ROH TV Show Is Cancelled

This can’t be good news. According to, ROH’s television deal with HDNet is set to expire and thus the last episode of ROH television will air on April 4, 2011. Now before we get too far ahead; yes ROH had a weekly television series. Yes, it was an actual first run program and was not entirely made up of recaps.

Now, that being said, this is not good for Ring of Honor. There is no good way to spin this news as it seems that their one, free, opportunity for visibility is totally gone. Rather than having first run wrestling content on their network, a network that offers reruns of old episodes of Cheers and Smallville as well as some show called “Get Out!” as legit programming, they have given ROH the boot.

This has to signal the end of ROH doesn’t it? How can they rebound and still make money without real time programming. The days of DVD only sales and revenue are long gone. ROH has lost too much talent in the last three years and have never replaced the likes of CM Punk, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles with anyone marketable or with that “next one” hype to them. This just screams dieing days for ROH. It is to bad there is such a limited market out there for the talent. -Jeremy

Steen VS Generico Has A Badass Promo Piece

Ok so apparently this is Video Clip Tuesday here on Stunt Granny but this is a badass piece of work. ROH, yes they still exist, is finally getting to the end of the El Generico/ Kevin Steen feud at Final Battle. The video clip above is a promo for their match. This is probably the best piece of video ROH has ever produced. I was just floored watching such a professional piece of work come from this promotion. Yes they have come a long way after being on HDNet but still, wow. This makes me want to actually see this match and with how cheap I have become (Ok broke) that is saying a lot. It also helps that these two as a team were awesome so them going against each other should, should be good. It has been kind of ho-hum so far and now there is a chance that they can live up to this hype? Unfortunately, this promo won’t be seen by a lot of people but for those who do, you are in for a treat. -Jeremy

Dusty’s Blog: Diary of the new Monday Night Wars

The new Monday Night Wars are so exciting, you're not going to want to turn your TV off ever!!!

So about a million years ago, back in the early ’90s, I remember reading this Sports Illustrated column where the guy did a diary type piece tracking the several college football bowl games that were on in one day. And I thought it was funny, and well written, and a good concept, and so I decided to jack it for Stunt Granny on what is being hyped as the most important night in pro wrestling in god only knows how long. Speaking of long, that’s what this is. Here is my story:

7:00 p.m. I turn on Impact. Lord help me.

7:03 p.m. TNA has the worst announce team, maybe ever. And yes, I realize that David Crockett exists. The two idiots hype Bubba the Love Sponge as a new backstage interviewer. What an embarrassing name for a new viewer to hear.

7:05 p.m. Talking to fans about their opinions is always cringe-worthy. Bad idea. They’re most likely plants anyway, so what’s the point?

7:06 p.m. The Motor City Machine Guns come out to job in the red birdcage clusterfuck match.

7:07 p.m. Jay Lethal really, really sucks.

7:09 pm. Is that cage made of plastic? It seems awfully poorly constructed.

Me: Why are there so many people in this match?

Becky: Because zebra finches need to be in a large group.

7:11 p.m. Tazz: There’s so much going on – it’s hard to follow!

Well, right.

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ROH Fans Are Going To Be Unhappy

roh_blood_rev00Well, well, look who is all grown up now. Apparently someone decided to take a chance on ROH and have given them a television show all their own. ROH announced this earlier today what had been rumored for a few weeks. HDNet will be the exclusive home of ROH starting sometime this year probably. The details were not revealed but supposedly this is a definite project. For those of you who do not have HDNet it was founded by glory hog Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban. HDNet is supposedly footing a large portion of the bill for the show but here is hoping some of that money goes towards cleaning up the dirtball  elitist douche bags who attend the show. Pretty sure when this announcement was made at least three unemployed ROH die-hards, yes that is redundant, cried in their giant bowl of fruit loops and actually pushed themselves away form their World of Warcraft expedition.

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