Stunt Granny Audio #43

In your house!

In your house!

Dusty and Eric combine for this cluster of an audio coitus. The guys are about 10 minutes removed from WWE Judgment Day, a pay-per-view neither of them watched, but they want to talk about it. Did the booking make sense? Did it properly set the stage for potential future happenings? They also wanted to talk about music and really only discussed Huey Lewis and the News. (The “news” is in his pants.) Don’t you want to listen to this show? We think you do.

Stunt Granny #43

Stunt Granny Audio #40

Use this.

Use this or something like it.

Oh baby, after a little hiatus, Dusty and Eric are back with another Stunt Granny Audio. Dusty opens the discussion by bitching about Ch*rter Communications (edited to avoid being found out and sued for slander), and then the two bitch about wrestling-related things. What the hell will WWE do with Lance Hoyt? For that matter, what the hell will they do with Matt Hardy when he comes back? They offer up the obvious and obligatory but memorable, um, memories of the late “Playboy” Buddy Rose, they wonder exactly how high Bryan Danielsen and Paul London were in their wacky PWG promo, they discuss the new team of the Hard Knox Connection, and also talk a little bit about the NFL Draft before signing off. So listen! (Shoot, as usual, I forgot all the ID tags on this MP3. Hopefully you’re willing to add them yourselves until I remember to do it on a regular basis.)

Stunt Granny Audio #40

Stunt Granny Audio #37

Dusty and Eric are back to bitch about everything wrestling-related they can think of. Nothing is safe in this hour-long-plus audio: What’s the over/under on how many Jim Rose circus events Jake Roberts shows up to? What will that white trash couple settle for if they try to sue Chris Jericho for last months’ altercation? Who WOULDN’T shit in Juventud Guerrera’s bag if given the chance? And why are Raw’s ratingst tanking? (Hint: Because it kinda sucks right now.) All that and Steve Doll, dead as a door nail, this week!

P.S. I tried something different with the audio, boosting the volume but cutting it off before it peaks. It shouldn’t blow your ears out or anything, but let us know if this is in any way an improvement.

Stunt Granny #37

Stunt Granny Audio #26 – Good Riddance, Bob Holly!

Keep walkin, fucko.

Keep walkin’, fucko.

Dusty & Eric are here to rejoice WWE’s long overdue cut of Bob Holly from its roster. The duo do him far too much justice, working their way through Holly’s career year by year, remembering the good times (duration, 0:29) and the bad (duration, 48:00), and of course going off on the usual tangents. Rather hear them talk about Al Snow, Crash Holly, Jim Cornette, Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon? Tune in now!

Stunt Granny Audio #26

SG’s own Eric Nelson doing play-by-play for indy show

Hehehe, this video just unearthed itself. Stunt Granny’s very own Eric Nelson did commentary for an independent show in Indianola, Iowa,  under the New Era Wrestling banner. This particular match, as you will hear 700 times, is an 8-man, 10-minute, final pinfall hardcore war. What does that mean? Does Eric suck at commentary? Is he really jealous of Mark Madden like Broose’s BFF swears up and down everyone is? You’ll find out, you’ll find out, and no. But you’ll find out by watching the video above!

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