Stunt Granny Goes To @WWE #Raw

Just a reminder, I will be attending Monday Night Raw tonight. I’m excited that it’s the return of Jerry “The King” Lawler especially since I won’t have to listen to the commentary go back down the toilet again. I’m unhappy that I will be attending three plus hours of mediocre wrestling while my Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Kansas City Chiefs in what is likely to be a rain soaked Heinz Field. I will have with me a sign just like the picture above. I will be seated in Section 104 so I should be in camera view. I will also be doing plenty of Tweeting but obviously no regular column. – Kevin

Kevin’s Blog: Post Wrestlemania Round Up

Our Tourist Credentials

We forgot to talk about some of the happenings around the events. This post is to flesh out our experience through pictures and text unlike our all audio weekend. I’m going to go through my notes and will keep them in chronological order, well except for the ending.

Before I get to my notes though, I need to get to one of the things we talked about which is the city of Atlanta. During our Wrestlemania review show, we killed the city of Atlanta. I think I even called it a “hell hole” at one juncture. Though I still firmly believe that any major metropolitan area should have easily accessible food and bars after midnight any day of the week, Atlanta shouldn’t be labeled a “hell hole” or any other disparaging names because of that lone factor. We used the MARTA train line all weekend, which was a lot easier than driving in any major city let alone the nightmare of driving in Atlanta. That’s definitely a down side to that city too. We got to eat at good or great restaurants, at the top of the list was Seasons 52, even if we had more on our list that we didn’t get to. Atlanta also has plenty of sites to visit. We used the above pictured booklet to go to the World of Coca-Cola, the Georgia Aquarium and a Tour of CNN. So my apologies go out to Atlanta. On to the notes and the big surprise.

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