Headlines: Beth Phoenix written off TV, Colt and Pearce besmirch NWA, DDP moves in with Jake Roberts

In news that has been brewing for months, according to Prowrestling.net (and according to watching WWE Monday Night Raw last night), Beth Phoenix has been written off TV, via an angle where she was fired by Whatever Type of General Manager Vickie Guerrero. Phoenix asked for and was granted her release a while back, so there really isn’t much to say other than good luck keeping Jeremy Maes away from you while you read your zombie comic books.

Also according to Prowrestling.net, Colt Cabana threw down his NWA “World” Title belt after beating Adam Pearce in the seventh of their best-of-seven series in a match in Australia. Since the NWA belt has been thrown down more times than Lilian Garcia, the real news here is that Colt Cabana and Adam Pearce were paid to travel to and wrestle in Australia. Not that they aren’t worth it, because they are (two of my top 10 draft pics, easily), but it shows how upside down these Aussies are, dropping that kind of coin on transportation and payoffs. Oy, was Rick Tick Tillah and Moykey McGongileydoo bof already booooked that noight? Nine hundred dollaridoos?? Ah, screw it, I’ll just have a cup of coffee…

Finally, according to Prowrestling.net, Diamond Dallas Page and Jake “The Snake” Roberts are working on a documentary where DDP helps Jake get in shape for one last run, employing DDP Yoga over an 8-week period. To ensure success, DDP has moved in with Jake, and Jake has agreed to regular drug testing throughout the filming. The filming will end when Jake’s landlord gets tired of seeing his coked-out ex-wrestler tenant being accompanied by a scummy 50-year-old man in a leather vest and tight Guess jeans and boots them both out. (Other punchlines include: “This video will resemble less a documentary on health and more a low-budget docudrama about the Village People,” and “These two guys could leave a ring around the Atlantic Ocean, so I hope Jake’s landlord has a Rug Hospital, not just the Doctor.” Eh, none of these were any good. I need to keep my day job. Oh, and click on this link for TWNP.com, which I assume stands for Talking to Women is Not a Problem for us, to see how well Jake’s workout regimen is going.) -Eric

Brian Gewirtz out as head writer for Raw

Shit just got serious. THIS serious.

According to Dave “Patty” Meltzer, Brian Gewirtz has been removed from the position of head writer for Monday Night Raw. He will be retained, however, as a “consultant.” Which is basically the nice way of saying they don’t want to just completely fire him, but they want his ass on out of there. And I quote:

Everyone is scared.  Vince told the producers today, “I want results or I want resignations.”

So we all know how productive things are going to be in the short term with angry Vince placing mountains of pressure on everybody. Tonight’s show is going to be a total fucking mess.

On the plus side, at least we won’t have to be subjected to any more of Gewirtz subjecting us to his sensibilities under the guise of it being “what Vince wants.” I was waiting a long time for McMahon to wise up to that nonsense. – Dusty

Vince Russo may or may not be out as head of TNA creative

"Ugh, just make up ya' fuckin' mind, I gots womens to objectify ovah heeah!"

According to WrestleZone.com, Vince Russo was replaced as head of TNA creative by recent hire and former WWE and Ring of Honor writer Dave Lagana and that Russo wasn’t even present at the Against All Odds PPV last night in Orlando. Clearly our banner at the top of this page was the motivating factor in the move, and not years of failure to bring TNA into the mainstream or above a 1.5 extended cable rating or 25,000 pay-per-view buys, not to mention climbing his greasy ass behind the wheel of the 1979 Chevy Nova that was WCW and driving it directly into the Des Moines River.

However, in a second article at Prowrestling.net, multiple sources are disputing the news, saying Lagana was merely helping out at Against All Odds. Yeah, he was helping. He was holding the door for Russo while slapping an “#IWantWrestling” note to his back.

We’re not a site that likes to jump to conclusions, but we also need to think objectively about these conflicting reports. In short, Jason Powell has a decade-plus-long history of being accurate, while WrestleZone has been around since I started brewing this cup of coffee, and one of its main writers is an on-air character for Pro Wrestling Ohio. I know that if Kevin was the PWO commissioner, we’d have more on our minds than reporting accurate news. I also know that if I was right as often as Powell is, I’d be swimming in my vault full of gold coins in St. Paul just like he does. -Eric

So this is Christmas?

Happier times.

And what has WWE done:

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of WWE SmackDown Superstar Kaval (Brandon Silvestry) as of today, December 23, 2010. We wish Kaval the best in all future endeavors.

Fuck the heck?

Lance Cade Put Out To Pasture

How am I not marketable?

How am I not marketable?

Well here is a surprising release by WWE. According to WWE.com they have wished Lance Cade the best in his future endeavors.  The timing of his release is strange as they had intertwined him in with Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels. He even scored a tag team victory over Michaels and Triple H a few weeks ago so someone had to have confidence in him in some respect. It is also surprising considering that Michaels was his mentor and one time trainer.

Cade had all of the physical tools to be a WWE superstar but his mic time and his increasingly bland appearance certainly had to hurt his long term standing. It won’t be a surprise to see him back in WWE sometime next year unless this is WWE’s way of slowly ridding themselves of young, underutilized talent in the hopes that their elderly roster will turn their business around. –Jeremy

Salinas On The Move

Temporarily gone, but not forgotten... she has a permanent place in our spank banks.

Temporarily gone, but never forgotten... she has a permanent home in our spank banks.

This is either the best news in a long while or the worst. Salinas aka Shelly Martinez aka The Hottest Woman in Wrestling, is gone from TNA. She posted on her MySpace page that she is going off to film a movie and has gone through the next open door while another closes. This has a lot of potential to be a great move as the last time she was split with a wrestling company it led to nudity and bondage.

Hey everyone! First I want to say to everyone who ordered my photos sorry for the delay. The printing held it up so I will send those off this week and have a little gift for you guys or gals for the trouble!!

Anywho, this blog is about choices. Sometimes in life you find yourself saying “I have no choice” and you follow your heart even if it seems at the time your heart may be breaking when you do follow your heart and commit to it. I made a big decision recently and when it is time to talk about it I promise I will have a follow up blog explaining. I care about all my fans and appreciate your support. On a good note, when you find it’s time to close a door another door (weather you looking or not) opens right up and I’ve peaked inside and decided to open it and walk right in LOL

Starting tomorrow I will be begin to film an Italian inspired thriller. I had rehearsal yesterday and my costar and I have great chemistry together so it will be grand!! YAY!! I am working on having my camera guy shoot some behind the scene for my new site!! Yes, I am disappointed to lose something important to me for this role but at the same time change, scary change, always seems to lead to bigger and better things. I will keep you all posted, until then remember no matter what 5150 LAX por vida!!!!


P.S. For the record this blog was posted by Shelly Martinez on Sept 14th, 2008 at 11:18am PST

We here at Stunt Granny wish her all the best in her future. While the notion that she will be off our television screens for the foreseeable future the possibility remains for more moving pictures of her with little to no clothes on. -Jeremy

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