank the fans for attending.

Finally, Mark Henry’s music started back up, and fans thought they were finally moments away from a hopefully decent dark match. After a couple of minutes, Mark Henry’s music stopped, and Hornswoggle’s hit. However, we got no Hornswoggle. A couple of minutes later, Hornswoggle’s music stopped, and Great Khali’s old music hit, yet again, no Khali.

Finally, Khali’s music stopped, and Mr. McMahon’s music hit. Again, no show from the Chairman. Finally, Mark Henry had gotten tired of waiting for an opponent, and walked backstage, ending a nearly 20 minute wait for a dark match opponent. Needless to say, the fans were not happy with the outcome of WWE’s promise of a dark match.

So Des Moines nearly sells the building out for Monday Night Raw in 2010, we still buy 5,000 tickets (well, who knows how much of that was papered) to your shittily promoted Smackdown tapings, and this is how you thank us? Awesome. Bring us Raw or go somewhere else with your janky B-show. -Eric

Smackdown Spoilers

Eric is tweeting from one of these cities.

My job tonight is simple, compile Eric’s tweets and maybe add some commentary. Should be easy enough. I’m not keeping up with him but will hit his early tweets now and refresh this post later. To make it more official, we’ll even stick a read more button in here in case you want the results of Smackdown to be a secret.

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Eric of Stunt Granny to Tweet live during WWE Smackdown tapings

WWE Smackdown will be taped tonight from Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa, and Stunt Granny’s own Eric Nelson will be there! Keep in mind that Eric hasn’t watched an episode of Smackdown since, probably, January and couldn’t name five guys on that show’s roster, but he’s sure it’ll be a hoot. (Attending the show with Eric is his poor girlfriend Carly, who will be bored out of her mind since she only knows the superstars of Raw and since Eric will be on his phone incessantly Tweeting all night like a dweeb or Keith Lipinski.) Check back here periodically for updates on, but make sure to follow us on Twitter (@stuntgranny) for regular Tweets throughout the night, starting around 6:30 p.m. central.

Stunt Granny Audio: Eric went to WWE Raw edition


"Y'all come back now, y'hear?"

Much like when Kevin went to WWE Monday Night Raw live last month and Eric grilled him about his experience, Eric attended Raw in Des Moines this past Monday, and Kevin is here to fire off the questions. What did Eric see that the television audience didn’t? What was the make-up of the crowd? What did and didn’t they react to, including Jerry Springer’s segments and Bret Hart’s interview? How many of them were there? Were they really all wearing bib overalls and brandishing pitchforks and lit torches? Click to find out! (17 minutes)

Stunt Granny Audio: Eric at Raw

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