Headlines: CM Punk mentions new WWE Title, DeMott takes over FCW, Diana Hart Smith teaming with Linda Bollea??

According to PWTorch.com, CM Punk answered 90 minutes worth of questions at this weekend’s Wizard World Comic Con (where fantasies become fantasies and not exactly reality), and Punk revealed that a new WWE Title belt has been created. He said the belt is about 20 pounds heavier than the current spinner belt, which means the belt weighs approximately as much as CM Punk. SPOILER: The new belt will use its 20-pound weight advantage to pin Daniel Bryan at Money in the Bank.

According to Prowrestling.net, Bill DeMott will replace Dr. Tom Prichard as the head trainer of Florida Championship Wrestling. Younger fans will recognize DeMott as the head trainer of the wildly successful “Tough Enough” series, while older fans will recognize Prichard as the guy with the shitty Roddy Piper impression from Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and as Body Donna Zip.

L to R: Zip, Kloudy. Yep, this happened. Thanks for nothing, 1996.

Also according to Prowrestling.net, Diana Hart Smith, widow of the late Davey Boy Smith, has a project in the works with Linda Bollea, ex-wife of Hulk Hogan:

“I look forward to doing a project with Linda Hogan. I’m awaiting news on that. She has some irons in the fire. She said if anything turn out, she wants me to be on board.”

Time to speculate: A scripted reality show where Linda chases Diana’s son 27-year-old son Harry, much to Diana’s disapproval… ummm, Linda and Diana co-host a podcast where they each take credit for the Pontiac Silverdome and Wembley Stadium attendance figures… an infomercial with Gary Spivey where newly minted spiritual mediums Linda and Diana speak to dead wrestlers on a 1-900 line for just $1.99 a minute… OK, I got nothin’. -Eric

Triple H, others dispute Florida Championship Wrestling closing, moving, going away

Yeah, join now, before it goes away, according to the dirt sheets!

According to Prowrestling.net, Triple H, who acts as WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent (which basically means he gets to tell Ricky Steamboat’s son not to wear green and black because those are DX colors), has denied the “dirt sheet” rumors that Florida Championship Wrestling is closing.

“It is absolutely not true,” Triple H said. “FCW is not closing. I don’t know how the rumor started but I believe it’s a situation where the ‘dirt sheets’ want to believe they have the scoop on everything. If anything, we are in the process of ramping up our entire developmental system. … If anything, it’s going to get bigger and better than ever.”

Whew, that’s good to know. Now we’ll have more than one farm league full of white guys named Kassius Ohno.

And then, according to Prowrestling.net, there’s Kiss-Ass Kevin Eck (I just came up with that, I’ve never met the guy), who after working as a pro wrestling columnist for the Baltimore Sun picked up a writing job with WWE and along with it snatched up the company line. Now it’s his to toe:

“WWE is severing ties with FCW?” Eck wrote. “Good lord. Dirt sheets are wrong…AGAIN.”

Ooooh, sick burn, Eck! You really showed those dirt sheets! Man, I hope those dirty dirt sheets all disappear, and their dirty writers die and go straight to hell! Sheeeeeit!

So, to summarize: Abraham Washington, you still have a job. For now. -Eric

WWE closing Florida Championship Wrestling

According to Prowrestling.net via F4WOnline.com WWE has reportedly started their long planned over haul of their developmental system. They have notified Bright House Sports Network that they are closing shop on Florida Championship Wrestling.  The plan, as it stands now, is to move the promotion to Connecticut so that it is closer to WWE headquarters and thus closer to WWE brain trust.

The move makes sense on paper as the territory can come under closer scrutiny on a more consistent basis. It is also a cost effective move in that they will not need to fly officials back and forth to observe talent or critique the trainers.

It also provides a better avenue to turn a profit on a developmental program. WWE can go all out and build its own studio with actual professional touches instead of the shack/warehouse that currently hosts FCW. A small arena that seats about five-hundred people with an actual stage instead of a black curtain draped from steel posts with Christmas lights and a real announce area instead of a card table with a left over pieces of the black curtain would be nice touches.

In a sense WWE can create its own Impact Wrestling without having to finally buy out Dixie Carter and move everything from Orlando to Stamford, CT. -Jeremy

Darren Young employed but suspended by WWE

Well it has been about a month, month and a half, so there needed to be a Wellness Policy violation to remind us all that WWE does in fact conduct these tests still. Fred Rosser, better known as Darren Young, is the sacrificial lamb this time around.

The most surprising news out of this story is that, well, there are two things really I Suppose but anyway. The first is that Darren Young aka The Black John Cena is still on the active WWE roster and not relegated solely to FCW. See, if you thought that you would be wrong as he made an appearance on RAW this past Monday and then promptly walked out.

Then and really this is the more important part of the story, this guy is named Fred. If you would have had a hundred guesses there is no chance you would have thought his first name was Fred. –Jeremy

WWE Says Goodbye to Michael tarver

According to Prowrestling.net Michael Tarver was released by WWE over the weekend. Some other wrestlers were released as well but the only one that matters is Tarver. He was pretty bad to start NXT but came along fine when given the chance to talk. After the Cena angle where he removed members of NXT it was clear there was no room for him. Sure he showed up very once in a while backstage but it never amounted to anything. Not sure where a guy like this goes. HE was never given a chance to show his potential nor his weaknesses. Suppose you could say this is a head scratcher as he was never given a real moment for success. But he is a former WWE Superstar so someone in TNA must be jacking it to this news. -Jeremy

Husky Harris has a new gimmick.

I am not taking credit for finding this but I am taking credit for posting it on our site. This gimmick would have been badass popular when Slipknot was hugely popular. Now, it seems very TNAish. I imagine Dixie diddling herself like mad explaining to Abyss why this is exactly what he needs to look like. -Jeremy

WrestleMania 26 Preview #4- Triple H vs. Sheamus

Welcome to the gun show.

Its teacher versus student this time around. Jeremy and Kevin break down this rather uneventful match up for at least a solid 10 minutes before they discuss Showgirls. Why Showgirls? Well, why not? Anyway, settle in for a fun audio as they discuss the potential in the match and why the behind the scenes chatter should have made it on air.

WrestleMania 26 Preview Audio #4- Triple H vs Sheamus

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