Dusty’s Blog: Top Five Acts On America’s Got Talent

When he's not busy hosting a radio show or pretending to be married to Mr Ed, Howard Stern acts as a judge on AGT

When he’s not busy hosting a radio show or pretending to be married to Mr Ed, Howard Stern acts as a judge on AGT

Yes, I know that shows like this, and this show in particular, is heavily edited and manipulated to make you think and feel a certain way. Basically, we’re being sold something. But you know what? For whatever low IQ reason, I’m buying. So without further ado and hopefully to the great annoyance of Jeremy and everyone else, here’s my top five AGT acts thus far. The next episode is tomorrow night, so consider this a free advertisement for them.


2. Zombie Skin

3. Catapult

4. Special Head

5. Marty Brown

Stunt Granny Audio #183

Eric, Kevin and Dusty in action, recording this here audio.

Oh my god, it’s time for another audio! This time it’s a very very special edition of Stunt Granny Audio as Eric, Kevin and Dusty all join forces to navigate through an eventful weekend of wrestling festivities. The trio sets their sights on the Extreme Reunion show and just how sad it was and what an absolute clusterfuck it was. Is Sabu going to die? Is Axl Rotten going to beat him to the punch? Was anybody on the card in actual wrestling shape? Then our heroes turn their attention to WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV. Did the internet spontaneously combust after teh finish to the main event? What in the halibar hell was Ryback doing on that show? Was the show really called Extreme Rules or Over The Legal Blood Alcohol Limit or something else entirely? Then they talk about Raw, which mostly consists of them stalling while Kevin scrolls down the show review in desperate attempt to find something to talk about. Did he find something? You’ll need to listen to find out!

Stunt Granny Audio Show #183

The Ongoing Saga Of Sean Waltman

I am very happy that he had a good weekend, as I had a good weekend as well. A weekend filled with WCW shows from 1994, old clips from Howard TV, and chop suey. On the real real, it’s nice to see how good his penmanship is after all the drugz. – Dusty

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