Interview with Nancy Benoit’s sister


I found this on  I find her to be very well spoken. – Dusty

He did seem to love Nancy very dearly. We know that, unfortunately, their relationship started to get rocky at some point. When did you first get wind that things were turning complicated between them?

I lived in Atlanta and my sister asked me home almost every one of my days off. I want to be clear: Chris was not an abusive husband. But there were, what we call in the industry, though don’t often talk about, “high spots”. She had been there, in that position before, and refused to put up with it at all, especially with Daniel in their home. So I went with her after one of these “incidents” to file an order of protection.

What do you mean by “high spots”?

Yelling, screaming, name calling, shoving, pushing, breaking stuff.

Did Nancy ever mention anything about fearing for her or Daniel’s safety?

Yes, when she first filed for divorce.

In 2003, Nancy filed for divorce citing cruel treatment and an irrevocably broken marriage. She also filed a restraining order against Chris. She later dropped the proceedings as well as the restraining order. Why did she do that?

Because, like with any marriage where there are issues, they made up and wanted to reconcile, especially for Daniel.

It was reported that Daniel suffered from Fragile X syndrome and that he was being given human growth hormones. Was Daniel’s health an issue in Nancy and Chris’ disagreements?

Daniel did not have Fragile X. I have his medical records. He was NOT sick.

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Stunt Granny Audio #194

Despite their advanced ages, DX still knows how to have a good time.

We’re back to a two-man booth this week, but what a two man booth! Kevin and Dusty join forces to delve into the top news stories in pro wres, giving you a healthy dosage of News You Can Use. They talk about WWE’s use of the legends and how Heath Slater’s fits into the scheme of things. They talk about AJ and how WWE uses the General Manager position has a crutch in their litany of bad booking. And just how much fun was DX’s appearance? Too much fun! Dusty just barely made the show because he had to go to the emergency room to get his sides put together after they split. And so much more, and you’re going to have to listen to find out what it is!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #194

WrestleMania 28 Preview #5- CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

We have reached the half way point and are finally getting to the interesting matches for WrestleMania 28. This time out is the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and Chris Jericho. Who wins? Is this a one off match or is it the beginning of a feud/ Why did they fell the need to bring personal issues in to the match? How did the early hype on Jericho play in to the build for this match? Should Jericho have won the Royal Rumble to solidify his claim as the best in the world? All this and more in a nice twenty minute package.

WrestleMania 28 Preview #5- Chris Jericho vs CM Punk

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New Jack: Killer For Hire

So yeah, read this:

Have these bitches lost there fucking minds or what? Tammy Sytch from wwe called me this past weekend asked me would I kill her ex boyfriend who is a cop in jersey,because he has abused her and beat the shit outta her for the past 5yrs.I’m sure y’all are finding this hard to believe,just like the other,but please believe it!I have a signing and a show in jersey this weekend and i will be staying at a hotel in jersey for two days,but believe this when I say it…I’M NOT COMING TO JERSEY TO TRY AND KILL A GUY(COP)FOR TAMMY OR NOBODY ELSE…WTF!!!TAMMY,HERE IS A LITTLE WORD OF ADVICE…DO UR OWN GOTDAMN DIRTY WORK YOU CRAZY BITCH!!!PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO HER AND BY THE WAY,THE COPS NAME IS JOHN…CRAZY FUCKING BITCH!!!
Okay, deep breath here.  Let’s try to process this information, shall we:
1.) New Jack seems decidedly more anti-crazy bitch than anti-cop here, which seems to suggest he is softening.
2.) He seems to be saying he doesn’t give a fuck all if the cop actually dies, as long as it is made clear that he is not the one who did the killing. That is admirable.
3.) All he can get these days are crazy, past their prime white women. That is because all the black women are like, “Jack, you done lost your whole entire mind, fool!”
4.) Drugs are awesome.
I got nothing else here, so I’ll leave you with Jack telling Sunny stories. – Dusty
SMW 1994,I think it was Rex King…Candido gets in the shower,leaving Tammy and Rex in the living room.Chris exits the show to find Rex,with his dick down Tammy’s throat!oh the is going to get much better..

Matt Hardy: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

So now you need to read this:

Recently-released TNA wrestler Matt Hardy was rushed to an emergency room in North Carolina on Wednesday after “falling down in his home,” reports TMZ.Hardy was not feeling well, according to sources cited by TMZ, but it’s unclear what caused his fall. The extent of his injuries are “unknown,” but Hardy is expected to be kept overnight and released on Thursday.

On Saturday, Hardy crashed his Convertible into a pipe and tree driving between 55 and 70 MPH, according to a N.C. patrol officer. Hardy was subsequently arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated. Hardy was not drinking, according to the officer, but appeared to have taken an “impairing substance.”

Hardy, who was suspended by TNA at the time of his crash, was released from the company shortly after news broke of his arrest.

Hardy’s mug shot following his arrest was released online this week showing Hardy in poor condition with what appeared to be cuts on his forehead.

Matt Hardy is going to die very soon. I will not care at all. – Dusty

Speaking of flushing, Sting is backstage at tonight’s TNA tapings

"Hey pal, at least give 'em a spoiler alert!"

Oh, spoiler: Sting is backstage at tonight’s TNA tapings and, according to, will probably be Jeff Hardy’s mystery opponent, sure to wow the crowd into a haze of disbelief and unceremonious chaos. Whatever. Trotting out T-shirt-wearing Sting again is like punching someone in the balls and then saying you “surprised” them by punching them in the balls two minutes later. You know on TV shows when they rehash that tired-ass joke about the dad getting a tie every year from his kids on Father’s Day? Sometimes it’s an ugly tie. Sometimes it’s a light-up singing tie. Sometimes it’s even a tie he already had in his closet. I also just summarized Sting. He would have worked in WWE against Undertaker. In TNA against Jeff Hardy, it’s like the blind leading the high. -Eric

I suppose you are wondering what Perry Saturn has been up to lately

Oh not much. Just doing massive amounts of drugs and being homeless.

Eric’s blog: What is Jeff Hardy really worth, anyway?

Amidst Jeff Hardy’s recent “almost-no-show” at TNA’s Final Resolution (I put that in quotation marks because, despite “eye witness” accounts that Hardy was shaking and mumbling all over the iMPACT! Zone Sunday night, I still believe this was a last-second work to create buzz for a shitty TNA pay-per-view), Dusty’s recent blog about TNA’s general ineptitude, and Bruce Mitchell’s VIP column about Hardy likely dying young despite Shannon “Don’t Tell Dad, the Baby’s Dead” Moore watching over him oh-so-carefully, Jeremy and I were discussing the Coke-addicted Inhaler and his actual worth to TNA. Jeremy said, “It’s still amazing TNA isn’t making more of Jeff Hardy.” I immediately countered with debunking ways Hardy could be made more of.

A) Personal appearances. Ha. Hahahaha. HAHAHAHA. HAAAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA!! Yeah right, send Jeff Hardy on the road more often to interact with fans, that’s really putting TNA’s best foot forward. It’s like Jake Roberts continuing to take indy bookings: just another excuse to do drugs and send your life spiraling downward even faster. Sure, a few dozen people might stand in line to have their picture taken with a half-awake Hardy (“Does your camera give everyone red eye that badly?”), but what happens the day some impressionable 10-year-old boy with face paint and netted sleeves asks for an autograph and ends up with a shirt-full of last night’s Waffle House, set off by this morning’s foxy methoxy? You’re killing a little boy’s dream. (And a grown man’s hallucinations.)

B) PPV main events. Twelve minutes against Matt Morgan was the best they could muster this month, and that match was all smoke and mirrors, with a Mr. Anderson ref bump and everything. Not even the best match on the show, which is kinda what main events are supposed to be, y’know, sometimes. How’s he going to match up against Rob Van Dam, who’s surely sick of carrying everyone and their grandma to a 3-star “five-star” match. Or Jeff Jarrett, who couldn’t headline his way out of a wet paper MMA gimmick? Or Kurt Angle, who will be one of two things: pilled to the gills himself, or so pissed that Hardy is blowed up that he makes potato salad out of the waify Hardy? Which also leads to…

C) Good quality matches. Hardy is so formulaic anymore (Twist of Hate here, Twist of Hate there, X-Factor here, Swanton in 3, 2…) and he’s so broken down physically and mentally that his days of having an exciting Jeff Hardy-style match are long gone. Good for WWE, then, for asking him to plunge off the Titantron as often as they did while he still could, because there’s a lot he can’t do anymore.

D) Promos. Heh. The only memorable thing he’s said in a long time was something about Matt Morgan and “taking out that big mother fucker.” He says things like that because he’s so hillbilly and he works for a company that pretends to be edgy. Whoopee, Jeff Hardy has a new lease on life because he works for a company that will let him say anything he wants to. Yeah, Hulk Hogan drew a ton of money because he “bodyslammed that big mother fucker, brother.” Even Steve Austin left it up to his middle fingers to say the worst of the bad words. Hardy was hitting his stride (which isn’t saying much) at the end of his WWE run, and that was before he was re-welcomed to the jungle. Now he just garbles his way through greasy-spoon promos on wrestlers who are way better (and better off) than him.

E) Merchandise. Once again, there’s that 10-year-old wearing the netted sleeves. Um, how many 10-year-olds watch TNA? (And conversely, how many sweaty, smelly, late-20-somethings watch it, and wouldn’t be caught dead in their mom’s basement wearing Hardy gear? You can’t pick up chicks at the comic book store wearing that shit.)

So let’s be honest: WWE wrung Jeff Hardy for all he was worth before seeing the writing on the wall and cutting his ass so he could wallow in TNA, a place down south Hardy’s little buddies are jumping and tweeting and podcasting at the chance to go to. Little do they know they’re only going to catch a falling star, then turn him over so he doesn’t drown in a pile of puke. Is it better to burn out than to fade away? I’m sure we’ll find out sooner than later.

Dusty’s Blog: A Closer Look At The Jeff Hardy Situation

I have been conditioned to believe that everything involving a Hardy brother right now is a work. A rib. A con. A ruse. An implement used to pull the wool over people’s eyes. Not kosher. You get the general idea. So when I saw Jason Powell post this yesterday afternoon, I read it with a jaundiced eye, to be sure:

TNA officials came close to pulling Jeff Hardy from Sunday’s TNA Final Resolution pay-per-view. At one point, there was concern amongst TNA management that Hardy was in no condition to perform. There was talk of making an announcement that Hardy was injured, and that he was being stripped of the TNA Title.

Replacement main events were discussed and they were planning to go with an alternate main event at one point. However, the original main event of Hardy vs. Matt Morgan with Mr. Anderson as the special referee was back on as of last check.

Everyone’s immediate instinct is to get all up in arms when they read something like that. How could TNA let him perform under these conditions? They should fire him for being so unprofessional!

The problem with this logic is that this kind of thing has been TNA’s M.O. for a long time now. WWE released Kurt Angle because he was in such bad condition, they didn’t want him to die in a WWE ring. Desmond Wolfe failed a WWE physical so badly that they wouldn’t even consider signing him to a contract. They handed him to TNA, so unconcerned were they about losing him as a prospect.

So this really shouldn’t be anything new, work or shoot. But I hesitated on posting something about it until today because I wanted to read about (couldn’t be bothered to actually watch the show live, mind you – making me exactly like almost every other fan of professional wrestling) exactly what happened on the show and whether he wrestled or not. And, of course, he did. He wrestled a 12 minute main event title match against Matt Morgan, who obviously deserves much better than that, and is likely just counting down the days on his contract until he can go back to WWE and become a star.

As I indicated before, I figured it was a work from the beginning. Like in any good murder mystery, you have to look for the person ultimately responsible. In this case, you have to realize that Vince Russo still books TNA. Against all better judgment, all sense of reason and common sense, it’s still Vince Russo who is responsible for TNA’s murders. Let’s examine that more closely for a minute, shall we.

People can get in for free at the Orlando Fairgrounds. So there is no way to judge whether their booking is effective in getting people to pay money to come to the live events. The same amount of people every month watch their PPVs. Most people who view their PPVs opt to do so less than legally online. Apparently only people without an internet connection are willing to pay to see the product on pay-per-view. So that’s not the best way to gauge the product either.

The bottom line here is that there exists no system of checks and balances to show whether Vince Russo is doing a good job or not. I mean, I don’t know how to cook worth a damn, but I can tell you when you just burned your soufflé. But if you want statistics to back that up, I come up woefully short. If TNA does anything well, it’s keeping you from knowing just how not well things are going.

So back to Jeff Hardy. He’s looking at serving prison time for drugs, so when you hear something like “in no condition to perform” you automatically think he’s up to his old tricks. And whether it’s a work or a shoot, it’s a sad situation because no one is able to say, “Well, wait a minute, that doesn’t make sense!” Because it does. It’s perfectly plausible that Jeff Hardy would show up to any given show higher than ten kites stacked on top of eleven kites, being flown by Kevin DiFrango.

In a true professional wrestling organization, well run with discipline and accountability, Jeff Hardy would never have been booked in a main event World Title match at a PPV in the first place. He probably wouldn’t be employed. Once again, I go back to the example Bill Watts gave in his RF Video shoot interview. In 1995, when Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman and Davey Boy Smith got beat up by a bunch of Marines in a bar that time, that’s three guys who should have been fired on the spot. They were drunk and hopped up on whatever, and they got beat up and made to look bad to boot. Which, in turn, makes the company look bad. It doesn’t matter if these are top guys or not, what they did was profoundly stupid and unprofessional, and you can’t be having that in your company. You need to send the message that it is unacceptable.

In TNA, there is no such accountability. They are willing to hire people with drug addictions, pain killer addictions, people so broken down they can’t even pass a basic physical examination. And you can’t argue that they can’t afford to lose Hardy because he’s too important to the company. We’ve already established here that they have no business model for financial success. They can’t even market him properly; the top babyface in all of wrestling in 2009 is now being utilized as a heel, thus potentially castrating his ability to sell merchandise.

So I refuse to get all up in arms about whether he really was in no condition to perform (Powell’s suggestion that he must have “slept it off” before going out to wrestle is wholly laughable here), because the problem isn’t with Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy is simply doing what he always does: get high, have fun, mess around, be a big kid. It’s the company’s fault here. They are sending him the message that it is perfectly okay to behave in that manner. No repercussions will follow. He’s a former WWE superstar, and that’s all that really matters to TNA anyway.

 Because for as long as TNA exists, it does not exist to make money. It does not exist to get good television ratings. It does not exist to sell a bunch of pay-per-views. It exists as somebody’s vanity project, a chance for them to rub elbows with superstars and get their face on TV. And after all, isn’t that what’s really important?

Sean Waltman Still Likes Drugs

Alright look, this is a post about Sean Waltman and drugs. He got busted again according to TMZ.  Wow, what a surprise. What the fuck am I suppose to say? This isn’t news, this is what you should consider an everyday occurrence by now. I’m not the guy for this but am the only one with internet access and copious amounts of time to waste. Luckily Eric has messenger and is filling in the rest.  Warning, clichés a comin. -Jeremy

“I don’t see what the big deal is. Pilots fly drunk all the time, why can’t passengers fly half-baked? It would make the peanuts taste better, the flight attendants would have fewer rude passengers, and those high mother fuckers might order the gingerbread house kit out of the Sky Mall catalog. It’s a win win… win!”– Eric

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