Gabe Sapolsky hates money, pro wrestling, you

For no reason

For no reason

Quote Mike Johnson:

When I reached out to Sapolsky, he noted that they would not be working with Wrestlecon this year as they could not come to a “business arrangement” with, the primary promoter/sponsor of the event due to the costs involved with the Wrestlecon venue.

Okay, so here’s the deal as I understand it. Wrestlecon is the indy’s way of weaseling in on the cash cow that is WrestleMania weekend. I believe all the promotions should band together for this event, as a way of maximizing profit for all parties. Since this is wrestling and that would seem to make sense, no dice there.

Wrestlecon is currently slated to be this amount of shit sandwich:

* Saturday AM session, 10 am to 4 pm: Includes admission to vendors, autograph and photo sessions; Marty DeRosa comedy show; $5 Wrestling event; & more.

* Saturday PM session, 7 pm to 1 am: Includes admission into the signing & vendors area; an independent show; a live taping of Colt Cabana’s podcast; & more. For an additional $25, fans can upgrade to a front row ticket.

*Sunday session, 10 am to 3 pm: Includes live tapings of The Kevin Steen Show & Old School with Steve Corino; & admission to the signing & vendor area; & more.


the “WWN Live Experience” in a separate venue is “live events and iPPV shows from Evolve, Shimmer, Kaiju Big Battel and Dragon Gate USA, with shows on Friday, multiple shows on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.”

So Gabe Sapolsky’s aversion to doing good things and making money shines through again. He’d rather get into an “I can one up you!” pissing contest, thus spreading the indy dollar thin and no one wins. As Jeremy put it early today, Gabe is that liberal college douchebag who doesn’t care about making money. Maybe his brain is doing a semester abroad to try to find itself.

And ROH? Well, ROH will get back to you real soon! – Dusty

Gabe Sapolsky man-ragging about CM Punk, Daniel Bryan makes me think, “Who gives a f***?”

gabe sapolsky

Gabe Sapolsky: Portrait of a Man... who learned as much from Paul Heyman as he did from Tommy Dreamer and people who don't shower.

According to, DGUSA (yep, it’s still around) booker Gabe Sapolsky wrote a blog at the Heyman Hustle Web site, the topic being CM Punk and Daniel Bryan winning the only two titles in professional wrestling that count, and moral being that he was the genius who booked them first.

I had the privilege and good fortune to book both Punk and Bryan as Ring Of Honor World Champions. When both stood atop WWE Universe last night the only thought that came to mind was “F— YOU!!!!”

God, he’s so counter culture! AGE-OF-THEFALL! AGE-OF-THEFALL!

I believe in them because they have those special intangibles that separate the greats from the wannabes and the elite from the greats.

No note from Sapolsky as to who in Dragon Gate USA or EVOLVE these days has those special intangibles. And what apparently goes without saying is that there are wannabes (Brodie Lee, Chuck Taylor), there are greats (CIMA… yeah, CIMA), and there are the elite (guys who have moved onto WWE to win major championships and earn good money). Read between the lines, people. -Eric

ROH TV Show Is Cancelled

This can’t be good news. According to, ROH’s television deal with HDNet is set to expire and thus the last episode of ROH television will air on April 4, 2011. Now before we get too far ahead; yes ROH had a weekly television series. Yes, it was an actual first run program and was not entirely made up of recaps.

Now, that being said, this is not good for Ring of Honor. There is no good way to spin this news as it seems that their one, free, opportunity for visibility is totally gone. Rather than having first run wrestling content on their network, a network that offers reruns of old episodes of Cheers and Smallville as well as some show called “Get Out!” as legit programming, they have given ROH the boot.

This has to signal the end of ROH doesn’t it? How can they rebound and still make money without real time programming. The days of DVD only sales and revenue are long gone. ROH has lost too much talent in the last three years and have never replaced the likes of CM Punk, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles with anyone marketable or with that “next one” hype to them. This just screams dieing days for ROH. It is to bad there is such a limited market out there for the talent. -Jeremy

Peace Out Trent Acid

You were the dirtiest of hobos.

From Mike Johnson at PWInsider:

I am extremely sorry to report that Michael “Trent Acid” Verdi was found dead this morning by his mother. He was 29 years old.

Under his Trent Acid ring name, Verdi was one of the can’t miss prospects of the Philadelphia independent scene during the early part of the decade, first as one half of the Backseat Boyz with long-time friend and partner Johnny Kashmere and then later as a singles competitor.

Acid held just about every title there was in Combat Zone Wrestling, which was really his home promotion in many respects and later on main evented for Ring of Honor in a great feud against Homicide.

In watching him at that point, there was no doubt he was going to go on to make a lot of money for a larger promotion, but personal problems bogged him down and he never seemed to overcome them.

The early belief is that Verdi’s death was drug-related, but nothing official has been ruled at this time.

I’ll be writing alot more about Verdi in the days to come, but I just don’t have the heart to look back on his career right now. He was someone who, deep down, had a great heart for the business and his friends – all of whom, myself included – were pushing for him to get back to being the performer he used to be and to find some happiness in his life. It really, truly breaks my heart that it’s never going to happen.

I am sure a lot of people are going to write about his drug issues and arrests in recent years, but I’d prefer to remember the Trent Acid who made so many independent shows fun with his antics and in-ring work, the “How is Gee” chants that no one but the old NYC bus trip crew got, the incredible series against Teddy Hart, and a time period where Trent Acid was poised to take on the world. That’s the Michael Verdi I want to remember.

Like I wrote, I’ll have more on this in the days to come, but right now, I just don’t have the heart to write anything more.

I’ll never forget how Gabe Sapolsky hated your guts. Thoughts, prayers. – Dusty

Best of 2009- Jeremy Edition

Best Promotion:

WWE. This wasn’t nearly as easy to choose as I first thought. Monday Night raw is a diarrhea diaper. ECW is akin to your parents in the nursing home. You go see them only because you feel obligated. Then there is Smackdown; the best wrestling show in the world. So 1.5 out of 3 isn’t so bad. Not like TNA’s zero batting average for their product.

Runners up:

ROH: Cary Silkin correctly booted Gabe Sapolsky and eventually brought in Jim Cornette to “hang around: In the meantime the promotion lost talent left and right but it is still a good promotion. It found its legs after a few months of being lost but nowhere near the train wreck that comes in third.

TNA: By default they are third. I can’t consider Lucha Libre since I don’t understand Spanish and that shit looks choreographed beyond belief.

Best Injury:

Mickie James’ implant busting. Now, Mickie James is at the top of my list of women’s wrestlers I would sleep with despite the fact they may have an incurable STD. I love this injury because it gives me spank material thinking about how she would need to massage her breasts to soften up the new implant. Even if that isn’t how it works its real to me. Excuse me, be back in 3 minutes. Oh and this story may not even be true but I don’t care.

Continue reading

Galapagos Island Wrestling


I'm hoping Davey Richards won't come to the ring playing bagpipes.

(Eric beat me to talking about this promotion. I do like Davey Richards as a super dick head heel because he just comes off that way without him speaking. I have no idea the shenanigans that Gabe usually pulls because of my limited viewing of ROH. Having to throw money down a hole on cigarettes for your waste of space ex-wife smokes puts a dent in your spending of money on wrestling DVDs.)

In a recent development, Gabe Sapolsky, Davey Richards and Sal Hamaoui have started up a new wrestling promotion called Evolve. I missed Gabe’s post on MySpace but did catch the story on They did put out a video to go along with this announcement but there isn’t much to it. Normally we try be be condescending, as negative as possible and generally make fun of someone or thing in wrestling but I’m actually going to do some serious analysis for a change.

I have been yapping about how wrestling needs to become more like sports (Just listen to our last two shows here and here) and even though Evolve has only posted some limited rules on their proposed point system for wrestlers, they’re headed in that direction.  Let’s go through these rules:

“1. Official Singles Division: These wrestlers will concentrate on singles matches. All bouts between official wrestlers will count towards their record. Competitors become “official” either by invitation from the EVOLVE board of directors or by winning a qualifying match.”

I’ll comment on the qualifying matches which are covered under note #3. I love the idea of keeping single’s wrestlers in a separate idea. I’ve never liked the idea of a super team even if Jerishow did make the belts relevant for a couple of months in the WWE. The majority of us are tired of seeing guys team up for a tag match simply because they’re feuding with their opponents for the evening. This idea should limit or down right eliminate this crutch that is used. The fleshing out area will come in how they use the record. Will it be just a win/loss record? Will there be points for different types of victories? Speed of a victory? As I said at the top of the article, they have a lot of fleshing out to do. Continue reading

Davey Richards + Gabe Sapolsky = Ultimate Warrior

Davey Richards

"Sorry, Shingo, my lords want me to kick you very hard!"

Don’t get me wrong, Davey Richards is a Stunt Granny favorite, a wrestler who the majority of the SG crew (I say this because Jordan, Jeremy and I believe it, and I’m not sure what Dusty and Kevin think) have said could be a top-level dickhead heel in any major promotion. So what has he chosen to do? Team up with metalhead and former Ring of Honor booker, the ever-opaque Gabe Sapolsky, to start a new company called EVOLVE Wrestling (capitalize at your own whimsy).

According to, Davey Richards recently heard from WWE, but then he looked into his hands and his gods said something about rewards and punishment…?

“But no one understands why, its not for attention I do this, its not for money, its not for notoriety. Its for my beliefs, my morals, my creed. I am a man who believes hard work must be rewarded and laziness must be punished. I’ve simply walked away from places before who I feel have not shared this moral with me.

“Evolve is my opportunity to not seek out big paydays, not to seek out mainstream notoriety, or to even gain attention. Evolve is my place to seek out the best, outwork them, and beat them.”

Ohhh kay. So after I read this, I had to check out the EVOLVE Wrestling Web site, which has Age of the Fall bullshit tactics written all over it. First, here’s Gabe’s and Davey’s mission, now with 50 percent more Destrucity:

EVOLVE is an attitude.

EVOLVE is not a particular in ring style. It is not an age group. It is not strictly defined.

EVOLVE has no limitations. It has no restrictions. It has no boundaries.

EVOLVE is the ability to look into nothingness and instead of seeing nothing to recognize infinite potential and absolute possibilities.

EVOLVE is the desire to be something greater than what we’ve become.

TAKE THE PLANE INTO A NOSE DIVE HOAK HO-GAN! Anyway, this *could* be a cool concept, as it appears Gabe & Co. plan to focus on win-loss records within stringent singles and tag team divisions. It’s just too bad one of the wrestlers who’s been invited onto the roster has a first name that starts with Bobb… (Check here to see what I mean.) Yep, Gabe only wrote B-o-b-b… and made the letters fade out. So I presume he means Bobby Dempsey. Sure, it could be one of literally half a dozen active wrestlers anyone gives a shit about, except for the fact that I bet no one gives a shit about them (see: Dempsey, Bobby).

Anyway, once again, cool concept with some potential, combined with Gabe’s usual shenanigans and a hell of a talented wrestler who’s apparently gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. RFD-TV, here we come! -Eric

Gabe Sapolsky Speaks

This is some interesting shit.

This is some interesting shit.

Over at there is a link to a article with a statement from Gabe Sapolsky about his removal as booker of ROH. Now don’t get your hopes up. The quote sucks and isn’t really worth mentioning but since it is a slow news day, get it, it warrants a comment.

There really isn’t a side to my story. There was no fight or hard feelings. I understand Cary’s decision. I love ROH and hopefully everyone will give the new direction a chance.

This just goes to show that Gabe has no clue how to survive in the wrestling business. Rule #1 when leaving or being fired, always bad mouth the former employer. This way it guarantees you get rehired down the road or better yet some yutz promoter brings you in for an astronomical asking price. Use this situation to your advantage. Take some shots and watch the real cash roll in. -Jeremy

Sapolsky Out As ROH Booker

This makes our Stunt Granny mascot , Peaches, sad.

This makes our Stunt Granny mascot , Peaches, sad.

According to, Gabe Sapolsky has finally gotten the boot as head booker effective immediately. In a very terse statement ROH makes it readily clear he is out.

Ring of Honor is announcing that Gabe Sapolsky will be leaving the company effective immediately.  Everybody at ROH would like to thank him for his contributions and wish him well in all future endeavors.

Going forward Ring of Honor will be focusing on the stories and the talent in the ring.  The company will have no further comments on this issue or a replacement for Mr. Sapolsky.  We would like to thank all of the fans and media who have supported us over the years and look forward to bringing you more great wrestling excitement in the future.

May we suggest the following for replacements; Jim Cornette, Paul Heyman, Dave Prazak or a monkey in a tuxedo. -Jeremy

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