Buff Bagwell reportedly in car accident, Handsome Stranger unharmed

Longtime Stunt Granny readers know that sometimes we post items just to get page views, and this story is no different. For some reason, one of our top searches is “car accident,” and I can’t think of a relevant car accident since Nick Bollea and John Leguizamo or whatever his name was, so I’ll give you something to cry about: According to Prowrestling.net, Buff Bagwell was hospitalized after a car accident and is currently in intensive care. This, according to the UCW promotion’s Twitter account. Hey, if anyone is going to know what Marcus Alexander Bagwell from Sprayberry High School in Marietta, Ga., is up to, it’s a promotion out of Atlanta. However, this is the same Buff Bagwell who callously faked a neck injury in, well, one of the funniest angles in WCW history, so who’s to say?

Anyway, here’s hoping Bert Prentice’s lap wasn’t as badly injured in the accident. M I RITE? Is this thing on? -Eric

Rick Steamboat Suffers Brain Aneurysm

Eat that, Shitman!

From Meltzer:

Richard Blood aka Ricky Steamboat, 57, suffered a brain aneurysm last night in Tampa and is currently being hospitalized.  We don’t know any more details other than it has been confirmed by those in WWE and it is not working an angle from Monday.  Steamboat was banged up from Monday’s angle. 

His prognosis from what can be a fatal encounter is considered good to excellent.

Meltzer’s sentences are just brutal. Here is an update:

As noted earlier, Ricky Steamboat is in stable condition after a brain aneurysm suffered last night.  He was in intensive care earlier today.  Steamboat had suffered a neck injury and severe head pain legitimately stemming from the angle on Monday, although the WWE’s announcement of cracked ribs was storyline.  The aneurysm is not believed to be related to the angle on Monday.  But for reasons of taste, WWE has pulled the NXT angle from its Youtube channel due to Steamboat’s condition and if he’s still in a bad way in a few days, I’m guessing they will downplay the footage on Raw on Monday.  He is expected to be hospitalized for some time.

Those Nexus guys should be ashamed of themselves! – Dusty

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