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A Meat Hook according to poleranking.com

A Meat Hook according to poleranking.com

– According to WWE.com (By way of Prowrestling.net) Dolph Ziggler suffered another concussion when he took a Meat Hook clothesline from Ryback. I won’t see it since it’s on WWE Superstars, I can’t blame Ryback like I have Jack Swagger for Ziggler’s first concussion. I will hope though that his second concussion is like a cartoon character getting hit by a frying pan. The first whack makes them loopy then the second one brings them back to normal. I’m quite sure Dolph will wake up from this one with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Jeff Jarrett taught Dixie Carter how to hype things in wrestling. So just like all of her announcements falling flat, so did Jarrett’s today when he said on Twitter

Headed to a meeting this morning with @KarenJarrett. And, folks, I can assure you guys when the time is right to announce our plans, we will.

We here at Stunt Granny are waited with baited breath for you to announce that you’ll be headlining Old School Raw in 2015. Congratulations Jeff!

The Art of Wrestling: T-Shirt Factory

TNA had a problem with ripping off Afflicition and generally being lazy. The WWE isn’t much further behind. They aren’t lazy in cranking out shirts. The WWE also isn’t ripping off another company for their designs lazy. They are guilty of just being plain lazy when it comes to imagining shirts. Part of the problem has got to be the wrestlers themselves as Zack Ryder (Not a great shirt but certainly better than those about to get lambasted), CM Punk (I dig the hometown loyalty) and Santino Marella (Appropriate given his character) all have some interest in the “Authentic” category of WWE shirts. They have categories for Authentic, Basics, Limited Edition, Old School, Retro (I’m not sure what the difference is between those two categories) Superstar Logo, Top Rope and WWE Officially Licensed. I thought it was important to note the amount of categories because it helps my argument that they’re just a t shirt factory instead of going for quality shirts that are more likely to sell. I’m not surprised that two of the three shirts mentioned above are top sellers.

The first person on this list is my boy Dolph Ziggler. The WWE uses their brilliant naming of said Superstar to go straight for the Boogie Nights theme of neon lights. I’d be on board for that idea but they were super lazy with the design. It’s just the beginning of his song “I Am Perfection” in white, surrounded by blue with his initials “DZ” tacked onto the bottom. There isn’t a graphic in sight. On the back, it’s the same deal except it’s his name in white with the same blue surround. I know in the past I’ve harped on simplicity but this goes a bit too simple. There’s a borderline and this one falls on the lazy side of boring.

Dolph Ziggler’s newest offering isn’t any better. It says “It’s Not Show-ing Off” on five lines. The lettering is mainly white with a splashes of blue. The blue may be a picture but it’s hard to tell even with the magnifying glass. “If You Back It Up” is on the back of the shirt with the same white and blue patterns. It’s completely and utterly uninspired. I think it’s safe to say that Dolph didn’t major in marketing or have any friends who went to the Fashion School at Kent State.

Next on the list is the biggest offender (wokka wokka) is the Big Show. The first problem was that John Cena has been wearing dog tags for quite some time. Second, John Cena has switched from the jorts to the camo shorts before Big Show changed his attire. I don’t understand two of your biggest stars having the same look. With those problems in tow, the WWE decides to go with a shirt that has the initials “W.M.D.” on the front, dog bones for enlisted rank insignia on a sleeve and on the back it says “Big Show” with seven stars below it then “Precision Strike” on two lines. It’s just another shirt that screams “lazy”.

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Stunt Granny Audio #171

That's funking right.

Jeremy & Kevin are back together and they got funky. But before they talk about the man from the Planet of Funk, they have a nice long discussion about Jeremy’s article on TNA pay per views. What was Kevin’s opinion of the article? Did Jeremy point out their flaws without mentioning similar problems in the WWE? Did Kevin promise to start doing another review column for Impact Wrestling? Who from TNA’s Knockout’s Division recognized a tweet from him? The guys move on to talk about the booking of  TNA in general rather. Should AJ Styles still be feuding with Robert Roode? Would it help both of them out in the long run? Would it benefit Jeff Hardy too? Jeremy & Kevin finally move on to talk about the Funkasaurus. What did the character do to make Kevin think there is a trend in the WWE? They wrap up the show by talking on a shortened level about the Hall of Fame inductees, Edge and The Four Horseman? How important was Edge? What version of the Horseman do the guys think should have been inducted? Click on the link below to find out the answers to these questions and more.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #171

Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of Raw

I enjoyed Raw last week. That pug is definitely enjoying something.

I was surprised at how much people disliked Raw last week. I never ended up getting to talk about my thoughts of the show since we talked about the ancillary happenings around the show. If Nash did not pass a physical test, then the WWE had to make a serious adjustment to the storyline. I doubt we get a clean finish between HHH and Punk because they’ve had to speed up this storyline so I’ll wait to see what they pull off. I feel like I need to give the WWE the benefit of the doubt here recently because they have stepped up and given a lot of people chances and bigger pushes. One of these competitors is Zach Ryder, who had a slew of signs last week and got his first video package that had Z! True Long Island Story. They’re also pushing the Divas of Doom and giving the ladies a little more ring time. Sure, the tag team push might just be a fad but again, let’s see them out. Change isn’t going to happen over night.  If I remember anything else, I’ll try to add it into the commentary. Let’s roll, pretty much on time.

After a promo that almost put me to sleep by Del Rio, Bret Hart does get a big response but Cole correctly points out that they’re in Canada. His sunglasses are awful. They’re riding too high on his face. They look like they’re trying to cut out the glare coming off of his forehead. Hart is stumbling all over the place as usual. Illegal Canadians got a chuckle out of me. Cena is playing down to the competition again in the promo department. I’m shocked, all that jockeying set up a tag team match. (That’s sarcasm.) Cody vs. Randy was good on Smackdown. I don’t need to watch it again. Oh, check out of Twitter (@Stuntgranny) for random things like me getting entirely too drunk on a Sunday, waking up at 1 AM then finally Smackdown and doing a review. Not a good day all around. Nothing quite like hitting on a lesbian.

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Elimination Chamber Audio Preview part 2

Indeed! Kevin and Jeremy bring you part two of The Elimination Chamber preview audio. Since there are only four matches on this card we get around to Jerry Lawler and The Miz. How does WWE possibly book this in a satisfying fashion? Would they possibly book a Jerry Lawler title run? Does this lead to a match with Michael Cole at WrestleMania? They then turn the focus to the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match. Why the hell is this match taking place? Is there any other logical choice to win this match? How does this match reflect the problems with Smackdown? All of these get answered you just have to listen.

Elimination Chamber 2011 pt 2

WrestleMania 26 Preview #10- The Round Up!

Yup that’s right! WrestleMania 26 is upon us and Kevin and Jeremy toss out the last of their opinions. They decide to go back over the entire week leading up to WrestleMania and change their minds on the possible Money in the Bank winner and the reason why. They also go over the possibility of Shawn Michaels actually retiring after all of his interviews seemingly saying he is retiring. Then they go on about their past WrestleMania adventures and how next year will be different. Hell, it has to be different because 2009 sucked a fat one. So listen in gang and enjoy.

WrestlerMania 26 Preview Audio #10- The Wrap Up

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Don’t forget Kevin’s review of The University of Phoenix Stadium, the host stadium for WrestleMania 26.

Architecture of Wrestling- WrestleMania 26

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