Stunt Granny Audio #81

Jeremy Maes, surprised at having his photo taken during an audio recording.

It might as well be Christmas all over again for you lucky Stunt Grannyites, because Dusty and Kevin deliver everything on your list and then some in this excitement-packed audio update. You wanted them to talk about the Royal Rumble? You got it! You wanted them to talk about Monday Night Raw? Why sure, they can do that. You wanted them to give their opinions on William Shatner’s performance as the guest host? You have to know that you get all of that and then some in this here audio. Don’t believe otherwise.

Stunt Granny Audio Show #81

James Roday Out For Tonight’s Raw

I know, you know, that he ain't comin' to Raw...

Oh snap~! I got shardz of breaking nooz in my eye!!!

According to, Roday, the star of the excellent television program Psych (third best show on TV after Mad Men and House, period), had an emergency appendectomy over the weekend and had to pull out of the show. Co-star Dule Hill will now apparently host the show by himself. – Dusty

The Next Raw Guest Host

This kind young gentleman has his mind on his monetary device units.

This kind young gentleman has his mind on his monetary device units.

According to everyone in the world, but more specifically, the next Raw guest host is going to be Snoop Dogg. I don’t really have a lot to say about this, as I mainly just wanted it posted so that people searching for Snoop Dogg might stumble across this link. I like Snoop a lot and own a couple of his albums. And I still don’t like the guest GM thing one single iota of a bit.

If anything, I can say it is sad that they fired Brian Kendrick when they did. He could definitely have done a skit where he was smoking a bone with the D-O-double gizee backstage. Sadness. – Dusty

Ben Roethlisberger Guest Hosting Next Week’s Raw

Don't front.

Don't front.

According to every single place ever on the internet, including sites that haven’t been updated since 1996, Big Ben Roethlisberger will be the guest host next week for Monday Night Raw, as it comes at you live from the Wachovia Center in beatiful, scenic, rustic, historic Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. That’s right, my double main, the starting QB on my fantasy football team, coming at you in stunning high definition on Monday Night’s premier wrestling extravaganza!

There’s only one small problem. The quarterback is apparently going to be taking his offensive linemen with him, and according to left tackle Max Starks, no one bothered to tell to any of the coaching staff that they would be there. Now, the Steelers play on Sunday, have a team meeting on Monday, and have off on Tuesday, so it’s not really that big of a deal, but you know all the talking heads and football announcers are going to have a field day with it, so I hope Ben is prepared for that.

And, real quick, what is it with people whenever something wrestling related comes up in the news? Like, you just know if Big Ben takes a hit on Sunday, some announcer dumbass is going to say that the guy PILEDROVE HIM down to the grass or whatever. And then the other guy will laugh for like an hour and a half at it, and then they’ll joke about how wrestling is probably fake har har, and then I’ll stab myself and die in a puddle of my own vomit. – Dusty

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Fuck yes: Bob Barker to host Sept. 7 WWE Raw

Wait... does her name tag say Kimala? I swear I just found this doing a Google Image Search. Weird.

Wait... does her name tag say "Kimala"? I swear I just found this doing a Google Image Search. Weird.

According to, Bob Barker has confirmed he’ll be the guest host of WWE Monday Night Raw on Sept. 7 from the Allstate Arena in Chicago. Why fuck yes? Because I’ll be there! I watched Bob Barker host “The Price is Right” ever since I was a wee lad on my grandma’s knee. I love that old man. If there’s any way I could even shake his hand and say “thank you” one time, my life would be complete. Oh, and maybe if the wrestlers got to play some TPIR games. “Mark Henry, you’re going to play PLINKO, for a chance to win a hamburger!” Or Hornswoggle plays that game that used to be called Punch-Out, but all he can break through is the bottom row of holes. I can’t wait! -Eric

WWE Raw guest hosts likely here to stay

To be the man, babaaaaay....

"To be the man, babaaaaay...."

Thanks to the eagle eye of Robert Miqueli, this article from Variety was uncovered. USA Network is thrilled with the extra exposure the already-successful WWE Monday Night Raw has received from the guest host gimmick, and so we can expect to see this continue for a while, as Raw has pretty much become a part of the “talkshow circuit.” Here’s a snippet, with a look into future and possible guest hosts:

Given how successful the guest hosts have been, WWE plans to continue having them appear on “Raw” at least through the end of the year, and possibly up to WrestleMania 26 next March.

“For right now, it’s really working and clicking,” [Stephanie] McMahon said. “But it’s just the beginning.”

Upcoming booked talent includes former gameshow host Bob Barker, the Rev. Al Sharpton, “Access Hollywood” co-host Nancy O’Dell, boxer Floyd Mayweather and basketball player LeBron James. Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson, the Osbournes, Danny DeVito, Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Fallon, Rachael Ray, MC Hammer, Woody Harrelson, Serena Williams and Ashton Kutcher also are in talks for hosting gigs.

While embracing the PG rating has helped WWE attract new advertisers like 7-Eleven and Pepsi, the extra star wattage is only expected to help keep sponsors happy.

“We’re letting them feel safe with the PG environment,” McMahon said. “By bringing in the celebrities, we’re saying, ‘If it’s OK for them, it’s OK for you too.’ “

First, let me just say, any gig that gets MC Hammer out of his refrigerator box and in front of a hot meal is a good one. And I would throw my mom down the stairs to see Danny Devito bring the rest of the cast of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” with him; a tag match featuring John Cena & Day Man vs. Randy Orton & Night Man is money waiting to be printed.

The guest host idea has been met with mixed responses from us snarky fans, but so were the low 3s Raw was drawing just a few months ago. And how many times have you seen some smart mark gripe about WWE not being able to pull in good advertisers? This is becoming less of a problem, too, and we even get sweet Big Gulp cups out of the deal! So you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life. -Eric

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