TNA Potpourri

Doctors say she needs a faceotomy!

Man, I hate TNA. Have I ever mentioned that? I just wanted to make sure.

Sarah “Sarita” Stock is currently out of action due to facial paralysis. He missed her match last night in Pachuca, Mexico, as well as tonight’s show at Arena Mexico. No word if she will be ready by Monday’s television tapings in Orlando. She is not scheduled for Sunday’s PPV show.

Now, my life is predicated on two things and two things only. One is that I always have an abundant supply of spaghetti to, uh, eat. Yeah that’s it. The other is to have the ability to move my face. So, you know, that’s gotta really suck.

TNA Impact rating was a 1.1.

They could have Jesus come down and deliver Abyss a pizza and I’m not sure they would get beyond a 1.1.

What looks to be the next Impact taping on the road is scheduled for 8/25 in Huntsville, AL, at the Von Braun Center.

I recognize the Von Braun Center as a regular Superstars taping locale back in the day. I wonder also if Hardcore Holly will be in attendance there. I wonder why they haven’t brought him in yet since a) they bring absolutely everyone in who has WWE on their resume at some point, and b) Russo loves those worked shoots, so it would seem natural for him to want to book a Holly vs. Mr. Anderson feud at some point. Have I mentioned how much Mr. Anderson sucks? I just want to make sure that is mentioned. – Dusty

The Unkindest Cut Of Them All

He's going to have to buy a ticket to see this year's show.

Happier times for Baldcore: He's going to have to buy a ticket to see this year's show.

Resident Stunt Granny whipping boy Hardcore Holly has just been released (according to and I’m not going to lie. I am ecstatic. This is one of the best days of my life.

I don’t know what I hate most about ol’ Hardcore. The fact that he takes out his shortcomings on young wrestlers who have a legitimate chance of the stardom he could never achieve? The fact that he milked the same gimmick for over ten years without putting one ounce of actual inspiration or innovation into his work? The fact that he reminded me of the Soup Nazi in every negative way possible?

It doesn’t even matter now. What matters is that he’s gone. He can go run his jokester wrestling school and have no idea what the score is on his own dime now. I love it.

Precious and none are the moments we two have shared. – Dusty

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