Stunt Granny Audio #124

That’s right, Dusty and Jeremy team up and bring you a show like no other. They discuss some college football and wait til you hear why Dusty believes some teams are good and others just aren’t. They talk about the circumstances revolving around Mr. Perfect and his choice of managers. They then get in to the holiday season and discuss just how things should be compared to what they are now. Oh yeah, they also talk about CM Punk and how he can be an example of why people who are in TNA should bolt immediately for WWE. Yeah this was recorded before Kaval/Low-Ki got released. So listen. It is our gift to you.

Stunt Granny Audio #124

Introducing the Stunt Granny Hall of Fame!

It's a celebration, bitches!

This day marks the second anniversary of the start up of ye olde Stunt Granny. To celebrate such a momentous occasion, I am pleased to announce the official Stunt Granny Hall of Fame opens today! There will be four official wings therein:

Serious wrestlers: This wing celebrates the lineage that dates back to Frank Gotch and George Hackenschmidt. We’re talking about good workers, high flyers, brawlers, whatever. Serious money drawing, money making talent.

Fun wrestlers: We here at Stunt Granny are big fans of comedy in wrestling, as long as it is done right. For example, a fat white man dancing poorly while claiming to be from deepest, darkest Africa will beat a midget transvestite any day of the week.

Angles: We’re talking about memorable, money drawing angles that inspired you to buy the next PPV, go to the next show in your area, watch the next television show on your favorite cable network, etc. Abortions and miscarriages need not apply.

Matches: We at Stunt Granny don’t give two scoops of Kellogg’s Raisin Fuck if a match was four stars or only three and a quarter stars or whatever. We just know what we like to watch. These are the matches we wear out our Beta, VHS and DVD players to.

Each one of the five of us – me, Jeremy Maes, Eric Nelson, Kevin DiFrango, Jordan Smith – nominated five people or things per category. And then we voted on them. A nominee needed three or more “yes” votes in order to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. What follows will be four separate posts, one for each wing, listing the first annual inductees into each wing of the Hall. Before I get to that, I’d like to remind you that the Stunt Granny Hall of Fame is brought to you by Red Baron frozen pizza, which just so happens to be the best frozen pizza that could possibly happen. Perhaps you should enjoy a slice today, while reading about the inductees. – Dusty

WWE’s The Bash review audio

His god damn foot was under the ropes?

His god damn foot was under the ropes?

All right folks, we got an audio up in a timely fashion. That’s right; Stunt Granny presents the WWE’s The Bash 2009 Audio review. We actually got this accomplished as soon as the show ended so all of our thoughts are unfiltered, totally not thought out and probably down right incorrect but it’s all good. Join Kevin, Eric Jeremy and junior member Jordan as they discuss all of the good, not so good and down right bad of The Bash. They discuss the Rey Mysterio / Chris Jericho match and how it fared up against CM Punk and Jeff hardy for the match of the night. They rightfully take the main event between Orton and Triple H to task for being a plodding borefest. They even manage to talk about Samoa Joe and the Main Event Mafia as well as the whereabouts of one Mr. Dusty Giebink. It’s a riproarious good time so check it out won’t ya?

Stunt Granny Audio- WWE The Bash 2009 Review

Stunt Grany Audio #45


Look out grandma; a historic day is upon us. For the first time in over a month Stunt Granny presents an audio show. It’s not just any audio show though, it’s the mother fuckin Audio Experience. Yeah that’s right, Dusty and Jeremy have stolen the name and are putting voices on the interweb in a digital presentation once again. This time around the guys talk about all the radical changes in WWE over the last two weeks. It is a quite the amazing story as people are dropping like flies and Lazarus’ are waking from the dead. The even manage to discuss The Happening as Jeremy loses his concentration watching that pile of garbage. So join in the fun, you know you want it!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #45

Stunt Granny Audio #43

In your house!

In your house!

Dusty and Eric combine for this cluster of an audio coitus. The guys are about 10 minutes removed from WWE Judgment Day, a pay-per-view neither of them watched, but they want to talk about it. Did the booking make sense? Did it properly set the stage for potential future happenings? They also wanted to talk about music and really only discussed Huey Lewis and the News. (The “news” is in his pants.) Don’t you want to listen to this show? We think you do.

Stunt Granny #43

Stunt Granny Audio #40

Use this.

Use this or something like it.

Oh baby, after a little hiatus, Dusty and Eric are back with another Stunt Granny Audio. Dusty opens the discussion by bitching about Ch*rter Communications (edited to avoid being found out and sued for slander), and then the two bitch about wrestling-related things. What the hell will WWE do with Lance Hoyt? For that matter, what the hell will they do with Matt Hardy when he comes back? They offer up the obvious and obligatory but memorable, um, memories of the late “Playboy” Buddy Rose, they wonder exactly how high Bryan Danielsen and Paul London were in their wacky PWG promo, they discuss the new team of the Hard Knox Connection, and also talk a little bit about the NFL Draft before signing off. So listen! (Shoot, as usual, I forgot all the ID tags on this MP3. Hopefully you’re willing to add them yourselves until I remember to do it on a regular basis.)

Stunt Granny Audio #40

Stunt Granny Audio #37

Dusty and Eric are back to bitch about everything wrestling-related they can think of. Nothing is safe in this hour-long-plus audio: What’s the over/under on how many Jim Rose circus events Jake Roberts shows up to? What will that white trash couple settle for if they try to sue Chris Jericho for last months’ altercation? Who WOULDN’T shit in Juventud Guerrera’s bag if given the chance? And why are Raw’s ratingst tanking? (Hint: Because it kinda sucks right now.) All that and Steve Doll, dead as a door nail, this week!

P.S. I tried something different with the audio, boosting the volume but cutting it off before it peaks. It shouldn’t blow your ears out or anything, but let us know if this is in any way an improvement.

Stunt Granny #37

Stunt Granny Audio #29

tuning-woman2Is it 2012? Is the world ending? Well you could have fooled us. Stunt Granny is proud, well, as proud as we can be, to present Stunt Granny Audio #29 featuring long time cohorts Dusty and Jeremy. The guys reunite for the first time since forever or the last time they did one of these, and run down all of the big news stories. At least that is what we intended to do but we shall see about that.  They talk about MyNetwork TV imploding, which allows Jeremy the chance to brag about how this deal keeps getting worse. They also talk about TNA, only to irritate Dusty. They even manage to talk about some other wrestling stuff much in the vein of their old show. You know the one. So stick it out and give it a listen.

Stunt Grany Audio #29

Stunt Granny Audio #26 – Good Riddance, Bob Holly!

Keep walkin, fucko.

Keep walkin’, fucko.

Dusty & Eric are here to rejoice WWE’s long overdue cut of Bob Holly from its roster. The duo do him far too much justice, working their way through Holly’s career year by year, remembering the good times (duration, 0:29) and the bad (duration, 48:00), and of course going off on the usual tangents. Rather hear them talk about Al Snow, Crash Holly, Jim Cornette, Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon? Tune in now!

Stunt Granny Audio #26

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