Ken Shamrock beats up a woman whom he thought was a man

“Whooo, meeee??”

God, this is rich. According to, Ken Shamrock beat up a woman.

OK, fine, there’s more to the story. According to (unbelievable the news they uncover):

We’re told Shamrock dove into the scrap and tried to pry the women apart … when one of the bystanders, a HEAVYSET bystander, jumped on his back and tried to rip Ken out of the pile.

Shamrock’s rep tells TMZ … he threw the person off of his back and followed up with a move that knocked the attacker to the ground.

After the person was incapacitated, the crowd shouted at Ken, “You just hit a girl.” Ken took a closer look and realized the attacker was in fact a female .. so he immediately backed off.

Read more:

Two justifications for this: One, don’t jump on another person’s back if you don’t have some level of expectation of getting your ass handed to you. Two, Shamrock simply worked for Vince Russo for too long and has both no respect for women and no concept of gender.

Point well taken, Shamrock. Point well taken. -Eric

She’s No Brooke Hogan

That's My Girl!

That's My Girl

Ric Flair’s daughter was arrested Friday after a parking lot altercation with her, her dad and some cops. Ashley Fliehr is charged with assaulting an officer and is scheduled in court on October 6, According to out of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. I’d love to supply a picture but I had no luck.

When she arrives in court she will be reprimanded for not being as cool as Brooke Hogan but for being just as clueless. Details of the night have not come out yet but apparently Ric was bloodied from the encounter and she attacks a cop. This is better than anything that has ever been on “Hogan Knows Best” or WWE television for that matter. Get this psycho on television now and let her cut a shoot promo on her dad and the lousy police officers. No guarantees we ever follow up on this but here it is anyway. I would also like to throw it out there that Ric Flair has better-looking kids than Hulk Hogan as well. So even if the financial disparity is large, Ric has won the kid’s battle. -Jeremy

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