@PRIMEWrestling Podcast 2

Dan & Kevin are back again talking about the debut of Matt Mason against a returning Brian Bender. Since Kevin already has his opinion in his review, he asks Dan about his perspective on the match. They move on to talking about Matt Cross but has Cross moved on? Jimmy Jacobs has moved in to PRIME Wrestling, but is he a big enough name to center the promotion around? Will a returning Johnny Gargano help the story line out? Jacobs is also involved with the perceived splitting of Sex Appeal. Is Nicki Valentino getting kicked to the curb because of a returning Bobby Shields? Who do the guys thinks matches up better about an on the outs Bobby Beverly? Jason Bane laid out an ultimatum and go an answer from the Man Beast. Will Rhino draw as much as previous attractions to Wrestlelution? Krimson, Bane’s opponent last year, cuts another promo. Is it up to his usual lofty standards? Michael Facade completed a journey for the TV Title, but what was the hitch that Ken & Dan found in this development? Have your own journey in your ear holes by clicking the link below!

Stunt Granny Audio Show- Prime Wrestling #2

@PRIMEWrestling – Season 5 – Episode 18

Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Gory takes on Michael “The Bomber” Facade for TV Title. Gory forfeits the title if he’s disqualified and Facade isn’t allowed to go after the title any more if he loses. Aaron Draven will take on Nicki Valentino. They kick off the show with Brian Bender taking on Matt Mason. They exchange arm locks. (Really slow start.) Bender takes over with kicks, punches and chops. Mason returns fire. Bender gets knocked down and takes a break. Mason’s arm gets snapped over the top when he tried to grab Bender on the outside. Bender worked on the arm. Bender got two after an arm bar drop. Bender charged in and caught an elbow & boot. Bender tossed Mason arm first into the corner. Bender got pushed off a top rope cutter. Mason finished him with a Swanton Bomb.

Analysis: That was weird. Bender is usually a good wrestler. Mason seemed like he was smooth but the match somehow didn’t work for me. Mason’s offense came after an exceptionally slow start and the offense that led to it was a little weak for a finish. The right person went over. Mason was announced as being from Columbus so of course he had scarlet & grey trunks with a block O on his butt. Why did they change their name to PRIME Wrestling again? Score: 0.

They showed entirely too much review of Matt Cross vs Jimmy Jacobs. You only have an hour a week. It was six minutes long. Wow. Cut that puppy down to two. Let the previous match build a little more smoothly. Matt Cross keeps taking one step forward, two steps back. He goes thru companies that he worked for that went under. He said he’s legally bound not to say stuff about Tough Enough. Cross said everyone knows he didn’t get a fair shot. Cross said he came back home and had his title taken again. The belt means more to him than to Jacobs. Analysis: He didn’t quite get me to buy in. It’s good stuff but there’s another notch. Score: 0.

Jimmy Jacobs was with Bobby Shields & Nicki Valentino. Jacobs said he can;t be called a liar since he’s already the PRIME Wrestling champion. He took over Johnny Gargano’s yard. Jacobs takes exception that Gargano thinks he’s great. Jacobs said he’ll be all up in Johnny if he comes back. Bobby Shields came back from a spiritual journey. Jacobs wants him to find that monster inside instead of the beauty. Jacobs tells Valentino he’s doing OK too. Jacobs tells him to keep Beverly because he keeps screwing up. Analysis: I expect more out of Jacobs. He feels like he’s going thru the motions. Not cool. It’s an easy story to sell, the actions have done a good job. The voice is faulty. Score: 0.

They showed a commercial for Wrestlelution 5. Yippee! I’m so going to Melt Bar & Grilled again.

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@PrimeWrestling Podcast 1

Dan & Kevin are back on the Pro Wrestling Ohio, scratch that, Prime Wrestling beat. What did the guys think of the name change? Would they suggest any changes? How is Aaron Maguire tied into this story line? Is Justin LaBar still part of the company?  Is “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine the bane of LaBar’s existence or did he move on to a new feud? The guys move on to talking about the Prime Wrestling Title picture right off the bat. Matt Cross was the champion coming into the first set of Prime Wrestling tapings but was he champion when the tapings ended? Krimson was one of his challengers but did he have too much on his plate with Matt Mason to capture the belt? Jimmy Jacobs was the other challenger but was he too busy ruffling Bobby Beverly’s feathers by helping Nicki Valentino becoming second in command? Dan & Kevin talk a little comedy when mentioning the new tag team of Dan Arkham & Bryan Castle? Is one guy more entertaining than the other? Do they have good chemistry? The guys keep trucking by talking about the other part of the Dead Wrestling Society, Gory, and his on going feud with Michael Facade for the TV Title. N8 Mattson claims that the Sons of Michigan will be adding to their ranks. Is it good that Mattson is still getting TV even though he is retired? Does Benjamin Boone get back on a winning streak after Mattson’s speech? Find out that and more in this rollicking podcast when you click below!

Stunt Granny Audio Show – Prime Wrestling #1

@Prime Wrestling – Season 5 – Episode 17

Because of the craziness of my life recently, I’ve taken way too much time to review this episode. For that, I apologize. I want to do an audio about the re-launch but Dan and I haven’t been able to get together. Hopefully, after this review gets posted, we can do that. On with the review.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Matt Cross is defending the Prime Wrestling Title against Jimmy Jacobs. We’re also getting a tag team match pitting Daniel Arkham & Bryan Castle against Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino. Benjamin Boone is taking on Izaiah “Mr. RBI” Bonds. Kirst came out crawling on his knees. He scared kids by yelling at them when he took off his hood. Gregory Iron was his opponent. They knelt down across from each other. Iron clothes lined Kirst into the corner while the ref was checking his boots. Iron gave him a top rope cross body. Iron connected on a suicide dive.  Iron tossed him back into the ring. Iron nailed a top rope elbow but only got  a two count. Kirst used Iron’s momentum against him and whipped him in a corner hip toss style. Kirst had a rear chin lock on Iron. A head scissors take over slowed down Kirst who stopped Iron with a shoulder block and a standing double stomp. He only got a two count. Iron connected with a pair of clothes lines & a back elbow. Iron gave Kirst a running forearm in the corner. Iron gave Kirst a Destabiler. Kirst gave Iron a super kick. He then gave Iron a German suplex. Iron jaw jacked Kirst. He then no sold all of Iron’s offense. Kirst locked in a Coji clutch. Iron fought out then got put right back into it. Iron never tapped so the ref had to stop it. Kirst locked it in again after the victory. He attacked him a second time after the bell.

Analysis: Good match. They put over Kirst really well. The announcers talked about Iron needing help. I would imagine Jason Bane or Matt Mason will help him fight the Dead Wrestling Society. So Iron losing now is setting him up for winning even if it’s with a tag team partner. Score:+1.

Michael Facade told Gory that he was a coward. He said he was getting better with every match. Facade said the TV Title was a passion that he’s been fighting for for two years. Facade is going to ask for one more match. He wants to have the stipulation that the belt changes hands on a DQ but if he loses, he can’t go after the TV Title any more. Analysis: I could use a little more pep from him but it’s an improvement from the last time I saw him. Score: 0.

Sex Appeal, Nicki Valentino & Bobby Beverly came out. Jimmy Jacobs made Valentino the leader of their tag team. Dan Arkham & Bryan Castle were second. Valentino starts out against Castle. Valentino tries a go behind. Castle raised Valentino up with a wrist lock. Arkham came in with an elbow off the top rope. Beverly tagged in. Valentino kicked Arkham in the back. Beverly gave him a clothes line. Valentino & Beverly bicker a little bit. Beverly suplexes Arkham. Valentino kicked him in the ribs. Beverly is supposed to hit a held Arkham. Beverly almost punches Valentino but hold up. They bicker which allows Castle to tag in. Castle double clothes lined them. Castle gave Valentino a gut wrench suplex (Old school!) Beverly gave Castle an enziguri then a super kick. Valentino made the pin. Beverly acted pissed after the win.

Analysis: The announcers made it sound like a stolen match but it wasn’t. Valentino was the legal man in the match, so Beverly helping out should just be doing it for his team. Beverly shouldn’t be mad. It furthers the split angle but it was dumb. Match was well wrestled for the most part. Score: 0.

Gory told us that he’s holding the TV Title hostage. He said it just shows the Dead Wrestling Society’s grasp on Prime Wrestling. Gory claimed he didn’t need a DQ to keep the title. He is excited about destroying him one last time. Analysis: He just seems more put on than the other two int he group. He doesn’t have a weird cadence, he wasn’t forceful and he just doesn’t feel genuine. Score: -1.

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@PRIMEwrestling – Season 5 – Episode 16

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Jason Gory is going to defend his TV Title against Michael “The Bomber” Facade. Jason Bane will be taking on Bobby Beverly. Jimmy Jacobs is starting the show against “Omega” Aaron Draven. Pedro De Lucca introduced Jacobs as the “Zombie Princess”. Jacobs pounded away on Draven. Aaron took over Jacobs with head scissors but he came back with a clothesline. Jacobs gave Draven a running shoulder block in the corner. Jacobs put Draven in the Tree of Woe and kicked away at him. Jacobs gave Draven a neck breaker. Jacobs tossed Draven outside the ring and gave him an elbow off the ring apron. Jacobs tossed Draven into the guard rail. Jacobs pulled a spike out of his boot and used it while shielding the referee. Draven DDTed Jacobs on the ring apron thru the ropes. Draven clothes lined him. Jacobs kicked out after an enziguri. Draven missed a 450 splash. Jacobs speared him then gave him a double arm DDT for the win.

Analysis: The announcers did a good job of putting over Draven since he’d been on a winning streak for just over a year. The match was good. Both of these guys can go and they delivered. I think they could put on a better match but they needed to prove Jacobs to the Prime crowd. I wouldn’t argue if they had a feud at some point. Score: +1.

Vic Travglainte was with Bryan Castle. Vic asked him where Brain Bender has been. Castle has no answer to that question. Castle said that he needed to find a hero, it is Dan Arkham. Castle said that he was impressed with Arkham’s knowledge of Batman. Castle thinks that he’s Batman. Vic tried to talk him out of it. Castle left singing the old Batman theme as Vic shook his head. Analysis: Funny segment. Castle sold his belief in Arkham despite the craziness of claim. Vic was a good foil. Score: +1.

Kirst was sitting in front of a white picket fence because it’s the symbol of the American Dream. He told Gregory Iron he never saw it because his mom would have sold it for crack. Kirst said he found his family. Kirst told Iron he needed to accept himself for who he is. Analysis: Good stuff. Plastic white picket fences suck though. Wood ones aren’t much better. Score: +1.

Bobby Beverly was taking on Jason Bane as punishment from Jimmy Jacobs since Beverly didn’t deliver Matt Cross to Jacobs. Bane used his power to his advantage. Bane suplexed Beverly who rolled to the outside. Bane slammed Beverly but he pinned him weakly. Beverly gave Bane an enziguri. Beverly gave him three clothes lines. Beverly missed with a running boot. Bane ran at him but Bane got low bridged to the outside. Beverly gave Bane a senton from the apron. Bane picked up Beverly and slammed him into a corner. He gave Beverly several shoulder blocks. Bane belly to belly overhead suplexed Beverly. Bane gave him a spine buster. Beverly elbowed out of an F5. He tossed Bane chest first into the turn buckles. Beverly locked in a sleeper. Bane backed Beverly into a corner. Beverly took out Bane’s knee. Beverly chopped Bane. Bane caught Beverly trying to hop over him. Bane finished him with an F5. Bane gave Beverly a stare of respect.

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