Leprechaun: Origins Trailer

Move over Warwick Davis, you have been replaced. WWE is dipping their toes in the horror genre again with a reboot of the “Leprechaun” franchise.  Judging by the trailer the movie is your standard kids in the woods style elimination horror trope and that is fine. Stick with the basics and you can create a scary film. The Leprechaun franchise still has legs even if it has been on the shelf for some years. It grew its cult following by making films with an increasing goofy sense of humor on miniscule budgets.

This trailer though seems to be taking a much more serious approach and it can work.  The recent Evil Dead remake took that approach and did just fine in theatres. As long as WWE and Lionsgate used the key elements of horror films this will sell well. It is a smart move by WWE and Lionsgate as a horror franchise on a low budget can rake in the cash. It is curious why WWE or Lionsgate didn’t try launching this in theatres to see how it goes. The public will have no idea that the new Leprechaun is played by actual professional wrestler Hornswoggle. The stigma of this being another WWE movie can be avoided by burying the WWE logo. Sure this is not going to happen but by toning down WWE’s actual involvement in the movie will allow people to have a more open mind.  Yes, the WWE logo immediately turns people off. Pay attention in a crowded theatre when the logo flashes across a trailer and you will hear people groan or sigh.

The trailer for “Leprechaun: Origins” does do one thing that is both smart and astute. You never see the Leprechaun. His image is the make or break point of this franchise rebirth. If he looks ridiculous then it is over before the trailer finishes its ninety second running time. There will be the obvious comparisons with the original Leprechaun creation. It isn’t fair but look at the way Godzilla was treated in 1998. The image of whatever that thing was killed off all interest in the film. Rob Zombie was smart in the Halloween remake creating a “shape” that was close to the original mask.

WWE has a good chance here to make some serious money if this is even watchable. It cannot be any worse than any other low budget horror flick that plays on Chiller at any given time.  So here’s looking ahead to August 26 when this is available for legitimate viewing. Unless someone has a bootleg or something they want to share. -Jeremy

Brand New Stunt Granny Audio Show Without A Name Yet #2

Godzilla-new-posterOh yes it is round two of the show without a name and it is pretty obvious what dominates the conversation. In case you haven’t heard there is a new Godzilla movie out and it is awesome. Jeremy and Shahid talk extensively about the movie. What worked? What didn’t work? Are the criticisms of the movie valid or is it just the same old same old with people whining just to whine? The obvious comparisons with Pacific Rim arise. Is it justified to even bring it up? Was Pacific Rim bad or was it exactly what it needed to be. They also disagree on Michael Bay’s Transformers movies. Yeah they suck and Shahid is wrong but he is the new guy so kid gloves were used. The boys also discuss Jeremy’s experience watching “The Amazing Spiderman 2.” When a movie is below average it helps to have some audience participation. The show rounds out with a discussion of “The Guardians of The Galaxy” preview and just how Marvel is taking a big chance on this one. It is better than last week so give this one a try OK? No seriously give it a try.

Brand New Stunt Granny Audio Show Without A Name Yet.


Yes indeed it is the start of a brand new podcast here on Stunt Granny. Shahid and Jeremy figure they talk enough about comics, movies, television and all sorts of pop culture that they may as well make a show of it. So, the results are what you can download and listen to immediately. For their first show the guys discuss the season finale of Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. They delve in to the full season of each show in order to bring everyone up to speed on the shows for those of you who haven’t given either of them a view. They discuss what worked and didn’t work about each show and theorize over the direction of each show going in to next season.  In rapid fire fashion they go over the Batman image reveal; The Flash trailer and why initial Internet fan reaction is normally totally incorrect. So give it a listen and give us ideas for the show name while you are at it.

Stunt Granny Podcast: OHPA

Ken & Kevin are going to try a new show called OHPA for their joint living experiences in Ohio and Pennsylvania. We aren’t going to focus on one subject so that’s why we started with the How Did This Get Made? podcast starring Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas. They “turned us on” to the Blended trailer, which is provided above. How does this movie rank with other movies with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore? Which obvious one did Kevin forget about? Which one did his ex-wife have him watch too many times? Ken scolds Kevin on speculating too much because there is plenty of bad things in the trailer alone. They move on to another movie trailer, Guardians of the Galaxy which is much better. How much do we know about these characters? Is that part of the appeal of the movie? Why is an Ent in this movie? What species in Drax aka Dave Batista?  How far in advance are they advertising this movie? The last movie that they take a look at is Godzilla. What do both of the trailers have in common? What are their differences? How versatile is Bryan Cranston? Ken & Kevin do a little sports review talking about the status of crowds storming the court. Will it be banned after the brawl at the Utah Valley versus New Mexico State game? Who exactly is to blame for this incident? How often has this happened? What does Kevin remember about storming the field after Kent State’s 0-16 losing streak? Who did Kevin know on the team? Can people break a stem off of a field goal post? Will Kevin crumble under Ken’s intense scrutiny? Come on this new adventure when you click on the link below!


Stunt Granny Audio #227

Torn ACLJeremy is back on the show along with Kevin. They end up starting the show on Impact Wrestling. It goes from a one subject idea to a three subject segment. The first one is the firing of Jesse Sorensen. How bad is this firing? Does it look better after they look at Sorensen’s Wikipedia page? Could Eric Bischoff help him out in his future endeavors? They move on to Chris Sabin of the two torn ACLs. Are his injuries the only reason crowned TNA Champion? Which host thought it was obvious Sabin was going to win? Which on thought they wouldn’t do it on regular TV? Kevin then wonders if Sabin could cut it in the WWE? Who does he think would cut it from the TNA Roster? When will the whole Stunt Granny crew do another TNA Roster Game? Their final topic for TNA was their management’s failure in budgeting. Should they continue to travel with how much money they’re losing? Would it benefit them to stay in a spot for a year then move along? How much leash is Dixie Carter going to get from her father? Will she ever become competent? Jeremy & Kevin finally move on to the WWE in rapid fire fashion. John Cena vs Daniel Bryan? Check. CM Punk vs Paul Heyman? Check. Mark Henry & the Usos vs the Shield? Check. Who’s going to write about Totally Divas? Did they forget about the fresh face of the Wyatt Family? The Wyatts may be after the Big Red Monster but Jeremy & Kevin finish by talking about the big green monster know as Godzilla. Click on the link below to hear all of that and more!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #227

Unused Gimmick By @WWE


I was talking to a co-worker today and an unused gimmick hit me, pets. The WWE has been child friendly for quite a while now so it only seems right to bring back certain gimmicks that didn’t get used in the Attitude Era unless you count Chavo Guererro’s broom horse Pepe or Al Snow’s chihuahua Pepper that ended up as a much larger dinner than a puny pup could possibly make. Here’s a list of characters in the WWE in need of a pet to hype up their gimmick.

Brodus Clay – He’s already part of a dog and pony show with the Funkadactyls and the dancing gimmick. Why not add a dog to the mix? I say they pick up the Dancing Merengue Dog to stick with the dancing gimmick. Kids will love him even more when they get to lead the dog in the dance parade after yet another squash match.

Team Rhodes ScholarsAccording to Animal Planet, the smartest animal in the animal kingdom is the chimpanzee. The smartest team in the WWE would be wise to pick one up. Damien Sandow can explain his t-shirt gimmick along with making the kids happy. If Cody Rhodes wrestles a singles match, he can dress the chimp up in his already used tuxedo from his Phantom of the Opera days. Damien Sandow could give him a robe and dapper ascot. The children may not be happy when the chimps start chucking poo, but it’ll help earn Cody & Damien heat. Even if the chimp gets loose, it probably wouldn’t make anyone in a WWE crowd any worse-looking.

The Great Khali – This man is another guy who is just a circus attraction because of his size. Complete the circus by adding a Bengal tiger (Not the crappy kind that will lose in Houston this weekend) to his ring entrance. The WWE can talk about how they’re native to India just like Khali. For a topping act, Natalya can put her head in the tiger’s mouth.

Hornswoggle – He’s already a children’s attraction, at least in the WWE’s mind. They love pairing him with large men to show off that he’s a little person. Why not stick with this hilarious opposites-attract idea by having him ride an elephant to the ring. The WWE is tarping off areas of every arena so they can solve the problem by widening the aisle to and around the ring. Less seats and now the place looks more packed!

Johnny Curtis – Curtis has tried the bad joke gimmick. He got vignettes as Fandangoo, a modern take on disco dancin’ John Travolta. Now Johnny can take a crack at another gimmick: lizard tamer. He can bring an aquarium to the ring with chameleons to show how often he changes gimmicks.

Tensai – They’ve saddled this guy with every possible Japanese gimmick after his successful run in New Japan Pro Wrestling from the kanji on his face and the manservant that worshiped him like a god. Let’s round out these cheese ball gimmicks by having him come to the ring accompanied by a guy in a Godzilla suit. You can have the Great Khali dress up in a suit then have him turn on Tensai when he starts another losing gimmick.

This list is just the beginning of what could be a lucrative idea. Think of how many stuffed animals the WWE will sell to children. Please submit your serious ideas for wrestlers and their gimmick animals in the comment space below. -Kevin

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