Uh Oh, It Is @WWE Release Day.


Spoiler alert!

It is axe day for WWE as six World Wrestling Entertainment competitors found out.  Apparently once you are released you are no longer classified as a superstar, you are now a competitor; interesting. (UPDATE: This has been changed to Superstars on wwe.com) Using updates from WWE.com and Prowrestling.net, WWE has parted ways with Brodus Clay, Teddy Long, Camacho, Evan Bourne, Curt Hawkins, Aksana and Yoshi Tatsu.  Without reading the headline I hit up Kevin and made a guess. I named Yoshi, Aksana and Curt Hawkins the rest couldn’t have been more wrong. The fact I was having a hard time remembering most of the lower tier talent goes along with the non-surprise involved in these releases.

When you name the title of your post “Six notable talent cuts” shouldn’t at least one of the names be considered notable? Teddy Long hasn’t been on TV in quite a while and I believe Shahid and I discussed his whereabouts not too long ago. Teddy isn’t what you would be considered a young man so this could be a mutual decision. Regardless it is in WWE’s best interest ad they have a glut of authoritative characters on their programming despite the recent on air firings and changes.

Brodus Clay is a stumper, not for the fact he has been released but the very fact he made the most of a dumb gimmick and made money out of it. Wouldn’t WWE be interested in keeping someone with that sort of talent? The Funkasaurus gimmick was perfect for the kids. It was goofy enough that the usually sullen and angry internet audiences eventually came around due to his catch phrases and Naomi’s ass.



The more the character got over the less he appeared on television. He then went through a terrible heel turn and disappeared. He made a final appearance in NXT and that was it. Poof, gone. The argument can be made that he should have been used as a bad ass monster and it will be valid. A confusing career in WWE though is over for now with potential still remaining.

Here is the mean part of this all; Camacho, Evan Bourne, Curt Hawkins and Yoshi Tatsu; farewell. As a fan they never connected. As a business none of them fit above the jobber position outside of Evan Bourne. They were all bland outside of Evan Bourne who wouldn’t stop smoking pot and then repeatedly was injured. He had profitable look and gimmick and it was all for nothing.  Yoshi Tatsu may have been good in the ring but as history dictates, without a mouthpiece a foreign wrestler does not go far. Fair or not that is how WWE conducts business.

Poor, poor Aksana she deserved much better.  After her Monday night it seemed like there was something up. She seemed genuinely surprised by what happened. Maybe she is that good of an actress or maybe it was a rib on her. Regardless she was a barely utilized talent as well. I will miss her even if she was but a whisper on WWE programming. She had a different look than the other Divas. She had a feminine if muscular look and those eyes. Oh those eyes.

Apparently more cuts are coming. Sheesh, this hasn’t happened in a while.   -Jeremy

Stunt Granny Audio #188


Stunt Granny is on a roll this week with audio goodness, this time brought to you by Jeremy & Kevin. They rewind the whole way to last Thursday to start off the talk with Impact Wrestling. Was the opening segment good, bad or just tired? Did Hulk Hogan need to throw away the format sheet to have a good segment? Is Bully Ray the best thing going in TNA? What is wrong with AJ Styles’s tattoo? Jeremy likes Joseph Park and compares him to Superman. What could TNA do to kick Park’s law business to the next level? Kevin moves on to Ring of Honor by talking about Kevin Steen versus Davey Richards at Border Wars. Was it a good idea to put the whole match on TV? They question whether the whole match was indeed shown. Is it OK to chant “This is awesome” during any match? Was this match worthy of such a chant regardless? Jeremy & Kevin move on to the WWE. Was it good or bad that Brodus Clay got beat down? Will this assault change his character? Kevin talks about his man crush, Dolph Ziggler. Why isn’t Vickie Guerrero getting him singles matches anyway? Will she help Ziggler if he wants to move on to superstardom? The guys finish by talking about the breaking news of Randy Orton being suspended for sixty days. Will this help the younger guys along with the suspension of Chris Jericho? Can the guys resist talking about pooping in Randy Orton’s bag? Find out that and more when you click the link below!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #188

Kevin’s Blog: #Smackdown – For The Hell Of It

Just trying to get up as many review as possible since it’s the busiest time of the year. Since I’m so late on this show, I’m going speed demon style. If for some bizarre reason you don’t scroll down until you see an article you’ve read already, please do so now. Dan, Dusty & Eric did an audio about the Hall of Fame inductees. Let’s roll.

Daniel Bryan comes out with AJ. He wants to know how AJ feels to be in love with the World Champion. She tries to get out extra info but he shuts her down. Sometimes they spoon. Hilarious. She really enjoys cuddling. I can’t stop laughing. He’s a great lover too. I like that they’re shifting her character up a notch. She felt like a novelty. Sheamus shows up. He calls Bryan a coward. Nice of Bryan to make his own chant “Danny” by emphasizing Daniel. Slick little trick. Sheamus is the Irish version of John Cena with the wise cracking then serious tone.

R Truth is taking on Mark Henry. I hope this is a squash match. The crowd sweetener is on something fierce. They’re giving Truth some offense. Cross body into the World’s Strongest Slam.

Zack Ryder rally & a mascot isn’t big enough for Teddy Long. The Great Khali acts like Ryder. He looks more natural in the get up than Robbie T. Zack & Khali are added to Team Teddy.

The Bellas get an inset promo. Brie doesn’t need Nikki’s help against AJ. The announcers are trying to do something coherent about AJ but it’s failing. Her character is still being developed so it’s hard to argue. AJ had an arm bar locked in. Double distraction. Brie runs into Nikki. AJ gets the roll up. The Bellas disagree about a lot of things. They will be rooting for different teams at Wrestlemania. The sheep may actually be chanting Team Teddy. Weird.

Vickie Guererro intros Jack Swagger but I blow right by it. Zack Ryder is his opponent. Hornswoggle is at ringside with his Team Teddy flag. Mitchell Cool is running down Team Teddy. On paper, Cool is right. Swagger has been a waste of space for at least a year now. Dolph Ziggler hasn’t really accomplished anything yet. This crowd is sitting on it’s hands even as Ryder is on offense. Swagger kicks out of the Broski Boot. Powerbomb into a Swaggerbomb only gets a two count. Vickie’s distraction back fires. Ryder with the Rough Ryder for the win. The crowd is fist pumping. We get replay of Cody Rhodes and Big Show. Matt Striker talks to Rhodes. He talks about Show being a choke artist at Wrestlemania. Big Show is the WWE’s biggest fool. Rhodes is doing a good sell job.

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Kevin’s Blog: Definitely Live & Half Assed Review of #Raw

Jeremy is going to have to settle for a clean basement.

There’s some big news on Prowrestling.net that Jeremy wanted me to get to since it applies to Pro Wrestling Ohio. I will but this puppy is going up first. I’ll start that after Raw is over. Good thing there’s no new Hawaii Five-O to distract me. Jeremy is settling for a clean basement because him & his woman are setting up shop in the fine city of Columbus for Wrestlemania. It should be a drunken good time. At least they won’t have to look at the washer and dryer since they have their own room.Oh well, it’s time for the show. Let’s roll.

I can’t believe they sold out the Q. There will not be that many people at Smackdown tomorrow here. Jerry Lawler gets the honors of introing a douche-tastic John Cena who is pandering to the fans with a Cavs jersey and the old chain. At least he went with a Mark Price jersey. I was OK with it. The facials and his personal presentation stunk. Going back to the sell out, if we got Rock, Michaels & the Undertaker, I’d imagine Nationwide Arena would be sold out. We’re so going to get hosed. Vickie Guerrero introduces Dolph Ziggler. Interesting to open the show without fifteen minutes of babble. He gets to play jobber for a bit longer since he’s taking on Sheamus. Nothing happened before the commercial.

My boy Dolph is getting in some offense after a nice sneaky move under the ring. Josh Matthews gets to interview Daniel Bryan. He asks about telling AJ to shut up. AJ looks scared to say she wasn’t fine with it. They should wait until later to break them up. Something weird happened with Sheamus’s finisher. Ziggler turns it into a pinning attempt but the weirdness was after. They recovered nicely. The Brogue Kick has turned into his RKO. He can hit it out of nowhere. The twelve man tag match that Eric talked about below is officially announced on TV.

We get GM replay of Smackdown. Johnny Wooden GM is in the announce booth. Santino Marella comes out with Aksana. He is named Team Teddy’s captain. Evidently it’s a mixed tag match. Johnny makes it a handicapped match with Mark Henry teaming with David Otunga. Mitchell Cool tries to make a case for Johnny. Seriously, why would the board want him in his position? Why leave that in the hands of wrestlers who have nothing to do with the situation? Would an NFL team let their players determine who the next head coach is? Kofi Kingston tried to make the save. R Truth tried to make the save. When is Khali coming out? I hope the Miz is better on Psych than John Cena was.

The Bellas and Alicia Fox were on Extra with Maria Menounos. Eve has her tits hanging out. Zack Ryder is just realizing that she is playing him. She wants to be friends with benefits. Beth Phoenix wanted to be on Extra. Beth blurts out Eve’s plan. My cable gacks up so I have no idea the last thing Eve said to Beth. The Miz tries to talk to Johnny while he’s on the phone. He gets to intro James Roday. The Miz wants to be on Team Johnny. Roday is going to be a guest ring announcer. The Miz is taking on CM Punk. Evidently the Funkasaurus is back. When do they take him back off TV?

Jinder Mahal is the poor sap who gets to lose to the returning Funkasaurus. OK, There’s no way he improved any of those moves in the time he’s been off. Does the crowd seem dead for him or is it just me?

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Brodus Clay off of WWE television

Like seeing this on WWE television every week? If you don’t well I don’t understand how you can’t really but don’t get used to it.

This is straight up WWE idiocy at its finest. Vince McMahon has decided to pull Brodus Clay from television because he doesn’t like his in ring work according to gerweck.net. This is the guy they have had on television for the better part of 2011. He had matches on television as well. Again, he was already on WWE television. He was then removed from television and repackaged, well not at first but whatever, and then debuts in spectacularly jaw-dropping fashion.

Opinions vary on Brodus Clay and the Funkasaurus gimmick but the one indisputable thing is that the gimmick had gotten over. He took what was reported to be a punishment gimmick and turned it around. So, how does he get repaid? Yup, he gets his ass pulled off of television.

The reasoning makes no sense. They have had plenty of time to judge Clay’s in ring prowess. They have had ample amounts and footage to pore over to make the decision he wasn’t ready for primetime. Pulling him now seems like a political move or at the very least just a dick move. By dick move I mean a punishment. Clay turned their punishment around and made it work. Well, I guess ambition shouldn’t be repaid?

I officially don’t understand wrestling any longer. WWE, as much as I back most decisions and defend the poor decisions has left me scratching my head on this. They are pulling money off the table. There is money in Clay right now and this isn’t a gimmick that will ruin his future as a big man monster type if they choose to go that direction. Kids are idiotic and eat up merchandise. There is no way you can say they wouldn’t want a Brodus Clay hat and dinosaur foam hands? I mean, that sounds awesome get me a pair right now.

On a serious note; they better keep the Funkettes on TV. That is way too much ass to be kept backstage.-Jeremy

At the very least we have this.

Stunt Granny Audio #171

That's funking right.

Jeremy & Kevin are back together and they got funky. But before they talk about the man from the Planet of Funk, they have a nice long discussion about Jeremy’s article on TNA pay per views. What was Kevin’s opinion of the article? Did Jeremy point out their flaws without mentioning similar problems in the WWE? Did Kevin promise to start doing another review column for Impact Wrestling? Who from TNA’s Knockout’s Division recognized a tweet from him? The guys move on to talk about the booking of  TNA in general rather. Should AJ Styles still be feuding with Robert Roode? Would it help both of them out in the long run? Would it benefit Jeff Hardy too? Jeremy & Kevin finally move on to talk about the Funkasaurus. What did the character do to make Kevin think there is a trend in the WWE? They wrap up the show by talking on a shortened level about the Hall of Fame inductees, Edge and The Four Horseman? How important was Edge? What version of the Horseman do the guys think should have been inducted? Click on the link below to find out the answers to these questions and more.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #171

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