Sullivan Possibly In, Ferrara Definitely Out

This makes as much sense as anything TNA has ever done.

According to Figure Four Weekly:

Former WCW star “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan reportedly met recently with TNA President Dixie Carter about joining the company’s creative team. During that meeting, Sullivan presented an angle that involves a year-long main event storyline that would require them signing a top star who the company would likely have difficulty getting.

We can also confirm that TNA did, in fact, quietly part ways with writer Ed Ferrara a few weeks ago. Ferrara left a teaching position and was brought into the company several months ago around the time that Jim Cornette not-so-quietly parted ways with them, in large part due to that hiring. Of course, Ferrara also served as Vince Russo’s right-hand man for the World Wrestling Federation during the Attitude Era.

This raises several questions, all of which aren’t worth the effort, but some of which I will list here because it looks better if I post some text of my own instead of just posting the story and leaving it at that. How long do you have to go without calling yourself something before everyone else stops calling you that thing? How long will it be before Sullivan falls asleep during a booking meeting? Was it really worth turfing Cornette when the dude you’re bouncing him for is only going to last a few months and make no positive contribution whatsoever?

And, to channel my inner Morrissey, what difference does it make? – Dusty

ROH Is Watchable Again!

General Cornette commands you to watch good wrestling!

General Cornette commands you to watch good wrestling!

That breath of fresh air you all just collectively breathed in was a direct result of what is coming to us from from their live report of Saturday night’s ROH show. That being, Jim Cornette is back as the “executive producer” of ROH.

Cornette was quoted as saying, “Sarah Palin will give Barack Obama a lap dance on the  steps of the capital before I get behind Vince Russo,” and had some truthful things to say about the Hornswoggle and Cody Deaner characters as well. He reiterated what he said on his Who’s Slamming Who interview, which I posted this past week in case you haven’t listened to it yet, that he was let go from TNA because he could never be 100 percent behind Vince Russo’s creative direction.

Cornette ran an angle on the show with Austin Aries, with Aries interrupting Cornette’s speech and getting all up in his grill. Cornette said Aries has been weaseling out of facing tough competition and said if he had anything to say about it, Aries would be facing much harder opponents from here on out.

This is great news for ROH, and great news for professional wrestling. As I’ve stated before, TNA doesn’t appear to be a serious wrestling company at this point, after the laughable decision to head up their creative team with Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara. And WWE is never going to promote a serious wrestling product. WWE needs competition in order to stay interesting, and here’s hoping that with Cornette in a prominent position with the company, ROH can once again be that alternative. – Dusty

TNA Creative Team Shakeup

Do all TNA announcers have to resemble an owl?

Do all TNA announcers have to resemble an owl?

Because TNA is not a serious wrestling promotion and has no plan to provide an exciting wrestling television program or make a profit, they have apparently added Jeremy Borash and Ed Ferrara to their creative team. This according to ( and various other sources throughout the information superhighway.

When not hanging out with inadequate internet wrestling writers, Ferrara had been teaching classes in Chicago of late. Jeremy Borash is best known as Mick Foley’s personal microphone stand on Impact shows. They both will ensure that TNA remains the mediocre cure for insomnia you’ve come to know and love every Thursday night.

Meanwhile, I’d like to figure out how removing Jim Cornette and placing in charge the people who placed WCW into the hearse and drove it off the cliff is the right answer to any question, but I’d rather just watched with a bemused eye from a distance and make posts like this. It’s either that or a trip to the garage. – Dusty

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