@WWE Blasts The Announcement, TNA Had Twins? & More on @HeelZiggler

Breyers Blasts! Birthday Blast Frozen Dairy Dessert– I had no idea what an email blast was until I watched Brooklyn Nine Nine (If you’re not watching, jump on board. Funny stuff.) I then had to confirm this is an actual term which my buddy Ken was familiar with because of his time in a marketing firm. I thought of that when I read this story on Prowrestling.net (Kind of sad I didn’t get the news from the source of origin at the PWTorch – VIP link warning – since they don’t break news) noting that the WWE blew their own announcement about the fruition of the WWE Network by sending out an email blast confirming it. Hopefully some combination of us will be recording right around their 9:30 PM EST announcement time. It’ll be live so it’ll be Internet Blast worthy.


Hannah & Holly Blossom announced on their Facebook page that they are no longer with TNA or Ohio Championship Wrestling. I had no idea they were even on the roster or British Bootcamp which has produced the terrible Brad Maddox rip off known as Rockstar Spud. They realized after four years of being in OVW and nine years of wrestling that they weren’t getting the call up from TNA even though they easily could have ripped off the twin gimmick to get heat like the Bellas. Of course they didn’t admit to it but we can all read between the lines. Hannah & Holly did say they’ve had a fantastic time with both OVW & TNA so that they can keep the door open if TNA gets Spike TV to start airing Complete Knockouts.

– My boy Dolph Ziggler will be headed to the Pittsburgh to have his cranium looked at by a neuropsychologist, more than likely Dr. Maroon. Reports are surfacing that Ryback is getting heat for what he did from this match and working stiff & recklessly in other matches. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we’ve found the new Bob Holly. I can’t wait for Ryback to be repackaged as Ryan “Radiator” Reeves. He’ll cool you off! – Kevin

12 Rounds of Deep Dish Pizza Starring Not John Cena & Not CM Punk


It’s time to rob this train – Not John Cena

I went back to my parent’s place this weekend in Altoona, PA for my two nephews’ birthday joint party. This time around I remembered to bring Not John Cena and Not CM Punk with me because I knew I’d be able to use my dad’s 1952 (or ’53 he’s not entirely sure) Lionel O gauge train set to take some more pictures. My dad’s train set has gone from Christmas special to filling the majority of a 27’x27′ addition that I helped to design. Having a “movie set” helped this project. Since my parents don’t have anyone around anymore and can only dote on the grand kids when they head to Virginia, they’ve turned the train set into a seasonal set that changes for winter and summer. This set of pictures was done on the summer set. I wish I had this movie idea in place before embarking on this set of pictures but I still liked the product that I came out with. Since the view rate is always lower on our Facebook page, these photo journals will make it on to the site proper every time with additional information.

My dad was running the train at a very high clip which is why the train is so blurred. I figured there was nothing like a train robbery that started with some ludicrous way to get onto to said vehicle. Not John Cena looked better to have a jumping motion so he got set as the villain in this photo journal.


I can’t let you rob this train Not John. These deep dish pizzas need to get to Chicago. – Not CM Punk

As you can see, there is green grass. During the winter set, it is covered in snow that my nieces help to do after Thanksgiving. I also did the remainder of the pictures after my dad had shut the trains down. To the left is the Steelers train which has a car for every Super Bowl victory along with an engine and caboose. He has three trains on the main platform. In the background is the trolley platform that has a European shelf which now contains the summer zoo that we bought for him this past Christmas.

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Wrestlemania 29 (NY/NJ) Previews Part I


Since Jeremy agreed that he wouldn’t be doing previews as I had predicted on Monday, I’m going written for the previews. I’m hoping to do two matches a day including on Sunday. We’ll see if it happens or if I end up stacking them up because I can’t get to them. I’ll be separating them into pairs with one good match and one bad match.

Bad Match

Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett defending against The Miz: We saw The Miz headline Wrestlemania two short years ago in Atlanta. Now he’s get to start the show off…on Facebook/Youtube/WWE App/Tout/Whatever. Wade Barrett was the next big thing until an elbow injury derailed him. I don’t feel bad for the Miz because his character has been stuck in a rut since we last saw him. He was great as a company pitch man when he went on Opie & Anthony recently but it doesn’t change his stale act. I do feel bad for Barrett though. Just as in sports, a man shouldn’t lose his starting job because of injury. I feel like Barrett did. His character got some polishing up during his re-introduction so he’s gone through more change than the Miz. The Intercontinental Belt is a meaningless object though. Most of the time, when someone drops it, they’re finally ready for bigger and better things. Prediction: The Miz becomes the next Chris Jericho and starts racking IC Title reigns.

Good Match

The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins) against The Main Eventers (The Big Show, Randy Orton & Sheamus): I’m stretching to put this one in the good category. I have enjoyed the Shield though even if their terrorist inspired videos are too polished. I do think they’ll need to do something more than search for justice after Wrestlemania. I’ve enjoyed the bickering between Big Show and Sheamus. They should be since they were involved in a bitter nearly year long feud. Did I ever doubt that the Big Show would be on the team? Not even when they introduced Ryback who had already been building to a feud with Mark Henry. The match should be a good one as the three season vets should be able to help out a team that hasn’t seen much in ring work in the WWE. Prediction: The Shield finally goes down so we can move on to their next phase.

CM Punk & John Cena’s Photo Journal From #Nashville Part II


John Cena respects my hustle in the gym even though he doesn’t have my loyalty.

My girlfriend’s mother decided to buy me WWE Rumblers for Christmas. I had been meaning to more with them before now. They were happy about their trip to Nashville. I posted these pictures over on our Facebook page but I’m never sure who sees that so I will re-post them here for your enjoyment. Let’s see what they did Saturday with some extra notes from the trip.

John Cena met me at hotel gym in the morning. It was nice of him to serve as my inspiration to bang out something on a vacation day. All three of us got the gym. We’re definitely getting old when we’re not so hung over we have to skip the gym. After getting cleaned up, we headed out to Belle Meade Plantation. They ushered you thru the gift shop to get your tickets.


John Cena is ready to go to war for the South.

I couldn’t pass up taking this picture. It’s almost a perfect scale for the WWE Rumblers. We wondered around the estate after buying our tickets and saw the family mausoleum, which I forgot to note in my Facebook post. It’s a not so minor note that wold have helped the post.


CM Punk wants to make the Undertaker to rest in sleep.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside of the mansion itself so no shenanigans for the guided tour portion of Belle Meade. I would have loved to have taken a picture of the bronzed hooves from one of the horses. Considering that the Bellas showed back up last night, it would have been a premonition of two horse faced Divas coming back. We moved on to some food at Hog Heaven which I highly suggest if you ever head to Nashville. The pulled pork was awesome. The Flying Saucer was the next venue that got hit so we could have some afternoon beers. I won’t review the beers in this post but I will post pictures and captions.


I can’t believe these drunks are taking me to another bar.

I never used any of CM Punk’s tag lines but I did use his straight edge standing to help me out with the next one. I think I put more thought into using John Cena’s triad of ideals than he ever has with this caption.

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Stunt Granny Audio #202

This episode of the Stunt Granny Audio is brought to you by Des Moines, Iowa by way of Eric Nelson’s wedding. Jeremy & Kevin tell the tales of their Thursday and Friday night in Des Moines. They actually got in some exercise at Gray’s Lake but spent much more time doing twelve to sixteen ounce curls. The biggest portion of Friday were spent at Fong’s Pizza where they dined on some Chinese inspired pizzas and more fruity drinks than either of hosts can really handle. They visited Pappajohn Sculpture Park where Eric proposed to his lovely wife. After that sobering up period, your intrepid hosts continue their drinking at Hessen Haus‘s Oktoberfest party. Eric ended up meeting them at El Bait Shop for a beer. What was Kevin’s Sippy Time Beer choice out of 105 taps? What happened after that is mostly conjecture. Jeremy & Kevin end up talking some wrestling after starting in the new format. Kevin has to explain Aces & Eights is Now Queens & Twos on his Facebook post. They then try to get to the bottom of what is wrong with the group. Do they know who is involved in the match up for them at Bound For Glory? Jeremy moves the show along to the WWE. Who are the new faces that got air time this week? Are they as dysfunctional as Aces & Eights? Who are the mostly new faces that got buried this week? Jeremy & Kevin wrap it up with the most predictable angle on Raw. Did the quality of the segment make up for it’s predictability? Find out that and more when you click on the link.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #202

Stunt Granny Audio #201

Changes are afoot at Stunt Granny so Dusty & Kevin are here to talk about them. Who suggested this change? Who pushed to make the change immediately? Are the guys going to abandon wrestling? Of course not. Kevin’s girlfriend is ready to though after four months of watching WWE Raw. What did she diagnose that Kevin found so funny? Is it a familiar complaint? Why is the WWE oblivious the myriad of problems when a novice can spot them? Dusty & Kevin move on to talking about some of the positives of Raw. How did they rank the segments with CM Punk, Paul Heyman, Mick Foley and John Cena? Does Dusty still have contempt for Foley? Is the power couple of CM Punk and Paul Heyman working? What could John Cena do to help remedy some of the problems that novices can point out? They move into a lighting round and talk about Jim Cornette as a baby face commissioner. Is his gimmick as bad as a heel GM? Dusty & Kevin finish by talking about Austin Aries going heel to fight Jeff Hardy. Who gets a guest shout out for posting about this topic on the Stunt Granny Facebook page? Find that out and more when you click the link below!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #201

Get Krimson on TNA television

We don’t normally cheerlead around here but in this case I am making an exception. Dixie Carter, the owner of TNA, is taking requests on her Facebook page for new indy talent to appear on Impact as part of the Gut Check garbage they are trying on Impact.  My comment got lost and will clearly go unnoticed but the thinking here is that enough people mention the same person over and over that maybe it will lead somewhere.

In this case I am requesting we stuff the ballot box, if there is one, in favor of PWO’s main star Krimson. If you aren’t familiar with his work go check it out because he is great. He has successfully aped Heath Ledger’s Joker and made it his own. Yeah the comparison is definitely easy to make but he pulls it off so effectively he deserves the chance.

Oh, and there is also the simple fact that Dixie Carter and her henchmen ripped off Krimson’s gimmick and name. If you aren’t familiar with it check this out. Yeah it is for another site but who cares. TNA made it that much harder for an Indy talent to make money due to their own lack of ideas.

So please go over to Dixie’s Facebook page and request Krimson. He deserves at least a small shot from TNA after all of the garbage they pulled on him. -Jeremy

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