The 12 Days of Jesus H. Christmas: Day 6 – Jeff Hardy Tases a Woman

(For the 12 days leading up to Christmas, Stunt Granny will relive with you the 12 most head-slapping, dipshitty stories of 2011, the things that made us wonder why we still watch professional wrestling and support some of these dingbats. Here’s proof that these very dingbats pay attention to our site: The above video, where Jeff Hardy tases his brother Matt’s girlfriend and known ring rat Reby Sky, was taken down after Jeremy wrote the scathing post below. This, of course, is the beginning of the end for Matt, the bane of our collective existence. U-S-A! U-S-A!)

Yup, Jeff Hardy shows up on the latest episode of Matt Hardy’s youtube show. It is understandable to be upset by this video. It clearly shows a scared woman being held at bay by Matt Hardy while Jeff taunts her with the taser. He then applies it to her arm and she falls in pain.

Here’s the reason you shouldn’t care.

She willingly allows Matt Hardy to place his penis in her vicinity and in all probability inside her vagina.

She gets what she deserves. -Jeremy


Well, well, well, look at what happened now. Looks like someone realized what a bad idea it was to put that video up for public consumption. Maybe, just maybe they realized that posting a video of your brother, who is up on drug trafficking charges, tazing a young woman is a bad idea. Let’s be a tad smarter in the future.

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Katching up with Kurt Angle: TNA star, police weigh in on his blood alcohol content


According to, Kurt Angle was arrested Sunday morning in Warren County, Va., and charged with driving under the influence. (Christ, you could set your watch to Angle’s drunken antics.) Angle went on to say that he’d plead not guilty to the charges because he claims his blood alcohol content was 0.06. However, the police (and who trusts them, anyway?) had this to say, according to the Northern Virginia Daily:

The wrestler’s first test, conducted at the scene of the traffic stop near Linden, came back above the legal limit of 0.08. On a second test at the Front Royal police headquarters Sunday morning, Angle blew a 0.06, according to state police.

A report filed by Trooper C.R. Scally also stated that Angle failed several field sobriety tests.

Hmmm, I’m never sure who to believe in these cases, the police who are hired to protect and serve us (but occasionally beat us unmercifully when we get out of control or aren’t white), or Kurt Angle, who celebrates a full moon by getting pilled up, pulled over and tossed in jail for half the night. Furthermore, this happened in northern Virginia, where people on a nightly basis drink half a jug of moonshine labeled “XXX,” then go out driving in their General Lee trying to run from Boss Hogg. Cops’ Judgment: 1, Kurt Angle’s Habitually Poor Judgment: 0. -Eric

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