Stunt Granny Audio #209

This week, it’s Jeremy and Dusty at the wheel for another hour-plus of fun and adventure. Dusty discusses his love for IQ lowering television shows and Burt Reynolds.  Jeremy believes that rednecks get a bad rap and are actually very intelligent and super resourceful people.  Jeremy expresses his extreme displeasure with the newest Spider Man movie, while Dusty ogles Mageina Tovah and gives props to David Herman and Artie Lange.  Somewhere in their meandering traipse through pop culture, the fearless duo even stop to talk some wrestling along the way. Is there anyone either of them would actually pay money to see, or buy merchandise for, or otherwise shell out any money for?  Dusty terrifies himself when realizing that half the wrestlers he would not change the channel for are in TNA right now. They both beat that dead horse good and deader with some talk about what should be done to actually improve the state of pro wrestling right now. And finally, they end with some talk of the latest mishap surrounding the Detroit Red Wings, because when you drive drunk, you should always be wearing a funny costume while doing so. And a whole lot more stuff gets talked about that they don’t even remember, so give it a listen or else the consequences will never be the same.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #209

Stunt Granny Audio #191

Return of the Mack

This is a very very special edition of Stunt Granny Audio because The Man is back. Dusty and Kevin join up to talk about Psycho Sid’s return and just how it rates in the lexicon of all time great moments in pro wrestling history. They talk about how good it must be to be Heath Slater right now, how pathetic Ric Flair is now, how weird those old Ultimate Warrior vs Andre the Giant matches were, Brock Lesnar’s sudden transformation into David Copperfield, John Cena *finally* getting a well deserved title match, and much much more. The best part is it’s only going to take about 40 minutes of your precious time away from you, so you really have no excuse not to listen immediately, fucko.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #191

Christopher Daniels charged with DWI Friday

Look up... say hello... sign first name... sign last name... sign company initials... end transmission.

Look up... say hello... sign first name... sign last name... sign company initials... end transmission.

According to, Christopher Daniels, aka Daniels, aka Curry Man, aka the Walking How-To Video was charged with driving while impaired Friday night in Smithfield, N.C. Sorry, that sounds like a town where if yer jug ain’t got three Xs on it, yoo ain’t drinkin’! Nonetheless, the story at WTSBRadio reports that Daniels blew a 0.14. Dude, that’s almost twice the legal limit! You’d think in between “This is how you suplex a man” and “This is how you perform an armdrag” he would have explained to his liver, “This is how you process alcohol quickly.”

Hey, I just decided to look at the actual story. Here it is:

A professional wrestler was arrested on drunken driving charges during a traffic stop Friday in Smithfield.  Daniel Christopher Covell, 39, of Palmdale, CA, who is known by his ring name of Fallen Angel, was charged with driving while impaired after police said he registered 0.14 on the Breathalyzer.  Officer J.A. Calzaretta Jr. stopped Covell’s 2009 Dodge Charger in the 2300 block of South Brightleaf Boulevard for a traffic violation, which led to his arrest. Covell was released on $2,000 bail.

Haha, “Fallen Angel”… shit, *I* didn’t even think of that one, and I write for a wrestling blog! Alright, old man, get back in your blingin’-ass 2009 whip and get home. Here, I’ll help you: “Insert key. Turn key. Buckle safety belt. Place hands at 10 and 2. Depress brake. Shift into drive. Depress gas. Don’t drink.” -Eric

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