@CMPunk Tweeting about a 500K fine for blading/being bloody on Raw

The controversy continues: As we all saw (live, on DVR or on YouTube), CM Punk came up bleeding this past Monday night on Raw during his steel cage match with Jerry “The King” Lawler. Speculation is running rampant across my keyboard that one of three things happened:

1) CM Punk really hit the cage and really bled because wrestling is real.
2) CM Punk bladed because he just can’t help it. He’s a wrestler. It’s like Ash’s chain saw arm in “Army of Darkness.”
3) CM Punk bladed because, for christ’s sake, he’s wrestling inside a mess of chain link fence, and a lack of blood is a little hard to believe. #AgentOfChange

Either way, he bled, and to hear Kirby Mack discuss it, even if it’s a little hardway blood from your lip, you better get rid of that shit immediately, because this is PG and we have advertisers to appease. And now, to add fuel to the speculative fire, Punk is Tweeting that he paid a “500K fine” and also “paid Charles Robinsons fine” (Robinson was the referee in the match who took the handoff of the blade from Punk, making him a co-conspirator with this apparently rich-ass wrestler).

Now that I think about it, Punk didn’t say what he was fined, only that it was “500K” of that thing. Maybe he finally got a truckload of WWE Ice Cream Bars, and that son of a bitch was holding out on his, so when he bled, they took 500,000 of them back. Serves you right, prick! -Eric


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