Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of @WWE #Raw

I hope the good citizen’s that come to the site enjoyed the alternative posts with the Mick Foley comedy show and Colin Delaney interview. We can only hope that the later of the two leads to better interviews in the future. I’m also wrapping up ROH from two weeks ago before I start this review. Like a dope, I reviewed the more recent material. It was probably for the best since it was more hacked up matches from Showdown In The Sun. The Briscoes vs the World’s Greatest Tag Team wasn’t very good. ROH has fans and Charlie Haas flipping people off so often that I felt like half of the match was blurred over. Jay Lethal vs Roderick Strong was a good match but I don’t understand Tomasso Ciampa costing Jay Lethal the TV Title since they’re feuding. He screwed himself. No surprise that ROH is doing something dumb again. I’m sure the WWE will do something dumb tonight too. Let’s roll.

The WWE highlights their failures right off the bat. Johnny Wooden GM attacking John Cena because, you know, HHH got booted from the job for losing control. He’s a good character but the WWE’s logic is so fucked. Johnny comes out to no reaction what so ever. Johnny is playing straight up heel.  The crowd finally gets enough energy to boo. At least they cover their ass and say the Board of Director’s gave him a pass. I wish Roger Goodell had attacked one of the draftees. I’m sure he’d still be in his job. Johnny going all in on the heel aspect makes him a worse character. I’m bored. Why did I compliment him at the start? CM Punk comes out to, oh no, the crowd sucks. They barely react to him. It’s going to be a long night. I was going to say come out to wake everyone up. Greensboro blows. Punk tap dances around upsetting Johnny with good verbiage. Punk does get the crowd to react. Lord Tensai is Punk’s opponent tonight. I can’t wait for Punk to finally get a good match out of the big lug.

Johnny bumps into the Big Show back stage and yells at him. Eve Torres shows up like “Vampire” Hortatio Caine. Cody Rhodes comes out first. Mitchell Cool tries to defend Rhodes tables match win as legitimate. I wish Jerry Lawler wouldn’t argue like a 6th grader. Rhodes gets counted out. Eve comes out and orders the Big Show to apologize. Her ass is fantastic. Mitchell Cool, not joking, claims that having to apologize for making fun of Johnny’s voice is a severe consequence. Shot me. The WWE may have topped ROH for stupidity already.

They show replay of R Truth & Kofi Kingston winning because they have lots in common. Aside from their skin color, of course. Vickie Guerrero introduces the free falling Dolph Ziggler. I’m not even sure I want to admit he’s my boy he’s dropping so fast. It’s just Kofi vs Dolph. AW got Rosa, Epico & Primo to dress up. Mason Ryan shows up backstage because matches don’t matter. Ziggler gets the win with some help from Jack Swagger.

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WrestleMania 28 Preview #4- Big Show vs Cody Rhodes

Damn smooth

Cody Rhodes and Big Show; it is written so shall it happen. Has WWE done a reasonable amount of work to make this feud viable? Does Cody Rhodes have any momentum behind him even though he has been Intercontinental champion for eight months? Just how bad is Big Shows record at WrestleMania? Which one of our hosts is genuinely surprised by this? Does beating the Great Khali even matter now? How does selective historical enforcement play in to this match as it has in the other matches so far? Click the blue link that says “WrestleMania 28 Preview #4- Big Show vs Cody Rhodes” below.

WrestleMania 28 Preview #4- Big Show vs Cody Rhodes

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Rumor Mill Swirl: WWE planning Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal for WrestleMania 28 in Miami


Shaq, doing what he does best: shooting free throws.

According to the Camel Clutch Blog (check there for any original sources), WWE is planning for a Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal match at WrestleMania 28, to be held April 1, 2012, in Miami, Fla. A few points of note:

1) The seeds for this were planted in July 2009 on the episode of Monday Night Raw hosted by Shaq himself (click for historical context); the two had a face-to-face confrontation, but it was never followed up on, presumably because Shaq was still active in basketball and he’s not a bonehead like Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone, wrestling when they had an NBA championship to win…

2) Shaq is basically a god in Florida, so there’s no way he’d get booed in his home state, meaning Big Show would almost certainly need to turn heel, something I’m not too excited about. The angry giant thing is just trite at this point. I’d better get used to it, though.

3) WWE loves pitting Big Show against athletes and celebrities of varying levels of recognition, including sumo champion Akebono (WrestleMania 21) and Floyd Mayweather (WrestleMania 24). Show is also 0-2 against the celebs.

4) Daniel Bryan just fell one more spot down the WrestleMania ladder. -Eric

WWE WrestleMania buyrates down, other PPVs up a smidge

WrestleMania 23

If you squint really hard, and turn the camera around 180 degrees, you can see us!

According to, WWE released its pay-per-view numbers for the first quarter of 2010, and while the Royal Rumble scored higher this year than in 2009 (462,000 vs. 450,000), and the Elimination Chamber PPV that replaced No Way Out improved upon its predecessor’s number (285,000 vs. 272,000), WrestleMania 26 was down almost 100,000 views from WrestleMania 25 (885,000 vs. 975,000).

(Side note: WrestleMania 24, with the Ric Flair retirement match and Floyd Mayweather as a special attracton, drew 1,058,000 buys, while WrestleMania 23, featuring Donald Trump as a guest celebrity, pulled in 1.2 million buys. I’m glad WWE’s profits continue to rise despite buyrates and TV ratings sliding.)

Let’s do some 20/20 hindsight-type stuff here: This says to me that Bret Hart was not the draw WWE hoped he’d be; Edge not catching fire as a babyface might have hurt his draw; not capitalizing on a hot heel Batista vs. an always-popular Cena (in favor of and alongside the — truth be told well-done — Hart-McMahon feud) was a mistake; not having Triple H and Randy Orton in marquee match-ups may have been short-term mistakes (but helpful in the long term, possibly); and in my opinion the Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker retirement stipulation seemed very rushed in a desperate move to squeeze out a few more buys and didn’t seem to work. Now granted, McMahon may have had a point during a recent shareholders meeting when he suggested that just as many eyeballs saw WrestleMania this year but because of “communal” WrestleMania parties, the buyrate went down. Heck, I watched the PPV at the apartment of a friend, in a room full of people I’d never met in my life, because I didn’t want to spend $55 or whatever it was to watch it myself, so rather than lay the blame on shaky booking, I could blame Wes for buying the PPV, Ben for inviting me over and that dude with the dreads for not installing a second satellite dish in their pad. Oh well, thanks anyway, you guys, but I think Vince wants us to break up the shindig next year. -Eric

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