Stunt Granny Audio #196

This week it’s a three man booth as Eric, Kevin and Dusty combine their resources to discuss the latest happenings in the world of professional wrestling. While Dusty was the only person on earth who enjoyed Booker T’s commentary, the trio all agree that it is for the best for him to move on to being the general manager on Smackdown. They also talk about just how bad ROH is lately, with their unique brand of fat guys in t-shirts wrestling for belts that mean nothing, and Jim Cornette seemingly losing the magic touch by the day. They also turn their attention to TNA, and agree that it has largely been actually good lately, with one glaring, crack addled elephant in the room preventing perfection. All this and so much more, so spare an hour of your life, because while you probably *will* regret it, they want you to and have mob connections, so you’ll be forced to eventually anyway.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #196

CM Punk and Chris Brown Twitter WAR!

So this is what we have come to? CM Punk is in a Twitter war with Chris Brown over a tweet CM Punk made about Chris Brown beating up his then girlfriend Rihanna. CM Punk shot off saying he would like to curb stomp Chris Brown. Then Chris Brown came back accusing CM Punk of doing steroids, which his PR team correctly pointed out is libel and will get his dumb ass in trouble, so he removed it. In its place gave us talk about real wrestlers and mentioned Koko B Ware, which is exactly what you should think of when thinking of real wrestlers.

SO Punk countered with this video.

Punk wants to fight Chris Brown and will choke him out. He will then give all the proceeds to a local women shelter of his choosing. Look this is nice idea but why not just give some money to a local women shelter instead of all this fantasy garbage? This will never happen. It is typical internet tough guy garbage.

Don’t get me wrong, Chris Brown deserves all of the trash sent his way. He is a scumbag. If you want details here ya go.  Not sure how he can be defined any other way. The best thing to do is ignore him instead of constantly talking about him (much like this post). He clearly isn’t the smartest guy if you follow his Twitter or any other piece of information about him. He is a carefully crafted creation and he tried to destroy that by being himself.

So yes, CM Punk has inserted himself in to a story he has no business being involved in. Chris Brown is a brazen man baby who has shown zero remorse for unmercifully beating his girlfriend. Sure he picked up trash to show his shame. I get it he paid his debt and he should be left alone but paying your debt to society and changing your tune are two totally different things. I guess when you get applauded on national television by a large crowd of delusional morons you considered yourself redeemed?

So what this boils down to is one smug, smartass (compliment) having a slap fight with a, um, singer? What does Chris Brown do anyway? I mean besides trap his girlfriend in the car and punch her repeatedly in the face?  -Jeremy

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