Stunt Granny Audio: OHPA 7

Ken and Kevin are back again after a week off because of Kevin’s travel schedule. They are here to celebrate episode seven with number seven from the Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger. Is he a guest? Of course not, we can’t get anyone that famous. Big Ben was at Pirates game shagging flys and hitting batting practice. For the second straight show, Ken tortures Kevin with memories of Idiot Intern. This time the subject matter is marbles. How much should one invest in marbles according to Idiot Intern? Is this art work by Mike Gong even comparable to what Idiot Intern collected? Is there any redeeming value to regular marbles after seeing what this gentleman can do with them? Ken & Kevin stay in the world of art by talking about a photographer putting together Gifs buildings that he has photographed. Where is the original building? Why do the guys talk about the link after talking about the art? Good thing they can link it in this write up before this miscue ever hits their ears. They move on to celebrate the start of the World Cup by talking about the videos of soccer trick shot artist Remi Gaillard.  Don’t worry, here’s the link to the Deadspin story since they repeated the same mistake immediately after the first one. How good is this guy? Are the long distance shots more impressive? How about the ones that require English? Why did Ken not watch the video below the original? Are those ones more believable? How much of a dick can Remi be? How many buildings can Kevin list from the video in Paris? They wrap up their show with their third bit of sports talk, Bad British Hockey Commentary from @amhrichardson. What parts are funny? Which ones aren’t so good? Can you hear the clip of the Bad British NFL Commentary through Kevin’s lap top? Last but not least, what’s the #SippyTimeBeer of the week? Find out when you click on the link below!

ROH to Air in France.

Dog with a Beret, get it?

Rejoice, wrestling fans! Frenchies can now sit around chain-smoking with a baguette in hand espousing how ROH’s visual style is reminiscent of early French existential films in that they are both overrated pieces of shit but since they are not well known, only douchebag film snobs like it and look down on whoever hasn’t heard of them. But hey, much like all ROH fans, French people think they’re better than everyone else, yet don’t wear deodorant. All of this according to

This isn’t the worst thing for France. It now gives their national soccer/football team something to watch when they refuse to practice. I can’t imagine there is much else to watch in France other than Jerry Lewis and Yahoo Serious flicks. Have you ever tried watching French porn? That garbage is near unwatchable. Not only can you not understand anyone, you can barley see a chick’s vagina behind the thicket that runs from the lower ass cheek up to their friggin belly button. Hey ladies, it’s called a BIC; look in to it, for Christ’s sake.

This isn’t exactly great news for ROH, however; when a good day consists of TV in France and Eddie Edwards re-signing, you might as well cash in your chips. Remember this, kids: France gave the U.S. the Statue of Liberty. ROH gave TNA Desmond Wolfe. Thanks for nothing. –Jeremy (with an assist from Eric)

The Art of Wrestling – Christmas Edition II

Who says Hanukkah isn't as commercial a holiday as Christmas?

On the fourth day of Christmas, my imaginary love got for me 4 Rey Mysterio Camo Replica Masks, 3 Abyss Masks, 2 Sting Teddy Bears and one Sting Mask “Wall Art” in a Pear Tree. I picked on TNA for a couple of their masks so my imaginary love had to have one from the WWE delivered to me. You may spend a lot more money on the Rey mask ($50 to $11.99) but at the quality between the products is as large as the price tags. It also comes in white, red, green red & black and red & white (both come with pants)  and royal blue. I think Rey’s mask looks pretty cool but I’m still not sure what an adult would do with this item. Even for a child, it’s good for going to a WWE event (maybe twice a year) and Halloween. Even though the product is better and there’s quite a variety to choose from, it doesn’t seem worth it to me.

On the fifth day of Christmas, my imaginary love got for me, five pair of Degeneration X slippers, four Rey Mysterio Camo Replica Masks, three Abyss Masks, two Sting Teddy Bears and one Sting Mask “Wall Art” in a pear tree. I can’t believe that DX hasn’t shilled for this product on TV. She had the right idea to get me something warm and fuzzy to put on my feet in the cold weather. I don’t mind the neon green stripes on the sides of the top of the shoe but it seems like they could add a little bit more to not make them so black. The problem I always find that stitching letter comes undone easily and becomes hard to read which appears to be happening from the beginning. They’ll get some use so this is probably the best present she’s given me so far even if DX sucks.

I visited Amiens Cathedral in France, too bad this isn't my picture.

On the sixth day of Christmas, my imaginary love got for me, six Undertaker Deadman Skull Caps, five pair of Degeneration X slippers, four Rey Mysterio Camo Replica Masks, three Abyss Masks, two Sting Teddy Bears and one Sting Mask “Wall Art” in a pear tree. I think the Deadman Forever moniker is a little odd considering his frequent layoffs (rightfully so) and impending retirement (It’ll be sooner than later) but if they want to go with it because he’s already “dead” then so be it. The text is a take on gothic. The imagery behind the text is similar to Gothic architecture which is a nice touch. It fits his character so this is a home run product. It should keep me warm on my walks with my dogs.

Three days of TNA products then three days of WWE products, unfortunately my imaginary love is going to get me three more days of TNA products next. – Kevin

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