Comedian and former WWE writer Patrice O’Neal dies at 41

In somewhat-related-to-wrestling news, according to The Huffington Post, comedian Patrice O’Neal has died at age 41 after battling with with diabetes and suffering a stroke last month. O’Neal had a brief stint as a writer for WWE in 2000 (read about it here), but was more famous to me as a frequent panelist on “Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn,” one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen on TV. Exhibit A is above, and more proof is in the related results. He is the one who introduced to me the visual of “Fat Albert on a skateboard,” one of the major reasons I lost 90 pounds two years ago. O’Neal’s wordsmithing has directly influenced mine, so in other words you have him to blame. Rest in peace, stupid. -Eric

Macho Man Randy Savage dies in car accident

We love you too, Randy.

Wow. Just simply wow. According to, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, 58, died in a car accident Friday in Tampa, Fla. A report on says Savage had a heart attack while driving, causing the crash.

Jeremy said no jokes here, but I can’t help but to make a few observations. 1) Whatever issue Vince McMahon had with Savage that  kept Savage out of the WWE Hall of Fame ought to be wiped out now, but damn if that wouldn’t have been an awesome acceptance speech. And since Miss Elizabeth isn’t around to accept, either, I guess that leaves “Leaping” Lanny Poffo to recite a posthumous poem for us all. 2) Of all the people, of all the young deaths and of all the randomness when it comes to pro wrestling fatalities, how the hell is Jake “The Snake” Roberts still alive? I don’t think a nuclear holocaust, this Saturday’s judgment day or a nasty case of chicken pox could even affect this sweatpants-wearing freak of nature. 3) I guess this makes the “Where’s Randy Savage” blog irrelevant now. 4) Watch this match:

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