PWO – Season 4 – Episode 19

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The top of the show is the ending segment from last week. They cut some of the segment out. They then replayed the Kevin Nash announcement by Justin LaBar from two weeks ago. “Omega” Aaron Draven gets the first live segment of the week five minutes into the broad cast. Draven said that he has had highs and lows. He had just hit a low from injuries, his personal life and losing the PWO TV Title. Draven said he’s the antithesis of “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine who only knows how to whine, complain and politick. Draven said he hopes to make Fontaine respect the main event position Fontaine has when he takes it from him.

Analysis: He looked into the camera more than the last time I saw him but he still had no conviction or flow. He seems uncomfortable in front of the camera. He needs to loosen up. Not a fan of the double replay to start the show. Spread them out later in the show. Score: -1.

Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire introduced the show and rattled off the matches. Benjamin Boone came to the ring first with N8 Mattson. Gregory Iron came to the ring with someone who owns the building. (They explained the back story but I couldn’t care less.) Iron catches Boone charging in with a boot. Iron bull dogged him then punched away at him. Boone slipped to the outside. Iron suicide dove on Boone. Iron chopped Boone back into the ring. A senton got Iron two. A running knee to the gut turned the tide toward Boone. He stomped on Iron’s chest. Iron tried to Irish Whip Boone but got short clothes lined. Mattson strangles Iron on the middle rope while the referee is distracted. Belly to Belly over head throw got Boone a two count.  Iron gave Boone a Code Breaker like move. Iron then got the Destabiler (aka Stunner). Sharpe argued with Mattson which slowed Iron getting to the top rope. Boone rammed Iron into the corner. Iron victory rolled Boone for the two count. Boone claimed that Iron grabbed his shorts.

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 16

The beginning was a surprise.

Vic Travagliante introduced the show with no one at ring side with him. He said he was bringing positive energy to the announce booth. (I said to give him more time with Dombrowski or Maguire, not fly solo.) Vic then introduced the matches. (Not a chance in hell I keep typing his last name.)  Dombrowski was in the ring. (Ah, Vic will have a partner.) Dombrowski introduced Johnny Gargano. Dombrowski said he was glad he was back then asked how he felt. Gargano said he’s feeling as good as he ever has. Gargano said he has rehabbed the last two months and everything has grown, his mind and body. Dombrowski asked for his thoughts on losing the PWO Title. Gargano wanted to send a message to the masked man who assaulted him. Gargano told him in three weeks, the masked man should meet him in the ring. Gargano issued an open challenge for next week for anyone to test his rehabbed body.

Analysis: The wait for Gargano to come out was a little long and they didn’t quite get the reaction they wanted. The crowd is at a car show which I’m sure is good for business, but the people aren’t there specifically for the wrestling. Gargano delivered one of his more focused interviews, no John Cena like goofing around. There’s still something about the cadence of the delivery that still throws me though. I’m going to critique him more harshly than most because he’s got that much potential. Score +1.

Benjamin Boone and N8 Mattson popped on screen. Mattson said it was improbable for Gregory Iron to win the WrestleRama Rumble. He quickly remembered that the Sons of Michigan beat them for the PWO Tag Team Titles. Mattson said he’s going to make sure every body part on Iron was crippled. Boone said there was a larger matter at hand, he eliminated Jason Bane and he is dominant as Bane in wins and losses. He challenges Bane for the PWO Title. Boone said he’s going to be only the second double champion.  The Sons said they were leaving for Michigan because none of the tag team deserved a shot.

Analysis: Mattson has better delivery than Boone but I think most of it is due to experience. Boone needs to find himself in the promo department. He’s needs to go brawny guy or smart guy. He mixed them which I think made it off some. They did a great job of pointing out obvious facts hat would make one think they both have a chance at winning in singles action. Score: +1.

Shiima Xion said he should be getting a shot at gold because he beat Jason Gory and Matthew Justice. He said he was done with Facade because he has bigger fish to fry like the PWO TV Champion Bobby Beverly. Xion said Beverly is trying to be him. Xion went on to state that Beverly’s not as good looking as him and is sexier than him. Xion ended by saying that if you thought he looked good now,he’d look better with Beverly’s gold around his waste.

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 15

Goodbye Mr. Justice and good luck.

Joe Dombrowski talked about PWO  having heart with Gregory Iron, Hobo Joe & Matthew Justice. Dombrowski said that Justice signed with WWE. A bunch of the guys came from the back and congratulated Justice. Iron had his hand raised by Justice as he got to do a victory lap.

After the introduction video, Nicki Valentino came out wearing a fanny pack and his zubaz inspired trunks. He issued an open challenge and Epiphany, a large African American woman, came out. Dombrowski said she was a new comer. Valentino said this would be a good lesson because in “his day, women knew their place, in the kitchen.” A clothes line, drop kick and slam sent Valentino to the outside. He caught her coming back into the ring. Valentino took his time getting to the second rope then missed a splash. A World’s Strongest Slam only got Epiphany a two count. Valentino caught her charging in with a back elbow. He then used the ropes as leverage to get the pin. Dombrowski explained the Royal Rumble rules for the Wrestle-Rama Rumble.

Analysis: For being a new comer, Epiphany did well but she has a long way to go to look completely smooth. She was taller and larger than Valentino but could use to drop some weight. Valentino getting the cheap, 80’s inspired win suited his character but doesn’t do much for showing off any in ring skills. Score: 0.

Dombrowski was in the back talking to Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and apologized to Valentine for the way Nicki Valentino acted. “The Hammer” said he is normally treated well by the locker room of PWO but Valentino is a punk. Dombrowski asked “The Hammer”  to enlighten Valentino about the tough life of wrestling expansion. “The Hammer” said it was tough doing two shows in one night.  “The Hammer” said he was kind to Valentino and only went 50% on him. Valentine said Tito Santana could take him out easily.

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PWO – Season 4 – Episode 13

PWO is getting "Hammered" again.

Joe Dombrowski points to someone who ends up being Aaron Maguire who is wearing a neck brace. Dombrowski wonders if Maguire is on drugs. (I sure hope so after a neck injury) Krimson versus Gregory Iron is the main event. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine is going to be interviewed by Dombrowski. N8 Mattson takes on Ben Fruith.

Bobby Beverly came out to defend the TV Title against Michael “The Bomber” Facade. Pedro De Lucca did formal introductions. Both Aeroform and Sex Appeal are banned from ring side. Exchanges of mat moves started things. They exchanged kicks to the gut. Beverly got a two after a suplex. Botched move where the opponents barely bummed shoulders then Beverly had to punch Facade. Facade twirled multiple time for a head scissors take over. Pescado onto Beverly on the outside sends us to commercial.

Analysis: The opening to this match was terrible. Not only was that incident botched, Facade looked to be going 50% in the ring. Not his usual speed. Beverly looked fine. Score: -1.

Facade missed a spring board moonsault but got a two count out of it. Beverly drop kicked Facade’s knee then gave him an enziguri. Crisp looking snap driver from Beverly.  Beverly danced like he was going for a thrust kick. When he went for it, Facade grabbed his leg and turned into an ankle lock. Jason Gory came from nowhere and jumped up on the ring apron, Facade shoulder blocked him to the guard rail and looked at him. Beverly caught Facade with the thrust kick when he turned around. Beverly got the victory. Dombrowski blamed the loss on Gory. Gory came back into the ring and got into Beverly’s face. Beverly swung at Gory who locked in a choke hold and covered his mouth. Gory put the TV Title on Beverly’s chest then stomped on it. Gory left the ring. Maguire sided with Gory’s blatant choke.

Analysis: I made sure I noted Maguire’s stance because that would seem to tell me (along with Dombrowski complaining about Gory) that they’re positioning Beverly as a face. They’d have to turn the rest of Sex Appeal or have Beverly go out on his own and let Bobby Shields & Nicki Valentino as heels. That’s early speculation though, nothing wrong about doing it this way. I mentioned the TV Title log jam in the last episode, turning one of the heels face is another way to solve that log jam. Same song as the first half of this match in terms of execution.

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PWO Wrestlelution Spoiler

I’m not going to be a dick for a change. The news won’t be on TV for several weeks. Click on the Read more button to find out the news rather than me posting it without any warning.

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PWO – Season 3 – Episode 2

Take a guess who's in the main event?

Bobby Shields was accompanied to ringside by Sex Appeal, Bobby Beverly, Nicky Valentino and Dawn Decadence. Shields took on Ben Fruth, one of Mike Tolar’s lackies. Shields took down Fruth easily and then paint brushed him. Fruth returned the favor when Shields took him lightly. Joe Dombrowski said that Aaron Draven was supposed to wrestle Shields but the doctors sent him home because of his injured ribs. Fruth got a close call on a roll up. “The Body” hit a “Gorey Special” for the victory. Sex Appeal hit a triple super kick on Fruth after the match.

Analysis: Fruth look better in the ring than I expected. His size (tall and really skinny) along with ridiculous ring gear don’t help his look though. A pink tiger striped shirt shouldn’t be combined with red and black pants. Shields looked solid but needs to either stop the posing or hit the gym more.

Gregory Iron said that next week he’s ready to take on Bobby Beverly. He told Beverly that he should go get a tattoo of broken bones because that’s what he’ll have after the match next week.

Analysis: It could have been a little smoother (he seemed to slow on the second part of the promo) but it was fine.

Benjamin Boone, with N8 Mattson, took on Michael “The Bomber” Facade, who is a graffiti artist. Dombrowski said to expect high octane offense  him. They exchanged some basic moves. Facade hit a second rope drop kick.  He kept kicking Boone’s legs to cut him down to size. Boone rolled outside the ring. Facade came through the middle ropes with a drop kick.  Boone caught him on a cross body and rammed Facade into the ring post then the guard rail. Boone tossed Facade outside the ring, then distracted the ref so that Mattson could attack Facade.  Boone clamped on a bear hug.Facade took Boone down with an inverted DDT.  Facade hit some more kicks and a head stomp.Facade got a near fall off a spring board spinning heel kick. Matson interfered and knocked Facade off the top rope. Boone then applied the “Bear Claw” which is a double claw to the head. Facade passed out in the move.

Analysis: Fucking seriously? A “Bear Claw”? For fuck’s sakes. Plus, it’s not a good idea to have someone debuting and losing. Granted, Mattson interfered but I’m still not a fan of the idea unless Facade isn’t sticking around for long.

Hailey Hatred said she stepped up her game against Portia Perez in their second match and is ready for another match if that’s what Portia wants. Until that time, she’s open to all challengers, both men and women.

Analysis: Nothing special but I’m not a fan of the inter-gender matches. Hatred is pretty big though so she might not look too bad against some of the guys on the PWO roster.

They re-aired Joe Dombowski’s interview with Johnny Gargano from last week. We were then greeted by Mike Tolar and a grin-tastic Ben Fruth holding the microphone for him. Tolar said that Bob Golic had the nerve to put his hands on Tolar at Wrestlelution. He would have taken him out if Tolar weren’t so focused on Matt Cross. Tolar said he could have beaten Josh Prohibition and that means he can beat Gargano. Tolar said Fruth is the only one who can beat him because of the knowledge he imparted on him. Tolar said Gargano’s “Coming of Age” will be over because he will be the new PWO Heavyweight Champion.

Analysis: The goofiness with Fruth made sense and reinforced his dick head status but I think it hindered the promo itself. It got Tolar off track which is showing his determination to win the PWO Title.

Hobo Joe talked with Jason Bane and said that they could be best friends like Aaron Maguire and he were. Bane said he’s not a comedy act so they need to get ready for their match.

Analysis: This team could work well since Bane could always be in the Title picture. Bane can play the straight man while Joe does all of the funny stuff.

The Dream Team, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, took on the Clash, Brian Bender & Earnie Ballz, for the PWO Tag Team Titles. Beefcake went solo since Valentine was still injured.  Aaron Maguire had left the announce booth for a reason that Dombrowski didn’t know. The Clash jumped Beefcake when he handed his ring jacket to Valentine. Bender started that match for the The Clash.  Ballz got tagged in and continued the assault.  The Clash tagged in and out frequently. Beefcake took over with some clothes lines. Everyone cheered when he hit a double noggin knocker. Ballz got back dropped to the outside. Ballz tried to use the crutch, but Beefcake caught him and used it against him. Bender got on the microphone and said that Beefcake used the crutch. Tom Dunne, senior official, came to the ring and disqualified The Dream Team because they used the crutch.

Analysis: The match was solid with only three participants. I’m not a fan of the referee making a change in the outcome but the Clash are the only real tag team PWO has now so it makes sense to me.

Final Analysis: Shields vs. Fruth +1, Iron promo 0, Boone vs. Facade -1, Hatred promo 0, Tolar promo +1, Joe & Bane promo +1, Dream Team vs. The Clash +1. Total 3/7

Wrestlelution 2 “Live” – Part II

Who on the PWO roster is a Golden Flash like Kevin?

Who on the PWO roster is a Golden Flash like Kevin?

The next match was the Gambinos with agent Aaron Maguire against Hobo Joe & Jason Bane. I  had some problems seeing this match since the combatants rarely fought in the same place so I just followed what I could. The crowd standing up for the big spots certainly didn’t help me. As predicted, Maguire got drug into the match and got his come uppance. He also got tossed in the dumpster with the Gambinos so that Bane & Joe could dumpster dive their way to victory.

There was an intermission at this point when the band Culture Icon played. They’re no Hold For Swank, I know that much. Their lead singer also looked much better in the program guide than in person. She was billed as a powerful female vocalist but my list of 5 that I’ve seen live that are better than her goes something like this: Any of the back up vocalists for KMFDM, Maria Sjoholm (Drain STH), Aimee Echo (Human Waste Project, The Start), Donita Sparks (L7) and the best Tairee B (Manhole, Tura Satana, My Ruin).

After that 3 or 4 song performance, Hailey Hatred took on Portia Perez. It must be noted that Perez has one of the most fantastics asses I have ever seen. Not that Hatred is pretty good looking herself. Hatred hit a cool looking fall away slam bridge pin that was awesome. She followed it up with a fisher man’s buster for the win. Hatred then got some shots in on Eric Ryan who had been bitching about her (way too limited) air time. Still batting 1.000 on the predicitions.

They had a little ceremony before the next match that debuted the TV Title which was a nice thing to do. The match was a four way between Virus, Super Hentai, Benjamin Boone and Eric Draven. Boone was the crowd favorite which was strange since he “moved” to Michigan and is clearly a heel. Draven went for an early suicide dive but unfortunately clipped his heel on the top rope and took a rough spill on the outside and took an Edge coffee break. Nothing else too eventful happened. Draven did recover, came out was sent on an Irish whip by Virus but he springboarded off the second rope for a tornado DDT and win. Damn you Draven, you just screwed up my batting average!

Bob Golic was the guest ring announcer for the match between Mike Tolar and “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross. Golic made fun someone wearing a Steelers jersey (I also saw a “Fuck Pittsburgh” shirt in the crowd too. Nothing makes me laugh more as a Steelers fan. The Ravens are the Steelers rival. The Steelers haven’t lost to the Browns in 6 1/2 years. Get over it.) and a guy wearing a Michigan shirt (at least you have some room on that one Bob). Cross and Tolar may have had the match of the night. If nothing else, it stayed in the ring which helped my viewing. Tolar won after a distraction by either Ben Fruth or EJ Georgio allowed him to hit a Roll of the Dice.

Since Valentine was hurt, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart had to defend the PWO Tag Team Titles alone against The Clash, Brian Bender & Earnie Ballz. Valentine came out for moral support but someone distracted the referee and the other guy hit “The Anvil” with one of Valentine’s crutches. The hitter left the crutch in the ring and in full view of the referee but that didn’t deter him from counting three so that The Clash are the PWO Tag Team Champions. Worst match of the night. My predicitions are back on track though.

The last match of the night was the PWO Heavyweight Title match pitting Josh Prohibition against Johnny Gargano, who was introduced with live music from Culture Icon. It may have been the best match of the night but because they fought all over Nautica Pavilion my view was obscured or non-existant. It’ll definitely be able to evaluate it when they air it on TV. When they were in the ring, it was a great match up. Gargano won with his finisher, Uniquely You, a second time onto a sturdier table than normal. After Prohibition got struggled back to his feet, he announced that he was retiring from wrestling and thanked all of the fans. That was a classy act especially since a large contingent of the fans were rooting for him.

I didn’t stick around too long for the Meet and Greet because I wanted to get back here to Columbus. I completely ignored Valentine, Neidhart, Snow and Oscar from Men on a Mission. I got my picture taken with Hailey Hatred outside the bar that the Meet and Greet was held but I still can’t figure out why my memory card isn’t allowing my computers access to the files. I did get the chance to talk to Josh Prohibition, confirmed that he is indeed retiring and I’ll let him explain why because I set up an interivew with him since I had done one with him previously at the PW Torch. I got to meet Aaron Maguire in person which was fun. His interaction with fans seeking autographs was hilarious. He told two little girls to fork over money and said after they left that he almost never signs because people will remember an interesting interaction than a random signature from an Indy wrestler which I think is probably true. After that, I took some time to talk to Benjamin Boone and another fellower Golden Flash, Mike Tolar. We yapped some about the dorms that we lived in that have been taken down and replaced. We also chatted about my days as an architecture student and how he used to go stumbling past Taylor Hall hammered and pitying us. We weren’t there at the same time as he came to campus the fall after I graduated. I set up an interview with him for the future too. I got to talk a little bit to some of the other guys (Michael Cash, Johnny Gargano and Matt Cross) but nothing too substantial before I hit the road.

I had a great time up there and the event came off well even if the weather could have been a little cooler and I didn’t have an exhausting trip back to Columbus. -Kevin

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