Stunt Granny Audio #163

Kevin and Dusty just want to say hello with Stunt Granny Audio #163. Therein they dissect the happenings of the ghoulish Halloween edition of Monday Night Raw. What did our heroes think of the integration of the Muppets onto the program? Does the Rock convey “old” better than any wrestler since Hulk Hogan? What was up with the terrible production values on this show? Who smokes more, Kate Moss, Morton Downey Jr. or AJ? What wrestler has had a Heath Slater amount of losses on television the last couple months? Are the Pittsburgh Steelers the most interesting team in the NFL? Why does John Cena *always* have to win? They delve into these issues and so much more, and it’s only going to cost you about an hour of your time, so listen or death!

Stunt Granny Show #163

The Muppets to guest star on WWE Monday Night Raw on Halloween

"That idea isn't half bad!" "Nope... it's ALL bad!"

According to a Tweet by Joey Styles (and an article at, the Muppets will guest star on the Halloween night edition of Monday Night Raw. Some Twitter users with wrestling Web sites may see this news and react with a big “God help us all,” but not this guy. My childhood was made up of three things: pro wrestling, Bob Barker, Pee-wee Herman, a lot of sugary cereal, Huey Lewis & the News albums, glass bottles of Pepsi, and the Muppets. Now, WWE, which, whether they’d like to admit it or not, is pro wrestling, has recently brought in Bob Barker and Pee-wee Herman as guest hosts of Monday Night Raw. I doubt the next few weeks will see cameos by sugary cereal, glass bottles of Pepsi and Huey Lewis albums, so you have no idea how excited I am to see the Muppets on Raw. They’re endearing, they’re funny (assuming they get to write their own material), and they can’t be physically harmed or threatened by WWE’s roster. That didn’t stop WCW from pitting Rick Steiner against Chucky, but even WWE is smarter than that, right? Right?? -Eric

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