Darren Young comes out in an airport.


Wait a minute is this for real? Is this how it is supposed to be done now? Outing yourself as a gay man in an airport baggage claim area while some TMZ douche interrupts your privacy? Clearly it was a staged event but still; how did WWE not get in on this and publicize it on their site first? Me thinks someone is getting removed from television for a while.  WWE may be proud of Darren for coming out but they cannot be happy about the lost opportunity to exploit it. What a shame.

It took way longer to come up with this post than usual. I tried to pawn it off on Dusty (methbender again) and Eric (busy doing whatever his woman asks) but they suddenly aren’t checking email.

On one hand it is a landmark sort of story. There have been plenty of gay wrestlers before but none have publically outed themselves in this way. It is clearly a big deal to Darren and his family. It is a big deal professionally and obviously personally. From an outsiders perspective; I don’t really care.  Eric2 and I have talked about this on The Stunt Granny Sports Show, which is on hiatus due to me packing up the recording equipment for my move, and from a performance standpoint it really doesn’t mean anything. He isn’t suddenly going to have incredible matches nor is he magically going to cut promos with ease.  From the fan perspective is anyone going to notice. It is inevitable that there will be crowds that will boo based on his “choice.”  Conversely, there will be the crowds that will cheer while they attach themselves to the news. It is enivitable.

The most curious aspect of this all is how WWE will react. They have already posted a congratulatory message on their site. What I am looking for is how he is used, treated and changed on television. It is ripe for major publicity and we all know WWE loves positive publicity. -Jeremy

CM Punk called someone a homo. GLAAD will train WWE.

Here’s the video, watch it first and try not to let his insanely awesome mustache distract you from the real issue.

Back now? Good.

So CM Punk called this fan at ringside a homo. So what. No one in the area cared. In fact they all laughed as Punk tore this yellow bucktoothed tool down. You know why?

Words don’t hurt.

What does hurt is GLAAD and every other special interest group telling you they do. They are the ones giving power to such words by essentially brainwashing you in to believing that words can ruin your very fabric. They perpetuate the stereotype by acknowledging what these words now mean.

They have gone from an actual necessity to word police. They are now trying to dictate how and what a word should mean to someone? Who made GLAAD the spokesperson for all gays, lesbians, transsexuals and the rest? Why should anything, and I do mean anything, they do matter? Wasn’t their sole purpose the fight for equality? When did t become monitoring what people say?

Let’s be clear here. What Punk did hurt absolutely no one. Off the cuff remarks do not have that critical sting you are led to believe. For example; I am Polish. You think there isn’t one joke about being stupid, dumb, retarded (whoops) idiotic, slow or any other assortment of the like? It doesn’t matter at all. Words are words. Unless you are Matt Hardy who has never heard of the sticks and stones theory.  (See got him in here.)

As for WWE, as a business they need to tell GLAAD to fuck off douche bags (wording chosen on purpose so save it). Really that is what all businesses should do with these sort of groups. These sort of things never come back to hurt them the outrage is manufactured. They get their name out in the press. It leads to more dollars. GLAAD makes bank off of these situations while muddying their stated purpose.

Sponsors always come back once the media moves on to the next dead baby or missing sorority girl.

The idea that someone has the right to boycott, change or in GLAAD’s case, train your natural (not an American right) right to free speech should sicken and scare you. GLAAD actually uses the word train in their press releases and everyone goes along with it. No one bats an eye.

No one, and I do mean no one, has the right to dictate what you think, say or feel. -Jeremy Maes

Stunt Granny Big 11 Week Ending 3/19/11

1. Netflix – So did you fork over 29.99 or more on a recent WWE DVD? Well, stupid, you could have waited and watched each documentary portion of the DVD on Netflix. And boy oh boy is this a relief because the Bobby Heenan DVD sucked a fat one. Let’s forget they even bothered with a Big Show documentary as well. – Jeremy

2. The Miz – Another week and yet another strong performance from the forgotten member of WrestleMania 27 main event. A big kudos to the make-up person for the bald cap cause that sure was effective. It fooled a bleary-eyed guy just waking up watching the show. – Jeremy

3. Jeff Hardy – Have you heard the one about the guy that was in no condition to perform but he got sent to the ring anyway? Well this is that one. As much as Jeff should be vilified for this let’s not give an inch on anyone else behind the scenes in TNA. They are just as responsible for this debacle as dear Jeffrey. – Jeremy

4. Jim Ross – The Okie returned to Monday Night Raw in the midst of an awkward but effective Jerry Lawler-Brian Christopher confrontation, got the pop of the night, then suffered a legit (but probably minor) injury in the process. Even though we’ll be there live, it’ll still be nice to know JR is at ringside calling the action, if he’s allowed to be. – Eric

5. Drew Carey – Just goes to show that an association with TNA means nothing. Carey didn’t even make the Stunt Granny Big 11 last week when he called TNA’s Brian Kendrick to “The Price is Right’s” stage, but now that he’s being inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame, he’s all over this list! Lucky duck! – Eric

6. Snooki – You know, I planned on slamming Jersey Shore. Then I got the smart idea to Google what their ratings are. Much to my surprise, their season 3 debut had 8.4 million viewers. This garbage got a 4.2 rating among adults. These numbers beg the question, if crap is rewarded this well, why aren’t our hits through the roof? – Kevin

7. The Rock – I love that every male above the age of 16 that watches wrestling is so desperate to see John Cena mocked for his ridiculous antics that they liked the Rock’s awful promo on Monday. The Rock doesn’t walk on water, he’s not perfect. One could see the child gag coming because it’s the WWE and anytime someone is mocking their opponent they use a child or midget. Hack material, no way around it. Don’t worry, I’m not just offending you the reader, I’m also offending my site comrades. – Kevin

8. WWE Superstars – In a shocking turn of events, Superstars is going off the air April 7th, according to WGN. Another poorly run program that wasn’t used for any storyline purposes and half of the show was reruns from the previous Raw or Smackdown. This cancellation feels like a tree falling in the woods with no one around. – Kevin

9. GLAAD – WWE recently announced a partnership with GLAAD in order to “create and promote an anti-bullying initiative aimed at their core audience.” This comes on the heels of the backlash against John Cena’s anti-gay promos. Look, this is nice and all to say, but let’s face it here. WWE’s “core audience” is lower income white trash Walmart people. They are by and large racist and homophobic people. (I’m stereotyping just like they do.) They aren’t going to buy this message, no matter how well done it is. And shame on GLAAD for trusting WWE in any way whatsoever after the whole Billy and Chuck fiasco. – Dusty

10. Daffney – So Daffney’s contract expired, and TNA chose not to renew it. In turn, she has filed a worker’s compensation suit against TNA because of on-the-job injuries suffered that have not been properly compensated for by the company. This basically makes her unemployable for any major wrestling company, but maybe her thought is to cash in while she has the chance and get the hell out of the business altogether. My mom recently filed a worker’s comp suit herself, and the lawyer said he only takes cases where he thinks he has a great chance of winning, so maybe that bodes well for young Daffney. – Dusty

11. Victory Road – Holy god, that was an awful PPV. Maybe one of the worst ever. Sweet Jesus, what an awful company. – Dusty

GLAAD is anything but

That's the same face I make when I try to watch Raw.

That's the same face I make when I try to watch Raw.

So if you are on the internet and you have lots of o4u about things, you’re probably all up in arms about Vince McMahon’s use of the word “gay” this past Monday on Raw. Or maybe you don’t care at all, because you know it was a total throwaway line. But you know who does care? GLAAD. Here is an excerpt from the GLAAD Blog site:

McMahon here wasn’t implying the performers were gay, however, he used the term in a derogatory manner. It’s just another example of how people throw around the word “gay” derisively.

This came from the leader of a $500 million-plus organization who holds a lot of power in what he says and what he does.

The WWE’s website states, “WWE is committed to family-friendly, PG content across all of its platforms including television programming, pay-per-view, digital media and publishing.” However, off-handedly using “gay” in a derogatory manner is anything but family-friendly.

WWE programming reaches 16 million viewers each week. McMahon needs to understand that the words he uses and how he uses them can greatly affect people’s lives.

GLAAD is reaching out to McMahon and the USA Network.

Okay, you go do that, GLAAD. Let’s pretend that trying to suggest to Vince that something he said or did might not have been the right thing to do. We can ask Bob Costas about what a sane, rational person Vince he is. Well, you can. I’ll be busy buying Vince that big blue balloon he asked for. – Dusty

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