#SippyTimeBeer Review – Wisconsin – @NewGlarusBeer

New Glarus Black TopAfter this week, we get to move on from Wisconsin. I saved the best for last though in New Glarus. I received three different beers – Spotted Cow, Totally Naked and Two Women – from this company the first trip my friends took back to Wisconsin but I didn’t post them on Instagram and I wasn’t using the Untappd app at the time so I could properly review them. I wasn’t that much of a dummy this time around though. Three new beers from New Glarus.

New Glarus Brewing Co.Black Top – This fine beverage comes from the section on the site called “Beers We Have Known and Loved” which means they are out of production, I guess. They aren’t listed for 2014. New Glarus also doesn’t define it anywhere on the site even in the FAQs. Whatever the case, Black Top is a black IPA. Like other beers of the same type, they use darker malts like molasses and chocolate to achieve the color and balance to offset the bitter coming from the hops. They say they used citrus and pine hops but I don’t recall a citrus note. It was a perfect mix though of malt and hops. This fine beverage clocks in at 6.9% alcohol so it will do the trick. If they make it this year, I will make sure my friends tires meet the black top so that they can purchase me more.

New Glarus Fat Squirrel AleNew Glarus Brewing Co.Fat Squirrel Ale – I’ve seen many a fat squirrel in my day and quite a few who like to lay down on the fence in my backyard so that my dogs will just bark until the squirrel is done with its’ amusement. The only thing in common between those squirrels and this beer is the nutty flavor. That taste comes from six kinds of malts along with three styles of hops to create this English Brown Ale. The beer was very smooth and just the right thickness. Brown ales tend to be just slightly thick which is when I would complain about it if it were a porter or stout. Unlike the other two beers, this one is listed in the seasonal category so it should be on tap at some point this year and I would imagine that time is fall which is when those squirrels start stocking up. I suggest stocking up on this 5.8% ABV libation when you can.

New Glarus Stone Soup CroppedNew Glarus Brewing Co.Stone Soup – This beer is also from the “Beers We Have Known and Loved” section. This one happens to be a completely different taste as it is a Belgian Pale Ale. When that B word pops up, you know the y word is going to pop up. No, I don’t mean eating at the Y. At least wait until you get your beer goggles on before you start making those types of comments. The Y word is yeast. I know it can refer to that region too but get your mind out of the gutter. Belgian yeast is quite potent and rears its’ tasty head in this beer along with barley malt and English & German hops. The first thing I noticed when cracking open this beer though was the clove and ginger scent. It wasn’t just a scent though and jumped up and down on my palette. You can enjoy these notes jumping on your tongue for a long amount of time to because it is only 5.3% ABV.

Don’t forget that Dusty’s good buddy Keesh also reviews beers over at the Full Pint. Since he’s also from Wisconsin, they have a nice section on New Glarus that you can peruse. Thanks to my friends Chris & Lacey for bringing back these fine beers from the great state of Wisconsin so that I could review them. I just hope they picked up some of their own #SippyTimeBeer when they were there because I am all out. – Kevin

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