Stunt Granny Audio #243

A-diamond-in-the-roughOh holy crap, Dusty and Kevin are back once again to lay down some serious opinionz for your listening pleasure. They start out by trying to recreate the magic of their off-air conversation about ROH and pro wrestling in general. Are Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe the only diamonds in the ROH rough? How would their skills translate in the major leagues? Was WWE justified in getting rid of Chris Hero? Does Dusty believe that having good talent on your roster is a good thing?

Then they turn their attention to the big “real sports” story of the day: Dan Lebatard giving his Baseball Hall of Fame to Kevin stays out of the way as Dusty rails against the holier than thou baseball writers that have been torching his hero the last couple days. Is the voting process flawed? How can real change be effected? How do we know who did and didn’t use steroids when Alex bleeping Sanchez tested positive for it? Dusty has a proposal for the Carolina Panthers to counter the 49ers’ use of Ric Flair before their victory over the Green Bay Packers last week. They also talk briefly about the NFL coaching carousel and it will only take about an hour of your life, so listen to it or else you might lose your vote!

Vince McMahon to return to Raw tonight, I waste time with dream scenario

Big Scott Hall is rolling in his early grave over that mustache.

According to, Vince McMahon will return to WWE Monday Night Raw tonight. Raw is in Milwaukee, Wis., so here’s a dream scenario that’s basically an exercise in futility, because when does this shit ever happen? McMahon boisterously claims he woke up from his coma because of a rrrumbling in the ground! Something that only the fans of the Green Bay Packers could make happen! Hooray, right? Oh no, my friends! McMahon came to just in time to see Packers QB Aaron Rodgers celebrating his team’s Super Bowl win with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. Sour-faced McMahon starts stamping around, screaming, “That’s MY belt! That’s MY belt!” until the crowd completely turns on him. Then a) Rodgers appears in person and clocks McMahon with the belt, or b) Rodgers appears on the Titantron, says he’ll be at Smackdown (which is supposed to be taped in Green Bay the same day as the Packers’ celebration parade), and *then* he clocks McMahon. Then we get SportsCenter moments up the ass involving a big pro wrestling fan on the road to WrestleMania. Does anyone care that I just wasted 198 words’ worth of energy thinking of this? Me either. -Eric

Stunt Granny Audio #116: WWE Bragging Rights Live Recap Edition


It's bright lights, it's the big city!

Hey kids, it’s a very special edition of the Stunt Granny Audio, as good SG friend Nathan Timm, aka Mr. Mauer, aka Mr. Morneau joins us on a windy Tuesday night to discuss WWE Bragging Rights, a pay-per-view event he attended in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minn. Dusty and Eric grill him on the turnout and the crowd’s reactions to various events during the show. How did Minnesotans react to the likes of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan? Or John Cena and Randy Orton? What did they think of the shenanigans at the ends of the two world title matches? And how much of the crowd would have rather seen the Packers-Vikings game live? Click to listen, silly! It’s for your health.


And P.S. What’s up with this??

Stunt Granny Audio- Bragging Rights 2010 Recap

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