PWO – Season 3 – Episode 30

Guess who's traveling to Cleveland Sunday for Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment?

This episode is the last episode of the season (This past week’s episode was just a big preview of the Wrestlelution 3: A Defining Moment matches) so we should be just putting the whipped cream and cherry on these feuds.

“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine came to the ring and grabbed the mic. He berated the crowd and said that Matt Justice blew all of his chances. He said he had to work hard to get management’s attention. Fontaine called out Justice. Aaron Maguire said that Fontaine will beat Duggan at Wrestlelution to cement himself as a “Megastar”. A slow start led to Fontaine getting tossed out of the ring. Justice forearmed Fontaine in the corner. Justice hit a reverse atomic drop. Fontaine thrust kicked Justice. A leg lariat got a two count for Fontaine. Joe Dombrowski had mentioned Justice’s months long absence. Justice gave Fontaine a DVD. Fontaine shook the ring rope which got Justice to fall. Fontaine gave Justice a Lionsault for the victory. Fontaine said that he’s going to run Duggan in circles. Dombrowski got up from his booth, berated Fontaine and said that people earn their way on their own. Dombrowski said that Fontaine only cares for himself. Dombrowski said Duggan will beat respect into him.

Analysis: Dombrowski and Maguire hyped Fontaine’s match for Wrestlelution well until Dombrowski got up from his desk and berated him. I thought Fontaine did his part with the in ring promo before the match and he won his match convincingly. It clouded the participants in the match at Wrestlelution. Dombrowski isn’t in the match, so he shouldn’t get up from the desk and make himself part of it practically on the go home show. Score: +1 (Grr, I’m not going to go to fractions. Good stuff mostly.)

“Omega” Aaron Draven told N8 Mattson screwed himself over with his stipulation. Draven called Benjamin Boone the “First Lady of Michigan” but then told a serious part about how he realizes what a tough opponent he will be. Draven said he wants to end the near two year winning streak of Boone and defend his TV Title belt. Boone came in and gave Draven a cobra clutch. He told Draven he was going to beat him and take home the TV Title. Boone then tossed him down.

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PWO – Season 3 – Episode 26

Guess who I get to see wrestle in Cleveland? Find out who and why after the jump.

Johnny Gargano was coming to the arena again. He tried to talk to people but they all ignored him. Matt Cross (with some killer side burns) was the last guy to stare him down.

Analysis: Established how much everyone thinks Gargano perpetrated the surprise attacks. It’s still a little strange that all of the baby faces are standing there along a wall like drug dealers at a convenience store. Score: +1.

Joe Dombrowski said that they were officially starting the road to Wrestlelution 3. Johnny Gargano was set to take on Jason Bane in the main event. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross came to the ring for a match against Super Hentai. Dombrowski introduced Aaron Maguire and his security, Mr. Brinks. They exchanged head locks. Maguire pointed out that Cross is less easy going because he hasn’t gotten his title shot yet against Gargano. Cross hit a snap suplex. “M-Dogg” gave Hentai an atomic drop then turned it into a modified bow and arrow. Cross hit a rolling senton but only got a two count. The announcers took up much time convicting Gargano of the sneak attacks without having a shred of evidence other than Cross’ accusations. Hentai got hit with a spring board back elbow. Cross put on a reverse chin lock. Hentai got the knees up when Cross went for a split legged moonsault. Hentai caught Cross with a jumping back elbow. Cross sling shot stomped on Hentai’s back then did a standing moonsault. Super Hentai hit a double running knee in the corner. Hentai was going to the top rope when Krimson came out and distracted him. Cross capitalized with a bicycle kick and shooting star press for the win.

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PWO – Season 3 Episode 23

The Romans of the Decadence by Thomas Couture. Yep, I'm being an art dork again. Will Dawn Decadence make it past this episode of Pro Wrestling Ohio?

They showed a replay of the end of last week’s show, the match between “Amazing” N8 Mattson & “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross. They then showed footage from after they went off air. An old guy came and presented N8 Mattson with a trophy. Mattson gave the old guy a hard time about being from Ohio. Mattson said the sooner he gets out of Ohio, the better. Mattson jumped into Benjamin Boone’s arms.

Joe Dombrowski hyped the main event which was the Homeless & Handicapped Connection against Sex Appeal. Eric Ryan came to the ring with “The Rock Show” Earnie Ballz and Corey Winters. Isaac Montana was his opponent. Montana locked in an arm bar after an arm drag. Aaron Maguire suggested that Ryan & Winters not listen to Ballz because he’s not working well as a manager.  Ryan bailed out of the ring after a drop kick. Montana went to the top rope and splashed both Ryan & Winters. Dombrowski said that a twenty man gauntlet match would determine the number one contender after e match between Johnny Gargano and N8 Mattson happens.  Ryan caught Montana charging in with a back elbow. He then block bustered Montana. Winters attacked Montana while Ryan distracted the referee.  Ryan slammed Montana then missed on a second rope moonsault.  Montana spine bustered Ryan. Earnie Ballz told Ryan to go for a pile driver but he went for a verta-breaker. Ryan got the win. Ballz and Ryan started bitching at each other.

Analysis: The match was solid. The storyline with Ballz being a bad manager is weird especially since Ryan & Winters weren’t winners before they joined with Ballz. Someone has got to be on TV to lose. Score: +1.

The Sons of Michigan were in the back. Boone acted irritated but Mattson told him that at least one of them won the tournament. Mattson went on to say Boone tried hard and he respected him. Mattson said that he has another chance at a title shot in the gauntlet match. Mattson assured Boone that he’d give him a title shot after he beat Gargano. Mattson then called in Ben Fruth because he was disappointed in him. Matson said he doesn’t associate with losers. Fruth was still carrying around a flyer looking for Mike Tolar. Mattson said he was giving him another opponent, Jason Bane, because they needed the $50,000 reward. Mattson said he’s going to be a dual champion and he’s going to take the belts back to Michigan.

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PWO – Season 3 – Episode 21

Did PWO 21 get a better review than 20? find out after the jump!

They recapped the match between N8 Mattson and Jason Bane from last week. 
“Amazing” N8 Mattson came to the ring with Ben Fruth & Benjamin Boone for his TV Title defense scheduled against Michael “The Bomber” Facade. The announcers mentioned the matches for Boone & Fruth later tonight. Dombrowski said that Matthew Justice had been suspended and “Omega” Aaron Draven was injured. Dombrowski said that Gregory Iron was still injured after his mystery attacker struck. He is supposed to rest for another couple of weeks. The filled time during a very slow start to the match. Facade locked in an arm bar. Facade got a two count after a standing moonsault. Mattson hit a jaw jacker to change the momentum.  Fruth & Boone entered the ring and grabbed Facade. the referee kicked Fruth & Boone from ring side. A sunset flip for Facade garnered a two count. Facade hit a spring-board drop kick. Mattson caught Facade going for a spring-board to the outside.  Mattson beat him around the ringside area. Mattson tried to get a couple of cheap pins that the referee noticed.  Mattson missed a corner splash. Facade recovered first and got the upper hand with punches.  Facade got a two count after a spinning heel kick.  Facade hit a nice looking fisherman’s suplex. Shima Xion came down to ringside which distracted Facade enough to miss a top rope moonsault. Mattson hit the “Big Blue Buster” aka Code Breaker for the victory.
Analysis: They did a good job with the match, filling in story lines because the announcers had mentioned Shima Xion early in the contest. Mattson gets the victory to keep “Michigan” rolling and Facade looks dopey but doesn’t look terrible for losing. Score: +2.
Joe Dombrowski yelled that they needed a camera in the back. Nicky Valentino woke up Bobby Shields. Shields said he was hit from behind so he didn’t see a thing. Analysis: He’s the only one so far to survive unscathed relatively. Score: +1.

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 19

We know where it happened in PWO, but we don't know who. By the way, how do I not have this DVD?


Joe Dombrowski hyped the six man tag team main event between Johnny Gargano, Gregory Iron & Hobo Joe against Sex Appeal. Gargano joined Dombrowski for commentary.
Benjamin Boone was accompanied by N8 Mattson to the ring for his match in the #1 Contendership Tournament for the PWO Heavyweight Title.  Michael “The Bomber” Facade was Boone’s opponent. Gargano complimented both potential opponents for his title.  Facade caught Boone with a drop kick off the top rope as he came into the ring. Boone mismanaged a moonsault but eventually muscled Facade up for a power slam. Gargano said that Boone wrestles like a bear by mauling and staying on top of you. Boone delay suplexed Facade but only got a two count of it. Boone threw facade outside the ring, distracted the ref and allowed Mattson to get in a couple of cheap shots before tossing Facade back into the ring. Boone applied the bear claw to Facade but he came back at the two and a half count. Facade used his speed to duck around Boone’s offense and to quickly strike.  Facade hit a good looking spring board spinning wheel kick.  Facade went up for a top rope moonsault but Mattson hit him with the TV Title. The referee counted Facade out.
Analysis: Perfect ending to the match since Facade will be taking on Mattson for the TV Title soon. Well wrestled match to that point. I was laughing at Facade having problems getting his gi off for a Jeff Hardy like girl scream moment. Gargano got a phone call about half way through the match and left Dombrowski flying solo. Dombrowski asked him what it was for but Gargano didn’t explain. Score: +1.
Doctor Monstrous said that she will be making her debut soon. She told all evil doers to be aware because she’s coming for them. Someone off screen called for Portia to come to her photo shoot. Doctor Monstrous shook her head and said she’s not Portia.

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 17

I wonder if wrestling would ever use a drafting desk for a tables match.

Joe Dombrowski introduced the show and hyped the matches for the night. They showed the announce booth with Aaron Maguire sitting in the back ground who looked perturbed because Johnny Gargano was taking his spot at color. He was in the booth because it was a qualifying match for the Number One Contendership Tournament. The match was “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine against “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross. Gargano gave his review of both wrestlers, giving them accolades. He did note he hasn’t had the time to grant Cross a title opportunity.
Cross snapped off some arm drags and pinned Fontaine in the corner. Cross hit a nice snap suplex. Dombrowski noted that Fontaine and Bobby Beverly have been attacked from behind. Gargano said that he could be the next target. Fontaine turned the match around by dropping Cross throat first over the top rope. Fontaine knocked Cross down and dropped an elbow on him. Fontaine clotheslined Cross and only got a two count after a pin. Gargano & Dombrowski combined to explain that Fontaine got his title shot a month ago by beating Cross. “M-Dogg” caught Fontaine with a bicycle kick. Cross hit a standing moonsault. Fontaine only got a two count after a death valley driver. Fontaine tried to super-plex Cross but he got knocked off the top rope. Cross played to the crowd and executed a shooting star press for the victory.
Analysis: Dombrowski & Gargano tried to cover for Fontaine by saying he trained “Lean” and has great cardio. I train that way too and I have more muscle than Fontaine even though I sit in an office all day long. Fontaine was sporting some new tights which is good considering he has a new persona. Both men were strong in the match which got overshadowed by the number of storylines Dombrowski & Gargano talked about even if they all applied to the match. Score: +1.
They showed the replay of Jason Bane beating Bobby Beverly the week before in the Number One Contender’s Tournament As much as I picked on ROH last Monday, I’d be a real homer if I didn’t mention the fact that this replay went a little long. But it’s only replay #1.
Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron were doing exercises in trust. Iron wanted Joe to fall into his arms from a riser. Joe expressed that he was a little worried. Iron caught Joe. Iron said that was the first step in taking the Tag Team Titles from Sex Appeal.

PWO – Season 3 – Episode 16

Flip Kendrick has some moves like this one.

They started by showing a rewind of the match betwee “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine and Johnny Gargano.
“The Natural” Brian Bender was set to take on Flip Kendrick awho was accompanied by Louis Linden. Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire noted that Bender lost to Linden the previous week. Bender grabbed the mic and said that the referee screwed him last week because his shoulder was up. He went on to berate the crowd and then left ring side. The referee said that if Bender didn’t return to the ring by a ten count, he’d be suspended. At 9, Bender ran back into the ring. Kendrick took over with the highlight of offense being a great drop kick. Kendrick hit a 180 dive onto Bender on the outside. Bender tossed Kendrick into the turn buckles. Bender locked in a Boston Crab. Kendrick got pulled away from the ropes the first time but made it the send time. Bender only got a two count off of a urinogi. Kendrick did a standing shooting star press. Kendrick hit a spring board DDT. Kendrick then finished him off with what I can best desribe as a spring board Star Ship Pain.
Analysis: The part about Bender being suspended was a little weird. Kendrick was just too fast for Bender so it drug the match down a little bit. Kendrick’s move set made it a good viewing though. Score:+1.
Aaron Draven said he lost his TV Title to N8 Mattson and the rematch but he can’t keep the title off his mind. Draven said he saw the bromance between Michael Facade & Matthew Justice so he knows they’ll be working together against him. Draven said he almost lost part of his hand in the last tables match he was in. Draven said he will go through any pain to get another title shot.
Analysis: He has potential but he still looked down too much when he was cutting his promo. His conviction is more consistent now. He put over the importance of the TV Title well. Score: +1.
Krimson said that the body count will continue. Analysis: It’s only been two guys in a month pal. Speed it up. Please. Score: 0.
Isaac Montana was accompanied to the ring by Luis Diamante. Ben Fruth walked through the background in the crowd with signs that said “Have You Seen Me?” with Mike Tolar’s pictures. The announcers got a copy and showed it off to the camera. Ben Fruth took on Montana even though Fruth was not his opponent.  Dombrowski freaked out as usual during the ruth Roll Up.Montan  went with a hip toss, arm drag and drop kick. Fruth kicked out after a second rope elbow. Dombrowski said the Luis Diamante is taking on Krimson next week. Montana hit a back breaker then stretched Fruth over his knee. Montana then went for a spine buster. Fruth got another two count on another Fruth Roll up. Montana hit Fruth with an Island Cutter for the victory. Diamante got in the ring and they signalled like they wanted the tag team belts.
Analysis: Montana seemed like a douche bag for not finishing Fruth earlier. Not a good decision for a face. Montana looked crisp on offense so here’s hoping he gets a better opponent next time. Score: 0.
They showed a replay of the end of last week’s match between Johnny Gargano and Gregory Iron. Hobo Joe, Johnny Gagano and Gregory Iron were in the back stage area. Iron said that he was apologizing to Gargano publicly. He thanked him for restarting the match and giving him a shot at the title. Iron said he proved he was a changed man. Gargano said that Iron helped him change. Gargano said they should turn the page and move on to Sex Appeal.
Analysis: It made sense why Hobo Joe was there but he didn’t add anything. Good stuff from Iron and Gargano though. Score: +1.
Matthew Justice said that the three man table match next week was for the #1 contendership to the TV Title. Michael Facade came into the shot and said they should still be cool. Justice asked why he kicked him last week. Facade said it was just a mistake. Justice was still pissed off and said we’ll see next week if we’re still cool.
Analysis: The Vince Russo get them together one week, break them up the next. Boy do I hate it. Justice was good on the mic but Facade was a little weak but it didn’t help that he didn’t have much to go with. Score: -1.
Eric Ryan was accompanied to the ring by Earnie Ballz and Corey Winters. Super Hentai was his opponent. Dombrowski noted that Hentai beat Winters last week. Maguire said that Ballz was teaching them the art of tag team wrestling. Ryan attacked Hentai from behind when he went up to the second drop to get cheers from the crowd. Ryan got a two count off a body slam and back splash.  Ryan punched and kicked Hentai in the corner.  The announcers noted that a number of new wrestlers will be coming in. Dobrowski also noted that no one knew who laid out Marion Fontaine from the week before.  Hentai finally took over on offense. Ryan executed a nice figure four buster.  Hentai snap power slammed Ryan but couldn’t capitilze on it. Hentai hit a pair of clotheslines and a drop kick. Hentai then hit some running double knees in the corner. Hentai had his leg held by Earnie Ballz but Ryan didn’t take advantage of the situation. Hentai double Northern Lights suplexed Ryan for the victory.
Analysis: Excellent wrestling match. Both men looked great. A little odd to have a manager, Ballz, lose his firt two matches. Score: +2.
Matt Cross said that Gargano promised him. He says he’s tired of waiting for his chance (a couple of times). He’s going to take home the Title Shot Tournament.
Analysis: Solid stuff. You can see a slow turn with Cross. They did a decent slow turn with Gargano last year. This one seems better and more drawn out. Score: +1.
“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine said that his Title shot didn’t go as he planned because the PWO Board unleashed all of the wrestlers in the ring. He said he knows he doesn’t fit their mold. Fontaine also said that he was a part of a plan but it didn’t do him any good. He blamed PWO Management for his sneak attack too. Fontaine said he’d prove himself in the tournament because it won’t stop him.
Analysis: Great promo. He really gets it on the mic. Right tone, looks at the camera all the time and has great charisma. Score: +1.
Bobby Beverly came to the ring with Dawn Decadence and Bobby Shields to take on Jason Bane in the first match of the tournament to determine the new number one contender for the PWO Heavyweight Title. Dombrowski said that the bounty on Bane’s head has motivated him to get into the best shape of his life. Maguire increased his offer to take out Bane from $10,000 to $25,000. Beverly stalled at the beginning of the match. He tried to use his speed but Bane used his size and power advantage to toss Beverly around the ring.  Bane hit a pair of nice throws. Bane rammed his shoulder into Beverly into the corner then gave him a high boot but only got a two count because of a cocky cover. Dawn distracted Bane as he was going to give Beverly the F5. Beverly went to work on Bane’s left leg.  Bane gave Beverly a guerilla press slam. Bane then hit the F5 for the victory. Dawn and Bobby Shields tried to attack Bane but both were unsuccessful.
Analysis: With all of the build up Beverly has been given this season, I’m surprised by how quickly he was beat. Made him look like a chump. Bane should have won no doubt but this kicks the tag champ down a notch in the singles division. Bane is not only looking good physically but he’s wrestling as well as I’ve ever seen him. Score: +1.
Final Score: 6/9. Final Analysis: They hyped both of the 3 Way Table Match for a shot at the TV Title (although it could have been spelled out clearer by the three contestants) and the Tournament for the #1 Contendership for the PWO Heavyweight Title by having a lot of short segments this week. Even though there were many, it didn’t feel crammed or like they cut away from a segement early as TNA has a habit of doing. The announcers also did a good job of pushing these events. The graphics department also pitched in by showing the bracket for the tournament but unfortunately they’re still a little behind in the quality of their looks. – Kevin
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