Interview with Nancy Benoit’s sister


I found this on  I find her to be very well spoken. – Dusty

He did seem to love Nancy very dearly. We know that, unfortunately, their relationship started to get rocky at some point. When did you first get wind that things were turning complicated between them?

I lived in Atlanta and my sister asked me home almost every one of my days off. I want to be clear: Chris was not an abusive husband. But there were, what we call in the industry, though don’t often talk about, “high spots”. She had been there, in that position before, and refused to put up with it at all, especially with Daniel in their home. So I went with her after one of these “incidents” to file an order of protection.

What do you mean by “high spots”?

Yelling, screaming, name calling, shoving, pushing, breaking stuff.

Did Nancy ever mention anything about fearing for her or Daniel’s safety?

Yes, when she first filed for divorce.

In 2003, Nancy filed for divorce citing cruel treatment and an irrevocably broken marriage. She also filed a restraining order against Chris. She later dropped the proceedings as well as the restraining order. Why did she do that?

Because, like with any marriage where there are issues, they made up and wanted to reconcile, especially for Daniel.

It was reported that Daniel suffered from Fragile X syndrome and that he was being given human growth hormones. Was Daniel’s health an issue in Nancy and Chris’ disagreements?

Daniel did not have Fragile X. I have his medical records. He was NOT sick.

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Headlines: Ric Flair’s wife files for separation, Tammy Sytch not reunited and it feels so bad

Since Nineteen Seventy-TWOOOOOO!

According to, the wife of WWE Hall of Famer and maybe TNA contracted something-or-other Ric Flair has filed for legal separation. Jacqueline Fliehr is citing “acts of illicit sexual behavior,” claiming the Nature Boy has had sexual relations with many other women while the two were married. More to the story at, but essentially, Ric owes her money as well. Christ, I think he owes me money! This is yet another post where I get to count down the ways why this is all ridiculous and could have been curbed in the first place. 1) Don’t marry a man who’s nickname is the Nature Boy. 2) If you’re about to marry a celebrity, do a fucking Google search on him, because these sorts of skeletons – in this case, a god damn burial ground – will surface. 3) How is Ric Flair, a pudgy 63-year-old thousandaire, still banging multiple women? I mean, he’s in the Carolinas, they probably all look like if Barbara Bush were on “Hoarders,” but still, shocking.

Also according to, Tammy Sytch, aka Sunny, aka the reason I kept all of my AOL discs, requested that a judge modify a protection order placed on her by her boyfriend, whom she has assaulted numerous times. Sytch stated that she wanted more time to work out their problems. (That’s educated-white-trash-ese for “let me keep slapping the shit out of this guy, Jim Cornette-style.”) Naturally, the judge denied Sytch’s request (read more at, leaving me to wonder, how can I get her phone number to hook her up with Ric Flair while he’s in Waterloo for the National Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions? It’s a match MAAADEINNHEEELLLLLLL! -Eric

John Cena files for divorce, ex fights for custody of jean shorts

Na, I ain’t sayin’ she a golddigga…

According to, WWE superstar John Cena has filed for divorce from his wife of three years and acquaintance of 14, Liz something or other. Here’s the rest of the news before I cut to the chase:

  • Liz has hired Raymond Rafool, who represented Linda Bollea in her high-profile divorce case from Hulk Hogan.
  • It sounds like Cena made her sign a prenuptual, so good luck, toots.
  • Reports claim that this divorce will be “nasty.”

Now, for the important part of this story:

Taryn Terrell, aka WWE’s Tiffany, divorcing Drew McIntyre, doesn’t even know I’m alive

Pictured above: Newly single skank

According to her Twitter account about 18 minutes ago, Taryn Terrell, better known to WWE fans as Tiffany (or that bump on a log from ECW that was worth withdrawing from the spank bank every once in a while) is divorcing Drew McIntyre. Well hell, why not just read her Tweet for yourself:

With great sadness, I announce the end of my marriage. I wish Drew only happiness and continued success.

Good, now maybe he can focus on being as entertaining as watching ice melt, while she can go back to taking her clothes off somewhere without having a pouty Scottish guy with a ponytail to answer to. Win-win. (And for Mr. Morneau, win-win-win.) -Eric

Hulk Hogan Inserts Leathery Foot In Mouth

Oops, I was misunderstood.

Oops, I was misunderstood.

OK so this isn’t really wrestling related other than it has to do with Hulk Hogan but seriously, get this shit. Hulk Hogan was quoted as “I totally understand OJ.” You can find this quote and story all over the place but here is a link to E Online.

This is hilarious. Sure it may seem totally inappropriate but it’s a harmless fucking statement that everyone, me included, is going to latch on to and have a very strong negative reaction to. They guy put his foot in his mouth and there is nothing more to it. He’s clearly expressing his anger toward his marital situation and used the wrong reference. Hell, maybe he used a totally appropriate reference. The dude is going through a shit divorce and is clearly lashing out. Oh well. The only thing he did wrong was not laugh at the end of his line. Then he would have been let off the hook as just being a dumb jock or a joker at the worst. Instead he is going to have to pull that big yellow leather boot out of his mouth and will give the inevitable apology.

I say don’t apologize Hulkster. Fuck em if they don’t understand what you are going through. I am totally on your side in this one. Well, other than the murder stuff you were talking about cause that is fucked up. -Jeremy

HAHAHAHA, Kurt and Karen Angle divorcing!

One of these days, Karen, POW, right in your fuckin yap, you scuzzy whore. Now make me a sandwich!

"One of these days, Karen, POW, right in your fuckin' yap, you scuzzy whore. Now make me a sandwich!"

This is fucking awesome: The human ashtray Kurt Angle and his skeezy wife Karen are getting a divorce, says and announced on Bubba the Love Sponge. This comes after tons of mistakes on both of their parts: Kurt’s affair, a pregnant Karen seen out on the town with another guy, Kurt’s addiction to aisle 6 at Eckard’s, Karen licking the locker room floor clean every night. TNA was even brilliant enough to book their break-up, giving us hours of nonentertainment we’ll never, ever get back. We here at Stunt Granny wish Kurt and Karen the best in convincing someone to hook up with dirtballs of their magnitude. -Eric

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